• It should be Freedom From Religion:

    Freedom of belief is fine, so long as they don't impose those belief onto others through Proselytizing and Indoctrination practices. The claim of being a Christian Nation is imposing unwanted unsubstantiated beliefs onto the entire population. This should stop.
    The founding fathers would love for the US to become a Secular nation where all religions are equal, and no one religion dominates.

    You will also find that if the US becomes a neutral nation (secular) instead of trying to be a Christian nation, atheism would also disappear as it has in all truly Secular cultures.
    Then there is true freedom of religion and freedom from religion at the same time.

  • What kind of question is this?

    What kind of question is this? Last I heard, the laws of the constitution do not expire. In the United States according to the first amendment, freedom of religion is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Constitutional rights should never be denied. How about a better question, did you graduate from high school?

  • Freedom of thought is sacred.

    Puns aside, people should be able to believe what they want, given it's not harmful to others. While it's true that there's no God, believing in most religions doesn't do much harm. People have a right to their opinions and this is no different. However, there are limits to this freedom, as with everything. There are limits to freedom of speech; likewise, believing in something like Scientology should not be permitted.

  • Excuse me atheists

    These atheists are trying to destroy moral law, they are trying to destroy religion because t offers a strict set of morals, one you cannot break, the thought of not being allowed to do whatever they want does not seem appealing to them, so they criticize it.
    Because If they have to acknowledge that there is a G-d they will be accountable to, they can't really do whatever they want, and they cannot teach their children the absurdity and lies of liberalism, that Homosexuality is OK somehow, or that killing babies is OK somehow, they don't like the idea of MORALITY.

  • The freedom to believe what we want to believe should never be expired

    This is not outdated because the bill of rights in the constitution is never outdated whatsoever. Also what has changed? Is there a reason that the freedom to believe whatever you believe has expired? Last time I checked, people should not be forced into any belief and you should be allowed to express yourself. I believe if we got rid of this right it would violate all other areas of the constitution- freedom of speech, unnecessary search, etc. Honestly I see no reason it would be outdated. Different religions are present all over the world today. Nothing has changed with religion., therefore it is not outdated.

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