• The other side have built their house upside down

    Those who have been indulged in the Augustine St. Clare residence have no understanding of life outside those walls. If everyone here was subject to the Simon Legree house for but a month this would be 100% to 0% - safety, Limbs and life are cast to the wind when you are a slave. Freedom is foundational to safety not the other way round. You folks ought to crack open Uncle Tom's Cabin.

  • Yes of course.

    Without freedom, You are dependent on others for "safety". That is less secure. The notion that the state can better protect you than yourself is so unbelievably preposterous and incredibly dangerous to even entertain.

    The best way to lose freedom AND security is by giving up control of your life.

  • Freedom is more important

    Did everyone just forgot slavery and Independence from the Britain's. Before the declaration of independence we were controlled by the britain's, If it wasn't for the brave americans fighting for our country america wouldn't be america. Though after we had slavery and people were not free, This was a time where america was at its worst, Especially with racism. Be honest could you live like slaves, Unable to make your own decisons and be able to be considered equal. Exactly. Security doesn't mean anything if people do not have freedom

  • You are aloud to do what you want.

    Freedom is more important than security or safety because people want do whatever they want like the right to speak, To be heard, And to vote. You now can decide for yourself rather than having a stranger, Who could have an entirely different opinion on the topic at hand and decide for you. The drive for the ability to have freedom overpowers the desire for your guaranteed safety.

  • Freedom is more important

    - no one wants their life to be controlled by other people! Other people chose when will you die!
    - you could be separated from your family ( people in north korea are separated with the rest of the world, Some people’s family is outside, But they can never talk to them) if every day was sad there’s no point in living.

  • Freedom is more important

    1) no one wants their life to be controlled by other people! Other people chose when will you die, How to be punished. . .
    2) you could be separated from your family ( people in north korea are separated with the rest of the world, Some people’s family is outside, But they can never talk to them) if every day was sad there’s no point in living.

  • Make your Own Choices

    We need to make more choices in life. Most will have consequences. I'm not saying go all out freedom because that would lead to anarchy and chaos, But we need to limit the rules. Some rules are completely and utterly useless. We need to make our own choices with guidelines that can tell us what is right and what is wrong.

  • Give me liberty or give me death

    If someone ever says to me that your security is more important than your freedom, The first thing I'd do is try to smack some sense into them. For those of you who don't know, Security over liberty also means you're giving up your personal rights such as: being able to speak of what you want, Practice of religion, Freedom of etc. . . All of those rights written in the constitution are essentially being thrown away if you're letting the government provide security by controlling your lives. This is also known as Communism. The exact thing the US has been trying to avoid for the past 4 decades. Communism is essentially what I explained, But you also have no control over what you do in your life. Everyday is the same day in country with communism. You want to work as an Electrical Engineer? Oh, No no no. Instead you're going to be a manager for a car company. Oh, Wait. There aren't really car companies any more because the government will provide you with a car, And that'll be the one you get stuck with for the rest of your miserable life. See, You don't get a choice in the matter. That would be because of the lack of freedom. Freedom is important in a free country, And protecting the personal rights of people is the most important. If we allow the government to take control of our lives, We aren't living our lives at all. So, Essentially if you died, It wouldn't have even the slightest effect on anyone. So for all the people on the right saying the security is more important than freedom, I think I'd rather die and it mean something to the world rather than live a pointless and meaningless life. I could probably right a whole 10 page essay arguing about this deal, But I don't really have the time to right now since I have to do an actual project on it for a class that I signed up for. The government didn't choose the class for me, And I'd love for it to stay that way.


  • Freedom or death

    Most people on the opposite side of the debate are taking it to an extreme and saying garbage like "no laws, Everyone killing people on the street" or "become slaves of another country" the only people that want security more than freedom are beta males and liberal females that don't feel security from their spouse because he is a beta male. We should not establish our policies to pander to the weak.

    Ill die free even if its in a pile of spent brass.

  • Freedom = security from government abuse

    Probably beating a dead horse, But can’t help but notice the security>freedom guys making more spelling errors than sense. Freedom is security, And if you can’t see that, You’re not forming your own opinions. Freedom is a world where business is done only with voluntary interactions. We should strive to eliminate public funded social safety nets in favor of the ones that form naturally in our communities. Government tears us apart and puts us against each other but it wants us on its payroll so we never see it. Reject divisive and stupid left vs. Right and just think “should I force someone to do this? ” when thinking about a new policy or law.

  • These people on the Right have no idea what their talking about.

    If you think having all your freedoms you could ever want with limited security would be amazing, you should just stop talking and log off this site. Your gonna wake up with all your freedoms until some other country comes and takes you over. Now you have no freedom's and at the moment your enslaved or dead.

  • Without security, everyone would be dead.

    If you get rid of security, there would be no laws around security. No laws means that people could go around the streets killing any one they wanted to and harming people. It would be anarchy. 100% freedom would still be limited because you can never be truly 'free'. There will always be obstacles in the way to stop complete freedom. Ergo, ben is gay

  • What is the point on having freedom if we will not be safe to have it?

    My reasoning are as fallows:
    1)Take away your pride and see that we are safe in the little net the government gives us
    2) Lose someone you care about and then tell me freedom is greater than security
    As H.L. Mencken once said “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”

  • No

    Freedom is worthless if you wake up the slave of another country, or if you never wake up at all but die because you were foolish enough not to do what was needed to be done.

  • Little Point in Freedom If You Are Dead

    I often here this brought up, but the problem is that security is basically designed to ensure that one can practice basic freedoms. If we have no security, then people can harm us when we practice our freedoms. A certain amount of security is necessary for freedom. As such, I consider security marginally more important than freedom, /especially/ since when this argument is brought up, it usually involves a small amount of freedom and a great deal of security. Obviously one must analyze the trade-off closely.

  • Security creates freedom

    Freedom was earned back when the United States of America was created. Therefore, we must keep what we have earned by organizing the nation and keeping its citizens safe. Security ensures a safe freedom that all can enjoy. Take the Middle East for instance. Riots and violence crowd the streets just because of the rights the people cannot obtain. If the Middle East took the time to secure policies and its people,then freedom would be achieved.

  • Give me Liberty.

    A small amount of safety is not worth any amount of a loss of liberty. Remember German history from the 1930's. If you don't remember, read. The liberties and freedoms of the German people were taken small bits at a time in a way that they could agree with having more safety, until, they had neither.

  • In today's society, security has become a very important issue that needs to be attended to, more so than freedom.

    After the serious events of 9/11, we, as a nation, need to realize that we are not immune to attacks on our people. The thousands of people that died in the terrorist attacks could have been avoided, with proper security. It is understandable that this idea should not be taken too far, but it is a priority. As a nation, we do not appear to be well-liked worldwide, even if we attempt to provide international assistance.

    Posted by: KingM0
  • Safety is needed more than freeddom

    Without safety there is no freedom. Freedom comes when people know they are safe. If they feel unsafe, they will not feel free. Would you go out into the world not knowing that atanytime you could be attacked or killed? Safety could detect these things and help us to defeat the fear we have as humans in this contemporary society!

  • How about the kite man on the $100 bill? How about the $2 Independence Man?

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin
    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

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