• Global Caste System

    Free trade is indeed detrimental to the world economy as it further isolates the exploited Third World from the vogue First World... Furthermore, this economic concept exacerbates the difference in wealth between the globalist ruling class who are benefactors from the cheap labour and resources of the international working class, and more specifically the domestic working class in the third world.

  • Free Trade will always result in currency problems

    There will be winners and losers within the global economy. Free trade will force the loser to devalue their currency indefinitely until their advantage is restored. Since all actors will employ this strategy, it will result in a race to the bottom for currency values. Free trade will also force the producers to seek out the lowest wages. This alone is not a bad thing unless the government of the losing countries insure income through welfare. If this is the case, then free trade will damage the countries losing jobs.

  • Free Trade Means Economic Efficiency

    Though globally free trade may give trouble to various regional economies as they adjust to a new marketplace, ultimately free trade allows for goods to be made where it is most economical to do so. This results in lower prices for consumers and a greater availability of goods for people all around the world. Now, there may be some frictional unemployment as something that was economical for one region to produce competing only locally is now uncompetitive, but jobs should be found in producing the products and services that the region excels at. Global free trade means not only increased competition, but a larger, wider marketplace with greater demand as well. When goods and services are produced as economically as possible, it clears a way for quicker invention and innovation.

  • No Free Trade Helps the Global Economy.

    If trade is truly free all nations benefit from the ability to buy and sell goods at advantageous prices which benefit both the seller and the buyer. The very idea of free trade was to create efficient markets where goods move freely between countries making them more available to all. When restrictive policies are in place goods to not move freely and cost to purchase them becomes inflated.

  • No free trade is necessary.

    Free trade is the very concept that further allows and promotes the functionality and betterment of the global economy on a very basic level. The actual premise that it could be hurtful to the global economy is quite laughable. Free trade allows for lower prices for consumers and lower production costs for producers.

  • No, free trade IS the global economy

    Free trade between countries is at the vary core of the global economy. It is the lynchpin that expands opportunity for all. Econmies thrive when their goods can be sold in new markets, and consumers can benefit from added choice and competition. Free trade benefits all, and is at the core of opportunity in all courntries

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