Is Foxy from Five Nights At Freddy's misunderstood?

Asked by: TheIdiotDoughnut
  • Foxy is goos

    Foxy is good if you check too much on him he thinks that an anamatronic is near you then he sprints to make sure that nobody is near his voice box is busted by freddy thats why he screams and then if you check rarely he thinks that someone has got you then comes to make sure that you are ok but he screams that gives you a heart attack then another anamatronic found you and stuffed you into the suit

  • He is so sadly misunderstood...

    The only reasons he comes after you is.....
    1.) If you don't check the cameras often he thinks the other animatronics have gotten to you

    2.) He runs down the hall to quickly avoid the others and checks if your okay

    3.) He did not cause the bite of '87 that was MANGLE as you should know Jeremy was bit in the frontal lobe (the forehead) and mangle hangs from the ceiling so go figure

    4.) He screams because his voice box is malfunctioning and he is also screaming to possibly distract any of his co-workers if they are attacking you

    5.) the only reason pirate's cove is so isolated is because when the others wanted to attack someone he went in and tried to stop them he was scratched and kicked and they used his own hook against him and that's why his fur is ripped and he was punched in the jaw thus is how his jaw was broken.

    6.) He doesn't want anyone to get hurt and he is trying to save the reputation of the restaurant so he doesn't personally attack but his screech startles you so much that you have a heart attack

    Give him a chance......

  • He is a good guy

    I FNAF 1 he is just making sure you are alright. In GNAF 2 when he jumps at you I think he just wants a hug. In FNAF 3 he just wants to get his hook from you. But because his voice box is busted he can't ask you for it so he jumps at you. Foxy rules (:

  • Foxy wants to warn you!

    Foxy runs down the hall to check on you, you just don't see him every time. If you check the darkness every now and then, you'll see his eyes! If he senses someone coming to kill you, he tries to warn you, but, as hidden in the games, his voice box is torn up, so it comes out as a deadly scream before the other anamatronics ever get to you.

  • Foxy is a good guy

    He is not a bad guy but you have evidence that is the reason of the bite of 87 just understand the situation that foxy only did that because he is threatened of the little by saying mean stuff on him.Yes he attacks but did he had a jump scare ?None so you have no right to tell him he attacks you because hes bad.In FNAF 2 maybe he got reprogrammed so he attacks.You may say yes or no because you have the power but the first thing is it he truth

  • He's not trying to hurt you, guys!

    I believe that Foxy is simply misunderstood, and is actually trying to help you against the anamatronics. I have a number of reasons, or 'evidence' from the game. Firstly, there is the fact that he only comes for you when you check on him in Pirate Cove too much or too little. If you check on him too much, he thinks that you are not checking on the others enough, and rushes to tell you. If you are checking on him too little, he thinks your dead, and goes to check on you. An explanation of why he runs and hides could be that he is hiding from the other anamatronics, as his endoskeleton is exposed and he does not want to get stuffed in a suit. Anyway, that scream as he enters the office. He's just trying to communicate. He bangs on the door. He wants to get in to make sure your alright. Despite all this, however, you still end up in a suit. Well, I have an explanation for this too. Unfortunately, the security guard is so scared by this time, he does something like faint or has a heart attack, and Foxy, horrified that he accidentally killed you, and worried that if he stays for too long he'll get caught, slinks back to pirate cove. You still get shown as in a suit because one of the other anamatronics finds you, and stuffs you in anyway.

  • Foxy is misunderstood

    If you think about it, when you look at Foxy you get the impression that he doesn't belong there and there is something different about him. When he runs to the office, he never physically attacks you, if he wanted to harm you, he would have a face scare but he doesn't.

  • Foxy is the good guy here

    The other animatronics are trying to kill you and if you scramble his voice in the second game it sounds like "get rid of her" as if he were referring to mangle or one of the other animatronics in the game. That is my opinion about this case. Team Foxy!

  • I think foxy is good

    Foxy might be broken, but remember, he was a child too. I think that the other animatronics: Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie were just bullies and mean children before they were murdered and they never learned how to be nice like Foxy. Another theory is that Freddy and the others attacked Foxy and that is why he has the broken jaw and tattered clothes. And what Scrubboy said about scrambling Foxy's voice is true because if you scramble his voice in the jumpscare you may hear 'get rid of her' but you also may hear 'free them' or ' free him'.

  • He is a good guy

    Foxy is a good guy because when he enters your office in FNaF 1, he doesn't stuff you in a suit like the other anamatronics do. He runs down the hall to check on you to see if any of the other anamatronics are in there. And he lets out that scream to scare the anamatronics away from you.

  • Is that even possible?

    How can foxy be good? You get stuffed into a suit no matter where the others are, he doesn't smile at you when he goes into your office (I don't even want to know how someone can think that) he just doesn't kill you by sneaking into your office, (he is too tall most likely, he is supposed tobe above 6FT) and besides, they haven't even fixed him yet. He kills you in fnaf2. Also how can a robot br "good" they don't have feelings. In fnaf they just kill you. That's it.

