• Absolutely, and I'll tell you why

    They have a criminal from the UK as their CEO, they report 100% lies (and when I say that, I mean so bad that they'll even lie about the political affiliation of someone in a scandal to make Democrats look bad), they are 100% bias, they are completely inaccurate (Remember the whole "Romney will win by a landslide!" attitude they had in the last election?), and they don't even tell the truth that they're bias, they try to make themselves seem "Fair & Balanced" which is by far their biggest lie.

    At least MSNBC admits they are bias. Look at Rachel Maddow, she'll flat out tell you shes a lesbian liberal. MSNBC may be very bias, but they don't report lies like Fox does. Then look at CNN, they are neutral(-ish) and again, don't report lies every second of the day. Heck, look at the ONION, I bet even *they* tell more truth. In fact, I recall hearing about them ending the Onion because they claimed Fox News was already a parody news station.

  • Yes it is. Duh.

    Think of just about every large news story about death in recent times. They over-exxagerated them all by up to dozens of deaths. The only argument against this is that other news networks like msnbc are biassed, but if I'm not mistaken fox news is extremely right wing. Don't you agree?

  • Now liberal TV is terrible.

    Fox news, however is a whole new level. The racist, false, idiotic crap that features on it is sometimes unbelievable. Now as I have already said: liberal TV is bad. However FOX news claims to be:
    'Fair And Balanced'
    It is quite the opposite.
    Islamophobic, racist, homophobic, dogmatist and terrified of anything they don't quite understand FOX is a bad source for news. They seem only to invite guests of the same breed as them and constantly are forced to apologise for getting facts wrong.
    They have had more controversies than any other channel and spurt more far more propaganda than MSNBC.
    Most of the hosts are incompetent and incredibly stupid. I am a moderate and do not hate conservatives (well really I find it difficult to hate anyone as I am unfortunate enough to understand or pity people who, sometimes, I really want to hate.-Not that I want to hate conservatives.-) however the FOX news pundits really are sometimes beyond belief.

  • Yessss it is!

    I watch France24 and DW German news because I absolutely hate American news all crap! Fox is a propaganda outlet for Government❗️

    I just watched a DW doc on how they making cementless concrete out of clays in Switzerland, Easier and cheaper too less pollution too! Or Doc on Biometrics and the risks of it now….

    Does Fox do any of this!

  • Paid Provocateurs - It's not patriotism, It's partisanism

    The network wraps itself in the flag. Sets are always red, White, And blue. Then it delivers an anti-government message. It disparages all attempts to improve civilization and the common good; climate change denial, Anti-firearm control/background checks, Election denialism, ++ fomenting discontent among the population. All this for one purpose, Keep their mansions, Condos, Penthouses, And limos going. The network has no respect for journalistic principles. Total irresponsibility. Hiding behind the first amendment, Or "just asking questions. " I favor legislation that restores forced balance. --or-- if a network uses "news" in its title, Some objective standard must be meant. If Fox is allowed to continue, They will permanently damage the Fourth Estate and perhaps the US democracy. Worse, They are global, Doing the same thing on Sky News in Australia; trying to further capitalize on the US model that has made so many rich. Disgusting.

  • Too Much Opinion

    The news is supposed to be based on facts; not fiction. Fox News and most specifically clowns like Sean Hanity should not be allowed to espouse their opinion without a disclaimer.

    During this pandemic he has promoted numerous unproven treatments. If he wants to return to school and get a degree in infectous disease. Then he can claim to know it all.

  • Fox news if fear mongering propaganda

    They are the ones that say video games cause violence. They are the ones who always report on murders and never anything wholesome. They are conservative propaganda. And the person who runs it is a criminal from the UK. All there news is propaganda or fear mongering I hope they go out of business

  • Fox News LIES to the American public

    Whatever is stated during any of their programs can't be believed. They just can't help but lie, Mislead and contort the truth. It truly is the "mouth of Trump". The hosts are rude and too loud, Especially the when the statement is so false that they think if they say it really loud, We just might believe it. Not so, We Americans know crap when we hear it- at any level of volume. That said, If they want to be taken seriously, Try the truth.

  • Terrible reporting by a terrible channel

    Fox news or trump news as its know to us here in Ireland is so biased and devoid of facts it allows hacks like sean hannity, Tucker carlson and laura ingram spout off thier very stupid and mystifying opinions -i could name more poor hosts on fox news but why bother. The station is a a clear joke and does not report news. This is the reason donald trump who is the worst human being never mind president in the history of america. The manchild you call a president is spreading furher antiamerican sentiment acorss Europe. . We essenstially see USA as a joke.
    Every other news channel cnn. NBC CBS sky news bbc news RTE politico the intercept are all fake news becasue they report the truth.

