• Fracking damages the earth so it is way too dangerous

    In order to frack, huge machines bore holes into the earth before pumping in high powered water mixture, which allows gases and oil to be released and extracted. This in turn causes whatever sediments, chemicals or runoff to permeate into drinking water. There are high levels of carcinogens that have also been found in these areas after fracking has been done. The companies are aware this is going on but profits, as usual, supercedes any risk or danger.

  • We Shouldn't Be Fooling With Fracking

    Earthquakes in Oklahoma and Texas serve as strong warnings why we should not be fooling with fracking. There are better methods of extraction that don't have nearly the potential risks. With the glut of oil on the local market, there's not reason to be using this technique. Fracking also requires abundant amounts of waer, which is becoming an increasingly scarce resource on the planet.

  • It's more than terrifying

    Whoever thought pumping water in the ground to extract gas, should be brought before an international court. This process is absolutely destructive to the earth and risks jeopardising the future well-being of our planet. What makes it so worrying is the effect it may have on plate movement, since the process involves inadvertently shifting the structure of the fracking site's soil. What happens when the ground underneath becomes weakened from all of the pressure it's put under?

  • Fracking it too dangerous for the U.S. to keep using.

    Facking uses millions of gallons of water used which not only strain community water resources, but end up as vast amounts of contaminated wastewater that have to be dealt with. Fracking is the prime suspect in polluted drinking water cases all of the U.S. Additionally methane leaks rampantly throughout the fracking process.

  • What Man Changes, Man Controls

    Man believes he can change his enviroment and control it at the same time. Man can control the skies yet he can't control the earth? Do you all men agree Man can control the skies? Do all men agree that Man can't control the earth? Is Man always right or is Man always wrong? When does Man know when he's wrong and when he's right?

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