• Light and Darkness cannot exist in the same place.

    Worshipping God makes you free; worshipping the devil and any other will put you to bondage. Therefore, freedom of religion simply means you are free worship God. And if you are worshipping the devil or nothing you will always be complaining that your right is practice is not free. Because Light and Darkness cannot exist in one place.

  • Yes, freedom of religion is really free.

    Anyone in the United States has freedom of religion. This country allows you to worship the devil if you want. Religious entities do not even face taxes. Of all of the rights that the American people have, the freedom of religion is the only one that has never been messed with at all.

  • Freedom of religion is not really free.

    Even though our country claims to have freedom of religion, there are significant limitations of this law. Many people are discriminated against because of their faith. Many Muslims are discouraged from wearing their traditional head-wear in public, for example. A lot of religions are maligned as cults. Our society does not accept all religions.

  • Separation of Church and state?

    Everyone knows about the main freedoms in America, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of petition… all of those are honored in our great country, but there is one more… the freedom of religion. What happened there? I can tell you what happened, the separation of church and state. If you look at the constitution not once did our founding fathers write that phrase. So where does it come from and why is it so prominent in our country. The phrase was written in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut, the letter was in response to a concern voiced by this association in October 1801, the Association wrote to President Jefferson, and in their letter they voiced their concerns about Religious Freedom. On New Year's day, 1802 the president responded in a letter to them in which he added the phrase "Separation of Church and State." In saying this he wasn’t speaking about how the church shouldn’t interfere with the state, but was speaking of how the state wouldn’t interfere with the church.

  • It's not free

    Schools say they want nothing to do with religion, unless it's a school that has everything to do with religion. But then at those schools that want nothing to do with religion usually have classes about christianity. What about the other religions? And all of the christian churches around it's like they're advertising christianity and saying that's the religion you should follow. What if your an atheist? Christians hate you of course. The churches are all like " lets go spread the word of god." I see people spreading the word of god but I don't see other people that aren't christian spreading their religion. Christians how are spreading the word about their religion annoy me. What about the other religions?

  • No, I feel that people aren't able to practice their religion free of rules and laws wholeheartedly.

    No, these religions that many people have belief or faith in vary greatly from nation to nation. Due, to this variation there are rules and laws on what you can practice and say freely. A phrase you might say might offend another. Also, some of these practices of these religions are seen as being extreme such as sacrifices and other things. We are able to practice our religion, but not to the extent that we like.

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