    America should take a hard look at itself and make the right decision. This president should be in prison never mind removed from office. The republican part are a bunch of yes men.

  • Propaganda for conservatives

    Fox is the most biased mainstream news channel and maybe the most biased existing channel. Please do not support this nonsense being deeded to the brains of america. Only watch for sports. I completely do not support this garbage and junk that should’ be broadcasted at all under any condition.

  • Only to the Left.

    Fox news is an excellent source for conservatives. One good think about them is that they famously hold debates and actually give the left air time during conversations to speak, as opposed to left channels where the right is given little air time.

    Fox hold many debates where both sides get equal chance to defend themselves.

  • Not even close.

    I can understand some people's not liking Fox News. People of that ilk don't like to hear what they do not agree with. Was it Fox News that faked the Zimmerman tape to make it look like he said something that later turned out to be a fabrication? No, that was NBC... Who later apologized and fired who they claimed to be the guilty parties. Was it Fox News that said Zimmerman uttered racial slurs but then retracted their own statements? No again. This time it was CNN. And of course we could go on to faking the pictures to cover up the obvious wounds by ABC and so on.

    As far as outright skewed politics, MSNBC has no second. They report no news at all and pure liberal spin. Nothing wrong with that it that is all you want to hear. Even Fox with their more right leaning shows, allows both sides to come in and explain their issues. MSNBC simply tells you what you should think.

    There is a reason that Fox News leads all other news networks and in some times slots, all others combined. It is because people like watching it and it isn't the "opposition" watching just to see what is happening.

    If Fox News is the worst news source, why do they blow away the competition in ratings? The answer is simply, they are not the worst and are arguably the best. When you have a hard core liberal agenda on the other side, they hate that their main opposition is so successful. Envy drives their hatred, not news.

  • If you're a left winger..

    Far worse examples on other networks like MSNBC or notable examples like Dan Rather's embarrassing story that was exposed by bloggers or more recent examples like Anderson Cooper's hatchet job on Walid Shoebat. All the whining abut Fox News is almost certainly part of the left's crusade against the network and much of it is financed by George Soros.

  • All of them are horrible

    Pretty much every news source in America is completely hijacked by either the left or the right wing. All of them twist what the actual story is to make their side sound better. When I watch the news I just want it as it is, not the anchors opinion on it. That's what the news should be, just facts and all of the current stations aren't very good at giving them.

  • Wake up people!

    So many hoodwinked people on here. None of the news sources are accurate, Truthful or care. They tell people what they want to hear and cater it to their base. It almost always is a shadow of the truth. Grow a brain people! This is why we have a swamp for a government. Pinch yourselves and WTFU!

  • They are not the worst. . . But a necessary counterbalance

    Without fox news, The only news you would ever hear is anti-republican. Pretty much every other news network is pro leftist. If the wall street journal had a news show that would be the only thing close to a truly bi-partisan news network. It is honestly a shame what the news world has become and I hope someone relies more on real news reporting instead of sensationalism to get ratings. In this respect. . . Fox News is probably the. . . And I can't believe I am going to say it. . . Rational news network on TV to be honest. They aren't trying to grab headlines, Just turn heads to look at a different viewpoint.

  • Its reliable and honest

    Even tho they have a few leftist on their show such as juan williams and hillary lover donna brazille, I can change the channel for 5 min but on other news channels its all hatrid for Trump and lies. So that keeps me watching fox news and will do so since thats the most reliable fact show.

  • Fox is the only thing on TV keeping close to balance in this leftist media insanity.

    NBC & CNN and all network news refuse to ever report the positive things happening in the country whenever a conservative president is in office. The mainstream media has lost all credibility. They are no longer journalists. They deliberately & unapologetically present only their progressive views. That is not news. They currently are suggesting there’s something corrupt about replacing Ukrainian ambassador. Ludicrous! Every administration replaces ambassadors that do not support the new administration’s foreign policy. She was still supporting & protecting the Obama administration so she was fired. Happens all the time. Idiots to make this into a news story. It’s NOT news.

  • Not the worst, But bad

    Honestly, All the three major ones are bad. It seems to be MSNbc, Then Fox, Then CNN. There are of course other biased ones like vox. I recommend articles or talk shows to hear facts. SInce you are hearing a voice, You aren't letting looks influence you. Double check what they tell you, Try to hear the other side and keep an open mind. If you are angry you will not hear the truth.

  • Buzzfeed Still exists

    There are many more news companies that are worse. On e example would be Buzzfeed, Which is known to have made up the biggest lie in all of 2016. Others can include CNN, Huff post, Vox, Vice, And FUCKING MTV. All are known to be extremely biased, And I would argue even more than Fox

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