• Frasier – The Story Behind TV’s Best Ever Sitcom

    Frasier celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year and is still one of our favourite shows and stands as a testament to perfectly crafted sitcoms everywhere. Although it started as a spin off from NBC’s Cheers, it quickly stood on its own two feet and eventually outshone Cheers itself. Here is the tale of how the show came into being.Originally Kelsey Grammer had approached former Cheers producers David Angell (who tragically died aboard American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane to hit the World Trade Center, during the September 11 attacks.), Peter Casey and David Lee about producing a show for him due to Cheers nearing the end of its run. Grammer didn’t want to continue playing Frasier Crane, with the producers also wary that a Cheers spin-off would always live in the shadow of the mighty Cheers

  • One of the best

    For a sit-com spin-off to become bigger and better known than the parent programme is unusual, but Frasier managed it in my opinion. Cheers was good and it was funny, but Frasier eclipsed it on nearly all fronts. The character of Frasier is believable, slightly annoying a lot of the time, but always good value. Also, the supporting cast helped enormously to reflect his way of looking at life. Maybe not always THE best, but certainly very high up the list.

  • No, Frasier has not stood the test of time.

    Ignoring the fact that there is no such thing as the best TV sitcom character ever, because the question is too broad and subjective, Frasier -- the show and the character -- does not appear to have stood the test of time even as well as Friends, which appears as a cultural reference more frequently than the former. Also, like the main character of the similar Curb Your Enthusiasm, part of Frasier's charm is that he is somewhat unlikable. He is unlikely to win the title of "best character" in a vote, which is the most reasonable way of choosing a best character.

  • No, Fraiser is not the best sitcom character of all time.

    It's hard to argue objectively about the best sitcom character, but despite his popularity and longevity of a character I do not believe Fraiser is the best. If I had to pick one, it would be Homer Simpson. Despite (or because of) his many flaws), I believe he is the quintessential modern Everyman, and makes a better sitcom character.

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