• Yes! Completely safe!

    The positives of fracking is just too much to say no to. Energy for decades, money for the poor, and fuel for the United States. Cement and stainless steel casing holds in the fluids. Fracking leaves little to no footprint and can provide energy for less. Give it a chance.

  • As long as the practice of fracking is regulated, it is a valuable source of energy until a more sustainable one is discovered.

    . In the U.S., domestic shale gas production has decreases dependence on foreign oil and has led to the low gas prices for consumers and industry. Fossil fuels have been shown to be a major contributor to climate change is also a major threat to population health. Shale gas drilling is an important transitional energy source from fossil fuel until a more sustainable energy source is discovered. Sustainable energy sources such as sun and wind are our best solutions long-term, but is insufficient to meet current to meet our society’s energy needs.

  • No, not safe at all

    The negatives to fracking outweighs the positives completely. Fracking MAY bring in a small amount of energy resource but then it leaves a hole deep within the ground. As the ground moves and shifts the hole starts filling up with dirt and water. That dirt and water came from above it which causes major sinkholes and earthquakes. There are many alternatives to energy if they would focus on those instead of fracking we would have no need to frack.

    Posted by: jus
  • No, fracking is not safe

    The possible damage done far outweighs any benefits of it, much like with many other things. There has got to be safer ways to find energy without risking the health and homes of many of us in the process, there just has to be. Fracking is not one of those ways at all.

  • Earthquakes, Contamination is Too Much

    When earthquakes occur and groundwater from wells can be set on fire from the tap, that indicates hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a bad idea. The need for energy in America is understandable, but at what cost? Do citizens really want to live with the constant threat of earthquakes due to the extraction of fossil fuels?

  • Too disruptive to the ecosystem

    Fracking has been proven to be damaging to levels of the ecosystem. It opens up the possibilities of contamination and underground drainage into areas that are not supposed to receive it. We need to be very careful about how and where we frack to maintain our delicate ecosystem going forward.

  • Bad idea.

    It is unsafe. The chemicals used in fracking are toxic, carcinogenic, and, in general, all kinds of nasty. These chemicals are then injected straight into the ground, where they can contaminate the soil and the water table. The amount of energy that it can produce is not worth it given the health risks.

  • It is not safe

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