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  • No, France is relatively stable.

    France is not headed for an economic disaster; relatively speaking, it is stable compared to other economies. Scrutinizing economies has become a favorite American pasttime, sort of in the same way that some people might think that because their neighbor drives an older car, they are poorer. Economies don't disappear overnight. There are other economies that are shaky in the world, but France is not on the radar.

  • I highly doubt it

    I do not think that France is headed for an economic disaster. I believe that France knows what they are doing, they are a bit smarter than those of us living in the United States. They have their stuff together, so there is no way they are headed into an economic disaster.

  • No

    France and Germany are the two major economic engines of Europe and the European Union is working hard to fix a major design flaw in the monetary union -- that of no supervising regulatory authority. The European Central Bank, until 2012, did not have the power to order countries around in exchange for aid packages. With new fixes in place, Europe, and in particular, France, will be much better.

  • No, they're not doing well, but I wouldn't call it a disaster.

    While the French economy is suffering, I don't believe it will collapse all together. The French are very good at coming together and solving problems for the good of all the people in the country. They have successfully created programs for education and healthcare that are available to all French citizens at no cost. If they could solve those issues, then they will find a solution to the economic crisis they are in now.

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