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Without security, everyone would be dead.

  If you get rid of security, there would be no laws around security. No laws means that people could go around the streets killing any one they wanted to and harming people. It would be anarchy. 100% freedom would still be limited because you can never be truly 'free'. There will always be obstacles in the way to stop complete freedom. Ergo, ben is gay
Lollipopfop says2013-12-08T16:10:32.203
People can kill you anytime they want right now. We have laws against it, but it doesn't stop it from happening. And freedom does not mean no obstacles for you doing as you like. Freedom simply means no laws keeping you from doing it. Besides, most people are concerned over laws which are meant to keep you from hurting yourself. Such as forcing you to wear a seatbelt.
purplemoon says2014-01-07T14:52:41.633
But it makes a difference @Lollipopfop
Having a law against it is at least SOME kind of restraint, but if you dismiss such a law, murder, assassination... I assure you, the death rate will rise.
fajardation says2014-05-22T12:15:55.557
No duh @purplemoon
Robert505 says2015-12-16T22:06:01.233
'without security everyone would be dead'. One of the most stupid, unbacked claims i have ever heard. Congratulations.
IbrahimEsa79 says2016-05-24T14:34:41.617
No freedom without security. No freedom with tight security.
If there is no security, We cannot go to school or hang out whatever kind of that thing with feeling save or free. If there is tight security we cannot feel freedom and feel save all the time even if we are in our houses.
Mythanotos says2016-06-01T21:30:29.410
Anarchy is still a system that is practical. And you wage a straw man argument. There is no citation or sources to back up your claim that freedom lacks all sense of security and therefore mass chaos and murder... Freedom promotes self reliance and self sustainability, and those are strong individualistic principles that cause each person everywhere in all of time to think about their survival and work out their own security. Letting a foreign body or govt determine your security at the price of your freedom goes against all logic and reason. You are a tyrant, a collectivist who does not believe in individual exceptionalism.
RobertKcalb says2016-10-28T15:16:17.787
If you have and take advantage of freedoms such as owning and carrying firearms then you are less likely to get attacked. Also, when you do get attacked, you are more likely to fend off an attacker. No matter how much security there is over the U.S., people with the intent to cause harm would still find ways to obtain dangerous weapons. The only people who wouldn't have them would be law abiding U.S. citizens.
mjklgh says2020-05-26T01:30:52.793

"'without security everyone would be dead'. One of the most stupid, Unbacked claims i have ever heard. Congratulations. "

One of the most stupid counterarguments I heard. Instead of providing counter evidence, You proceed to do ad hominem attacks which proves that you are just angry and incapable of proving what he said wrong when you know it's right.
mjklgh says2020-05-26T01:32:22.073

If you choose security, You don't have to get involved in a gun fight as there are police that will protect you. You are at a higher risk of dying when you carry firearms and try to duel someone.
Scarlettt_ohara says2021-03-27T04:10:41.463
What you are describing is anarchy without a social contract not freedom. A free society necessitates laws against crime such as murder, Rape, Assault, Theft. . . I doesn't for instance necessitate forcing people to wear seat belts for their own safety and so that others can save a few dollars on their insurance premium. I have no problems wearing a seat belt, I like to do so but if I want the security of car insurance, I should pay for it without demanding that others give up their liberty to not wear a seat belt. I would not expect others to forfeit that choice for my economic benefit.
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