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What is the point on having freedom if we will not be safe to have it?

  My reasoning are as fallows: 1)Take away your pride and see that we are safe in the little net the government gives us 2) Lose someone you care about and then tell me freedom is greater than security As H.L. Mencken once said “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”
Anonymous says2013-05-10T22:40:09.957
My arguments:
1) Pride is not the issue, vigilance and independence is. For now we are safe in the little net the government gives us but the safety net of today can always be used as a trap tomorrow. It is not pride that causes distrust of our government it is simple pragmatism and recognizing that any government as "safe" and "citizen friendly" as it seems has it's limits.
2) Okay, nice emotional appeal. Lose everyone you love to tyranny or because no one could defend them except the police and then tell me security is greater than freedom. And if H.L. Mencken is right, than I raise you this, "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."- Peracles. So, your suggestion is that since the "average man" wants safety not freedom we prize safety over freedom? As Jim Hightower says, " The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow."
Anonymous says2013-07-07T02:29:19.637
That's all well and good for those who aspire to be average.
Lollipopfop says2013-12-08T16:22:16
1. We are NOT safe in the little net government gives us. Just because we have laws, upon, laws, upon laws does not mean we can't be hurt or killed anyhow. All it means is that the person that hurts us will be punished, which really isn't much consolation to the dead. But i would take my chances on dying. That will happen no matter what to a mortal person. You can't live forever. So its HOW you live that matters.
2. Just because I don't want to lose my loved ones doesn't mean i want to wrap them in bubble wrap so they are safe but don't experience life. I will lose loved ones no matter what. I would rather lose a loved one to early death then to think of them in jail for life.
People deserve to have their dignity and pride. They deserve to be independent. You can NOT live forever.
IronicPostulate says2014-03-31T16:16:50.703
I think you are a being a bit too confident in government. The ideal government is a government as small as possible, where people are the rulers, and NOT where government is intervening in the lives of people and economic status; that's the point of a democracy and free market. Also, please don't bring emotional losses into this; it's not necessary, and it is not something to be talked meaninglessly about in front of others. Finally, group safety puts everyone at the same level. Those who have greater dreams and ideals will be pushed down; it would be practically a complete communist society. Is giving up all personal freedom and ambition worth safety? Someone once said "The greatest risk is not taking one". Forcing everyone to average takes away all potential of future inventors, entrepreneurs, and successors in the economy
FrancesR says2014-12-02T20:55:25.400
The average man would want that, but the extraordinary man would want equal freedoms and securities. The average man would want to be safe, but the extraordinary man would want to be safe in his freedom.
Mythanotos says2016-06-01T21:25:19.730
And you'd penalize the brilliant exceptional men who want more than average men want, simply for wanting more from life and expect more of themselves, accomplish more? Ambition is now an evil? Your logic is Orwellian. Flawed and verging on tyrannical and evil. Individualism is the greatest thing in the world, and it is defined by freedom. Not Security.
third_wolf says2016-10-05T05:21:09.737
1. Governments have killed many hundreds of millions of people, and your pride comment is a straw man.
2. This is a purely emotional and solipsistic mode of reasoning.
3. Mencken was being critical--he mocked those whimpering simps who were afraid of their own liberty.
mjklgh says2020-05-26T01:29:40.520

Instead of talking about politics, If we just look at it two simple ways.

1. ) Yes freedom, No security. We die and unfortunately we have some unused "freedom"

2. ) No freedom, Yes security. We are alive, Yay, But we have no rights.

Would you rather be dead or alive? It's literally simple as that. Don't get the government in that situation since it's literally a matter of life or death.
Scarlettt_ohara says2021-03-27T04:44:10.480
3. ) The freedom to ensure ones own security.
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