Is free trade beneficial to the economy, such as it reduces poverty?

  • I strongly believe the more holds we put on free trade the more harm we will do to our society.

    The American dream was built on the principle of free trade. That's what made the middle class thrive over any other nation in the world. We need to go back to our roots. Free trade puts the little guy in the same league as the big dogs. Free trade benefits everyone.

    Posted by: goshdarn
  • Yes, I believe that free trade creates an influx of wealth and employment for all.

    The movement of goods across international borders has been the basis of the greatest creation of wealth in the history of the world. While some may profit more then others through this process, free trade offers an influx of wealth to a society that can used to alleviate societal needs and provide gainful employment to every economic level within that society. The creation of wealth and employment proves that free trade is a positive policy.

    Posted by: taisiemay
  • Free trade is beneficial to the economies of the world by helping to reduce poverty in Third World countries and benefiting the West by lowering the costs of products.

    When free trade is allowed, jobs are created in poor countries that pay much greater wages to the kinds of jobs that the average person there is able to get. Imported goods are much cheaper than goods made in the U.S. so we are able to afford more things that our families need. Everybody benefits by free trade.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • I believe free trade helps reduce poverty and inequality.

    Truly free trade helps reduce poverty and inequality because it provides opportunities for all. Furthermore, taking into certain economic theories of free trade into consideration, theoretically resources would be efficiently used to increase the standard of living for everyone in a society.

    Posted by: 5c0Ieak
  • So long as trade has demand in a place it can occur.

    Any free trade is beneficial to the community, but the economics are dependant on a demand in a local area. If you have a lot of bananas you sell those bananas, if you have a lot of fish, you sell those fish. You offer a trade for another trade. It creates opportunities to reduce poverty, so long as the demand is good.

    Posted by: Bear
  • Free trade encourages business development, which creates jobs.

    Free trade helps to create an economic environment that benefits a great amount of people. When businesses are profitable more jobs are created. When businesses are profitable employees receive better pay and better benefits. People are given more chances to better themselves and families live in better conditions. A better economy depends on a better business environment.

    Posted by: babydoll93
  • Free Trade gives countries opportunities

    Most countries cannot produce some goods or services so they must import them from other countries. This can lead to more jobs, more goods, more diversity, etc. Yes, there are many trade barriers and this can make it hard to trade, but free trade will benefit global markets and give other countries a chance to provide more jobs to citizens and increase the countries productivity.

  • Trade= wealth: Protectionism economics isn't protecting the big picture.

    Homosapiens survived because they developed communication and trading skills, whereas Neanderthals did not and are now extinct. Trade allows for comparable advantage reallocating resources to produce more efficiently. Do we stop trade at the risk of finding that we cannot be successful with self sufficiency? Does putting "America First" mean world domination or failure?

  • Take a look at EVERYTHING You Own.

    Did you make Everything you own? If you did, how long did it take you, and how efficient was it? If you are not Amish, you bought almost 100% of what you have. This means You are a proponent of free trade, because you value your time, skillset, and social life, more than making EVERYTHING YOU OWN. So, you trade your skill/resource/knowledge, for the skill/resource/knowledge of billions of other people. If you added up all the time it took to make all the products you ever owned, it would be longer than the avg lifetime; So that's a smart decision you made there, being a free trader :)

  • Free Trade Creates a Global Market

    Free Trade among Countries creates a global market. Think of the US as a part of that Global Market instead of an isolated market shutting out industries in other Countries. When free trade is allowed the Global market realigns itself so that Countries produce products and service that they are best at. This allows us to specialize in certain industries and let other Countries supply us with the products that they are best at. Such a realignment raises our standard of living. The US is forced to compete with industries on the Global market and it fosters innovation. Free trade forces US industry to become as innovative as possible. Innovation changes how we produce products so that it is more cost effective. It raises our GDP and our standard of living. Consumers will have quality at the lowest possible price. Some industries may suffer as the US changes to be in alignment with a Global market, but everyone benefits in the end. Industries that suffer will adjust to the changing market. Everyone benefits from a competitive environment that is in sync with a Global Market.

  • You kidding with this question?

