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  • Yes it should

    How would we get natural gas? So yeah fracking is a good idea because it would give natural gas and it would last for a long time. And again fracking is a good idea and without any power and there would not be a furnace, or a stove to cook food.

  • Yes and no.

    Fracking can be dangerous in some ways and it can help to pollute the earth which is bad but it also means getting the gas we need to run some of our vehicles and gas ovens, and other items and things like that which we rely on very much for our life.

  • I'm not a tree hugger but....

    Fracking is high pressure sand, water and CHEMICALS (NOT GOOD ONES) pumped into the ground. The alarming concern is it must leak into all aspects of mother natures veins. We will killer her from the inside, We have already done enough damage on the surface. Methane gas escapes at an alarming rate into the atmosphere. More studies need to be completed. Recently earthquakes have been associated with Fracking

  • Fracking is not a Good Idea.

    Fracking has been shown to cause earthquakes and it is not a good idea. We should not continue our dependence on fossil fuels. Now is the time to develop clean and renewable sources of energy rather than continuing to pollute our environment and demage the eco-system. We should stop using fossil fuels.

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