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  If you're in prison, you're safer but have a lot less freedom. Anyone want to voluntarily incarcerate themselves?
Anonymous says2013-03-08T16:22:06.503
being in jail is not safer than being in society...how is being confined and surrounded by murderers, burglars psycopaths and drug addicts safer than being in society
Anonymous says2013-04-27T04:16:45.857
Jail safe?? Nice try but i get your point. This is a loaded question both options are too general
Anonymous says2013-06-23T10:28:14.393
The joint ain't safe, boyo. The prison guards are always there to screw convicts up. Of course, freedom is so important, but there's always privileges in being a citizen of your country.
gt123178 says2014-03-09T20:55:35.333
HAHA, You have more freedoms in prison that actually may be true. Sure your confined to a cell and your attire. But are you also just as confiened in the eyes of your government. People escape prison often but how often can we overthrow a government!
FrancesR says2014-12-03T20:28:56.740
#the first response

high functioning sociopath. Do your research. And besides, being in jail, constantly surround by murderers, but also by guards and police, is not such a bad thing. A padded cell on the other hand....
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