Is freedom of expression more important than religious sensitivities?

  • Freedom of Expression is more important

    Freedom of Expression is more important than religious sensitivities.. We would not have had the Protestant Reformation or the Renaissance if the world then had given in to religious sensitivities. The rulers and the those drunk in religious privilege did try but freedom won. Without that, we would still be living in medieval times.

  • Freedom of expression granted to everyone

    I believe that by giving everyone the same right to express their point of view and opinion is a right for everyone regardless of their religious beliefs or views. Whoever is opposing or offended by it has a choice to react and express their point of view too. That is how debates and new ideas come from and we give ourselves a space for growth as a society. Only by listening and understanding we can do that.

  • Freedom of expression outweighs the importance of religious sensitivities.

    Change in society can only be brought through freedom of speech, as that is how new religions, ideas and perspectives are born. Freedom of expression is vital to bring about any sort of change in society. People should realise that religion is someone's relationship with God, and not something to flaunt to others. A person belonging to a certain religious group should have enough faith and maturity, that they don't take offence if someone contradicts their personal beliefs. In my opinion, showing offence and aggression to people who don't share your faith and decide to question it, is a sign of weakness in your own faith.

  • Freedom Of Expression Is More Important

    Freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities. We should be able to express our opinions as long as they don't demonstrate utmost hate to a specific group. Freedom of expression needs to be preserved, but there should be some rules as to how far it can be taken for sure.

  • We Must Maintain Freedom of Expression

    Yes, freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities. People need to stop wearing their religion like a badge. A person’s religion should be a private matter between them and their God. People need to stop looking for reasons to get defensive. There will always be detractors – people that are not religious and are vocal about it. These people have the right to not be religious and they also have the right to freedom of expression. We need to develop thicker skins and stop being offended every time someone says something that does not agree with our religious views.

  • Yes, freedom of expression is crucial

    Freedom of expression is one of our most important freedoms and it has to be guarded carefully. We cannot allow the sensitivities of one group to control what we are allowed to say. Admittedly, people can and do say some needlessly vile and cruel things, but I believe that can be handled with tolerance and with social disapproval. If our freedom of expression can be moderated by one group, it can be moderated by another and another, and soon we would have severe limitations on what could be said.

  • Freedom of expression is not more important than religious sensitivities because it is offensive.

    People have a right to prove their statements and explain their stance but not on the expense of religion. You have to respect the opinion of others and keep in mind that your argument can offend someone in terms of religion. We all have to focus on how our freedom of expression is more important than religion. People can compromise to solutions that are sensibly right but if you just have the intention to express your thought to prove others wrong that cannot be done. We all have separate beliefs and we should all respect each other’s in terms of those beliefs. If you think from the perspective of those people who easily get offended by sensitive issues in religion, then you should be able to understand how they think and may be right from their point of view but if we can explain to them politely how your point of view differs and how it is really right, then you may be able to change beliefs. What actually matters is what you say and how you say it!

  • They Are Seperate Issues

    I would not answer this question directly as it is. Freedom of expression includes freedom of religion. Religious sensitivities are part of the freedom of expression as well. If a person opposes to the burning of a Bible or Que-ran, that is them expressing themselves through a religion. We all hold our own religious beliefs, so why should we be offended when others do?

  • Freedom of expression and religious sensitivities are not mutually exclusive.

    Most of these problems could be easily solved if people would use common sense, and show a little respect. It is easily possible to disagree with someone's religious preference without being nasty and insulting. It's not what is said, but how it is said. Treating others the way we want to be treated would make it possible for people to express themselves freely, and not insult others.

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