• Yup.

    If you're in prison, you're safer but have a lot less freedom. Anyone want to voluntarily incarcerate themselves?

  • Read the book "The Giver"

    To dear people who had chose the right column,
    Please read the book 'The Giver.'
    Would you like to live in a place like that? By the way, security isn't guaranteed. Everyday the government says "We'll make sure that our citizens will be safe .. Blah blah blah..."
    However, are we indeed safe? The answer is "NO!"

  • Freedom > Security

    When the govt starts regulating every aspect of our lives then we should know that there's something wrong. Absolute power corrupts, so we shouldn't let them watch us make every move.
    I think at first it was tolerable but since the news of the PRISM project things are getting way out of line.
    If we aren't even free to write what we want without the risk of being prosecuted then where is our right of freedom of speech. The govt exists to serve its people, not to rule over them.
    Besides we wouldn't need all that security if the govt. Stopped fcking up the other countries.
    When doing a some research everyone can point out that the federal reserve is to blame for most of the western problems, their actions have only been for self enrichment and they do not care about anyone else, they just want the govt to start more wars so they can loan them more money which the American people can repay with their tax money.

  • Danger is exaggerated to encourage submission

    Believe it or or we are being tricked into giving up our freedom. We are safer now than we have ever been but our preception is of a dangerous world; manufactured by those who would like to relieve us of our rights. Don't fall for it! It is all a ruse.

  • Freedom is better I think

    In this way, you are free to protect yourself in what way seems best to you and I think that's one of the best things about our country. On the other hand, what doesn't adapt to change will eventually die, so perhaps it doesn't make much sense to never change when it goes against logic. However, it seems to me, that at this time, freedom is still more important. Only a greater threat to all the citizens lives would make this seem acceptable to me. What good is freedom is you aren't around to enjoy it? These actions do not seem justified with such little threat to so few at this point in time.

  • Ben Franklin had it about right

    How "safe" were the brave men who died fighting for our freedoms against Hitler? By giving up our freedoms for the sake of security we dishonour their memories, and do not deserve the gift they gave us. Give up our freedoms, and sooner or later those in control will do anything in the name of "safety", and eventually that will be lost too.

  • I choose freedom, thank you!

    With freedom, we can take care of ourselves. Without freedom there is no security, only the illusion that others will protect us better than we can protect ourselves. If ever a line is drawn dividing the country into free and secure zones, have no doubt which side of the line I will stand on. I will stand with the freedom-loving people of this land!

  • Security infringements taboo

    Security infringements means losing our freedom, once we lose our freedoms what do we need security from.....
    We then need security from those that took away our freedoms, but wait, now we have NO WAY of getting the freedoms back as we have NO RIGHTS to fight with.

    Remember the mafia offering protection of your establishment from hoodlum's for a price, then you realized you needed protection from those offering the security as they were the real thief's.

  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

    Many of these "precautions" the US Government has been enforcing on us have gone too far. Especially when it involves the TSA. Flying in the US has become more hassle than it's worth. If full bod pat downs weren't enough, now we have full body scanners than put every nook and cranny of the body on display. Your body is your property and this is just out of hand. Also we put way too much money into the military. When we should be focusing on education we waste money on our military and try to police the world.

  • Exceptionality of Freedom

    Danger is a constant, we will never live in a world in which some someone or something isn't out to get the proverbial "us". Freedom, however, is something that was and continues to be fought for; it is an exceptional and unique gift that must be preserved at all costs.

  • Without security our freedom goes away

    If we do not have security there are no laws and we will have a permanent purge. With the purge going on people will be too afraid to leave their houses or everyone will be killed off. That would then be the end of the country as we know it.

  • Without security there would be a permanent purge.

    If the country had full freedom and no security there would be nothing stopping people from killing each other. We would have a Purge for the rest of the country's life. Which would not be long at all. We may want more freedom, but I would rather be alive than dead.

  • By the numbers.

    Lets run this by the numbers. There are 30 confirmed cases where significant terrorists events were thwarted due to the authorities granted to federal agencies as a result of the FISA Amendment Act of 2008 and other post 9/11 acts. Specifically, the authorities granted under Title VII, section 702 were extremely instrumental in these efforts. 30 situations that could've resulted in a significant loss of American lives. I'm talking attacks on the order of 9/11. So, what's the argument against that? If you want to debate, then debate. I don't care about what you "think" or what you "feel." It's absolutely irrelevant. What are your facts to the contrary? Facts, not gibberish derived from your liberal echo chambers. I mean what facts substantiate that the measures taken to safeguard our citizenry (30 attacks averted) were unjust and in any harmed the people of this country? If you can't provide facts, and can only come back with useless comments, then you're only demonstrating your complete ignorance of the situation and are quite frankly wasting your time. It's better to remain silent and let others think you a fool than to open your mouth and prove yourself one.

  • No because thats saying that having money and stuff is more important then taking care of you kids.

    I understand that the government are strict but there keeping us safe. Like the need to have a helmet when you are on a bike because what haven if a car hit you your brains would have been all over the street but if you have a helmet your brains are safe.

  • No safety=death and you suck

    We all know that safety is more important than freedom. The president agree with me. President Trump thinks safety is more important. We would all die with no safety. You all suck if you think freedom is better. I am the best at basketball and you suck if you are reading this.

  • I don't like freedom

    Freedom is more important than security, because security without freedom is worthless. Without freedom, high security runs the risk of eroding into fascism or a totalitarian state. Slaves in America lived in a fairly secure environment, but lacked freedom. What kind of life is this? A free society comes with inherent risks. However, it is better to be free and potentially unsafe, rather than to be secure and oppressed.

  • Po p p

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  • There should be freedom but there are times where security is more importaint

    Without security there would not be freedom. The government would not be able to protect us from hackers and threats that violate our privacy. Rules would be not followed and no one would be able to be convicted of crimes. Anarchy would rule the world as the people would suffer.

  • Security comes in different shapes and sizes

    Security doesn't always need to look like a totalitarian government, or "the giver". Security simply means that government protecting us from terrorists. If Apple doesn't give the government a way into a phone to find more information about someone who previously bombed us than how are expected to protect our innocent citizens from being attacked again.

  • We need safety and security over freedom and choice.

    Without safety and security, the world would be in chaos. We would have a bunch of murders, attacks, crimes, and a whole lot of other bad things in society. Also, there would be no abuse, poaching/killing of animals, and no global warming and habitat loss. Therefore, i believe safety and security is more needed over freedom and choice.

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