• Your reasoning is lazy

    Every public program comes with terms and conditions.
    What makes that the exception?
    If education is free it would come with term and conditions. They would only fund 4 years of college and they would only be eligible for some age limit. And you have to maintain a GPA.

    European countries have education for free and I do not see legions of lazy adults living in their parents basement unemployed. We are being made fun of because for a land of the free we have so many shackled to college loans and overpriced education.

    Just admit that you are a cheap person who hates to pay for anything and wants to live in a tax free place. Who is also a hypocrite because you also benefit from highways and other stuff funded by taxes.

    And please go buy some college classes where you can go learn critical thinking skills because you have only proven that you need a basic education.

    Did your daddy tell you you didn't need to go to school because he was too cheap to pay for it?

  • It is if funding is readily available

    Free education while often viewed as socialist garbage is when applied correctly quite beneficial. It creates a more educated population and allows easier movement between the classes. To make this work, The first issue to arrive at is funding. For it to be worth while funding should not be diverted from other programs and not have any significant increase in cost to the tax payers. Two solutions for this are expanded government loans where those that use free education pay it back as a with a percentage of their pay or it could be payed with required minimally payed government service (hard labor- research work - military. . . . ). To eliminate waste useless degrees such as art or most social studies as well as those who have too many people with them will not be funded. This is how I see beneficial free education working. When ever we mention things like this we have to think that, Since the money does not come out of nowhere how are we going to get money to pay for something like this

  • It will form lazy students

    This is because when children and parents doesn't need to pay school fees, They will create a mindset that thinks, " Never mind, School is free though ". " why need to study hard? ". This will lead to a massive problem not just only to their parents, Even the country will be worried.

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