    How can any hard working American be in favor of free trade? Our wages continue to plateau and the price of living skyrockets. Great. All the while sellout companies continue to outsource OUR jobs and manufacturing. This does not spur the economy! Better wages and oppurtunity does. The USA shouldn't be put on a third world level playing field. We're America dammit!Americans shouldn't have to accept lesser wages. The greatest thing about our nation was the potential to produce unlike any other. This created oppurtunity, jobs and greater living standards. Most of the world doesn't understand these concepts. Now I'm afraid too many Americans through self hate, guilt and lies believe we belong with the rest of the world. Thank you Mr. Lame Duck President and your Wall Street backed cronies.

  • Free trade, as it currently exists, is a race to the bottom.

    Free trade, without regulation on labor and environmental impact, leaves a multitude of problems in its wake. First, production areas are notorious for lowered health and quality of life of residents. Employment shipped overseas is without health regulations and fair wage protection. It doesn't ensure against poverty. It just enhances it overseas.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • Free trade is not beneficial to the economy as it does not allow a surcharge for product in demand.

    Clinton sold the United States to China. Now, in the United States, when you pick an object up and turn it over, it has Made in China stamped on the bottom of it. Companies that once employed American workers have gone overseas to reap the rewards of cheap labor and free trade. It is killing the country.

    Posted by: CowardlyVirgil31
  • Free trade is not beneficial, as it increases poverty both in the United States and abroad.

    Free trade agreements cause the loss of U.S. jobs, while also keeping wages low in other countries. By not charging tariffs on imported goods, these free trade agreements encourage U.S. manufacturers to take their jobs overseas, thereby increasing unemployment and poverty in the U.S. At the same time, these corporations pressure foreign governments to allow their citizens to work under horrifying conditions, as detailed in the reports of the suicides at the Apple manufacturing plant.

    Posted by: P3nrIin
  • No, because free trade worsens the economy, and actually deepens poverty.

    "Free traders" can simply offshore their jobs to places where they can get away with anything. It encourages some places to be forcibly kept desperate, to ensure a steady supply of cheap labor. Goods that would normally be produced by people getting a decent wage are instead produced in sweatshops.

    Posted by: EqualClaud72
  • No, free trade hurts America, by allowing companies to go wherever it is cheapest, like slave labor in a third world country.

    We do not have free trade in America today. We give everyone else our money while we buy their stuff. Because of free trade and the lowered import taxes, it is now cheaper for companies to have something built elsewhere, and only sell the product to America. This has caused a large portion of middle-class jobs to vanish, and for more money to go out of the country than is brought in.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I think free trade is taking too many jobs away from this country.

    Nafta, Tafta, free trade; in my opinion they are all hurting this country. We have lost so many jobs in this country because everything is outsourced to other countries. The logic is, why pay the American a high dollar wage when we can get some other countries' worker to do it for pennies on the dollar. Basically they are stealing jobs from Americans and putting the same Americans in poverty while they are barely feeding people of poverty in other countries. What a legal rip-off.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Free trade is not beneficial to the economy and it hurts the working class people of America.

    Free trade in theory is good for the economy but the version of free trade that the United States has brokered with the rest of the world (namely NAFTA) is not free trade. Since the passage of NAFTA hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs have been sent to Mexico and other countries south of the border. This practice is eliminating the blue collar middle class and thus creating a new class of impoverished Americans who find themselves on the outside looking in on the free trade debate of the United states

    Posted by: AndreaS
  • No Free Trade is detrimental to our economy.

    Free trade is destroying our economy. Industries cannot compete with the low cost labor in other countries and therefore, good high paying manufacturing jobs are leaving the country. Yes, we get cheaper goods but with our income stagnant that is not much of a benefit. Free trade only makes the economies of all countries equal, which means ours will be weaker.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • Free trade promotes poverty and inequality by allowing businesses to outsource to the lowest bidder.

    There are some countries in the world where workers will happily do extremely difficult, dangerous, or menial tasks for just pennies compared to what an American worker would make. Free trade allows companies around the world to set up shop in those countries, and pay those pennies, while U.S. workers continue to be laid off. Free trade not only promotes poverty overseas by employing countless foreign workers at salaries well below any rational poverty line, but it promotes poverty in the United States by cutting the number of jobs available.

    Posted by: A Bass

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