• It is protected under the 2nd amendment

    The idea of political correctness and its encroachment on the freedoms of citizens is horrific. The fact that peoples personal expression when it is not convenient or may be considered inappropriate to those around them. It is very unfortunate that political correctness has impeded personal freedom so much that US citizens must question their own personal expressions.

  • Freedom of expression allows for vibrant approaches to problems.

    Creating a climate where one is afraid to speak up lest one by charged with being "offensive" consequently creates a society which does not speak up. If one cannot say what one thinks about charged situations in society, then society can not accurately assess how severe a situation is nor can such a society generate new ideas on solutions to those problems.

  • Yes, freedom of expression is more important.

    I think that freedom of expression is more important than political correctness. People should have the right to say and believe what they want without being prosecuted for it just because other might find it offensive. I think that being politically correct these days is way too ridiculous and goofy.

  • Yes, I think freedom of expression is more important then political correctness.

    I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves as long as they follow the law, I don't believe that political correctness should ever be cited as a reason to deny someone from displaying their true thoughts and feelings on a subject regardless of how controversial it may be.

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