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  • Because I said so

    One two three four five six a more mot fifty yet getting there. Wow this is a lot of words. Just thirty more to go. And now down to just 25 words. Getting bored now. I bet I a, the only person in the server. At last I have reached the magic number

  • Many of our founding fathers were English in origin

    Even though France supported us, in our fight for freedom( along with Spain and the Netherlands ), in the end it is language, historical and cultural similarities that people most identity with...And that's definitely the United kingdom. Plus theirs both of the world wars America was sucked into too .

  • The political waves change in every country.

    Looking at a broad perspective, Great Britain has been the stronger United States ally. There have been times where both France and Britain have taken positions contrary to the U.S. but is important to remember that they are independent entities not beholden to the U.S. The Syria position made it look as if Britain was not on the U.S. side but it is also important to remember that had a hand in signaling which direction the U.S. should go. The U.S. did not act without Britain and held back. When the U.S. went into Iraq and Afghanistan, Great Britain was part of the effort and France curtailed its efforts. Bottom line is in the true test, Great Britain has been side by side when the U.S. acts.

  • Britain is and remains the U.S.'s closest ally.

    Although France is considered an ally of the United States, it is nowhere near as close of an ally as the United Kingdom. Some evidence for this was revealed by Edward Snowden leaks, as the U.S. worked hand in hand with U.K. intelligence, but not with France, which it in fact spied on. Therefore the relationship between the U.S. and U.K. is obviously closer than that of the U.S. and France.

  • The ties between the US and the UK are greater than those with France

    France has evolved into a major player in world politics thanks to some grandiose leadership. It is a major player on the international stage. This is proven with the involvment on the UN council and the active role it has taken to being involved and concerned with the happenings on the global stage, particularly with Nuclear intervention. However, France has opposed the US on a number of critical policies that the UK supported. It is for this reason that the UK is a greater ally

  • It is not

    France is not a closer ally to the US, though they are a close ally, and they are our oldest ally. The US and the British have a common history and have been historically close, and there are many government programs (especially defense) that put others on tiers, and Britian is usually the sole top member.

  • Britain and the U.S. have a lot in common, one being a close ally status

    Britain is a closer ally to the U.S. than France because Britain's historical role in being an ally to the United States in the modern era. The two countries also have much in common: Anglo citizenry due to immigrant ties that are centuries' old, in addition to sharing the same language.

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