  • Oh heck no techno!

    Foxy is not misunderstood it is understood he is trying to kill you and that's all you need to know.He is trying to stuff you into a suit that's not cool man i don't want to die ,so foxy is not misunderstood he is just a psycho and in five nights at Freddie's 2 you should get a gun so your can protect yourself your a security guard for god sake you should be able to protect yourself from them not use doors to protect yourself.Why don't you have unlimited power by the way why is the owner so cheap why cant he give you more energy to protect your self!

  • Foxy is the same as the others.

    Seriously, guys. Pick any of the games so far-- 1, 2, or 3. He is not better or worse than the others, just the same. A child got stuffed into him like the rest of the Fazbear crew.

    It and the rest of the crew all sound the same, and all do the same thing-- try to get into the security guard's office.

    Or, as in FNaF 3, repeatedly spook your socks off.

    The original Fazbear crew all have children in them, as said earlier.
    How the heck is it different, other than in appearance?

    It might be in the Pirate Cove maybe because Mangle could've done the Bite of '87, and it might also do the same.

    Also, you guys need proof. Who even said the murderer was a guard, or that the victim of the bite was a girl or a boy or ANOTHER NIGHT GUARD?

  • Foxy is NOT a good guy!!!

    Jesus Christ, people, stop being a bunch of mindless fangirls/fanboys and just accept that Foxy is a villain! Just because he's a fox that means NOTHING!!! He makes the exact same screams as all the other animatronics in all 3 games, so he doesn't have a "malfunctioning" voice box. You can even hear him humming in Pirate Cove just fine in the first game. You rabid fangirls and fanboys are the reason the FNAF fanbase is so awful! It is not confirmed who was bit on the bite of 87 either. Hell, who even CAUSED it is just a theory. I still believe it was Foxy. I DO like Foxy as a character, too, but I'm not going to deny that he's evil. Just because he leans in your room in the FNAF 1 jumpscare, that doesn't mean he doesn't kill you. Imagine how ridiculous the jumpscare would look if he ran up to your face from the door! In FNAF 2, his jumpscare lunges at you and he opens his mouth. His arms are sprawled out, but still moved toward you. He isn't HUGGING, you imbeciles, he's ATTACKING!!! He's just as evil as all the other animatronics. Deal with it, furries.

  • Foxy is evil

    If he was a good guy, why would even kids be afraid of him? In FNAF2 they had to re-make Foxy because he was too scary! If he, in particular, is good, what sets him apart from any of the other animatronics? The reason why only Foxy is a "good guy" is because he's the one everyone loves.

  • Foxy is bad like everyone else.

    Foxy is not good, just like the other animatronics. Foxy has the same voice box problems as the others. When he kills you, you still get the game over screen where you are stuffed in a suit. In FNaF 2, Foxy jumps at you and kills you. Also, Foxy isn't checking on you and giving you a heart attack by accident because if he wanted to check on you, he would have already done it when you check pirate cove because he reacts when you check the cove by moving, which means he knows you are still alive. All the stuff about him being bullied by the other animatronics is false because there is NO evidence to support it, just like all your other arguments. Just because a youtuber said it doesn't mean it's true. Finally, it has not been confirmed that Mangle did the bite. That is all.

  • No no no.

    Foxy is a possessed animatronic that stuffs you in a suit, he doesn't have special emotions if foxy was a good guy then all the other ones are too. Which they aren't.Foxy is a possessed animatronic that stuffs you in a suit, he doesn't have special emotions if foxy was a good guy then all the other ones are too. Which they aren't.

  • This is suppose to be a horror game

    This is like one of those 5 year old comments. Im 11 and like fnaf but i do not believe in these stupid theories. They are just stupid. The game is suppose to be scary not all the animatronics all friendly okay. Also if you say his mouth is closed look closer at the jump scare. His mouth is closed at the beginning. And if you say his voice box is scrambled all of the other animatronics make the same noises at the jump scare. He dose not give hugs i mean look at toy bonnies jump scare that looks more like a hug then foxy's. And i am not saying toy Bonnie is a good guy either. So there is my statment

  • Why is this a question

    We have no idea of is personality, if there is any. Every reason given for why he is good has no evidence. One reason for why he is a good guy is that he goes to your office to check on you because he thinks the other animatronics got to you. Well, why does he have to go into your office in the first place? Can't he just stand by the window and be able to see you when you turn on the light? This is the main reason people say yes, and it isn't a good one.

  • The "Foxy is a good guy theory" is head canon.

    We don't know if Foxy is a good guy or not since Scott said NOTHING about him.
    But what we know is that he kills you (He does not jump at the screen most likely because it was too hard/weird to make him stop in front of you and then jump at you..)
    You must block him too counter his attack, remember that the doors are here to protect you from the animatronics, INCLUDING FOXY.
    Plus, if his voicebox is broken, why cn we hear him sing sometimes in Pirate Cove?

    There are no real proof that Foxy is a good guy so please, stop thinking this is canon.

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