• Of course it is!

    The dynamic, The jokes. It did what so many shows fail to do- combine the mix of serious tones and jokes that everyone can relate to. And it certainly helps that it appeals to almost every age groups, The penis jokes, Drama between friends, Divorce and marriage and death. Perfect!

  • Yes, and here's why

    Seinfeld? Oh, please. Seinfeld was at times extremely funny--no arguments there, but it had one fatal shortcoming: it lacked warmth. This is where Friends excelled. The friends fell out, broke up, had arguments, and of course it had the obligatory sarcastic character, Chandler. And yet the warmth was always there. Now that they're gone, we miss them, because they were real and very likable people. I don't miss the self-involved cranks and misfits of Seinfeld. And another thing: Friends had serious dramatic moments which worked surprisingly well--I give you the episode "The One the Morning After" for example. It was heartbreaking. The show managed the almost impossible trick of keeping an ensemble of six together for ten seasons, and every character worked and fit perfectly (I have some issues with some of the writing decisions made for Phoebe, but that's all). And funny---never forget that. Friends was seriously funny on top of all it other virtues.

  • Yess it is the best.

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  • Hands down best show ever

    Friends is so original in every aspect. It just uplifts your mood instantly.
    All other sitcoms have something that is taken from friends.
    The comedy in friends is very very intelligent. The acting is superb.
    The stories are what every person in 20s can relate to.It teaches us to be positive even when conditions are bad.

  • Definitely yes and for those who said other sitcoms..Read on..

    Friends is definitely the best and even after 22 years wee sell watch it on tv and i don't see mash or any other show of course seinfeld and himym is shown on tv.Seinfeld is stereotypical and himym is what it is because of one breakaway star .The thing with friends is everyone performs equally and you love everyone equally. If you argue with yourself you would go back and forth on who you like because everyone is awesome in the show including gunther and janice and mike and david. Its one of the best things to happen in my generation and will live for years to come.And i am getting all season DVDs to preserve and cherish every moment of it again and again

  • Friends is the greatest sitcom of all time!

    Friends was and still is the best sitcom of all time, not even Seinfeld which I love can surpass this show´s popularity and greatness, Friends is a show where everyone can relate, these characters become our actually friends trough watching it, Friends was and will always be the role model for all sitcoms.

  • Nothing to explain after watching last episode.Really hard to believe it started broadcasting before i was born.These characters are living with me for long time.

    I felt very bad since the show was ended and the characters gets older by now.It is the best show i watched yet.These character made very impact in my life,which is why i felt this show very hardly and deeply.I got never bored watching any of the episode.I recommend it as the best show ever.

  • Oh YES no doubt about that!

    The best show, the one with the best jokes per minute, a show that also tackled and dealt with all subjects that were still taboo at the time on TV (homosexuality, sex etc...). I showed it to my 13 year old son, 20 years after, and it quickly became his favorite too! The writers were just geniuses!

  • No doubt about it!!!!!

    Friends is definitely one of the best shows on tv. All the characters on this show are amazing, the writing is great and the acting is superb. The show is simply hilarious. I guess most people who started watching the show could never stop watching it, whether on reruns or dvd. It's been 11 years since the show ended but it still remains famous and it's audience continues to grow. Could any show BE more awesome???

  • There isn't one day you don't hear a friends reference

    From Unagi to princess consuela bananahammock to smelly cat, ugly naked guy, Regina phalange, pivot, the routine, this is definitely the best sitcom ever. There's isn't one episode that doesn't have a joke that makes you laugh and to top it off it's been over 10 years since the finale and everyone still watches it and it just keeps getting bigger

  • Is kinda bad

    Not as good as bojack horseman or the good place. This is my own opinion and definitely not typed by my friend who is, In any case, Cooler and more informed about these types of issues anyway. So: watch these other two shows too. Friends: p good. Those other 2: WOWZAS.


  • Not Even Close

    Listen, people say Friends is original just because it seems like a good thing to say when arguing about this thing. They probably don't even know what original means because this is not original. You want something original? Look at the Office, a mockumentary that everyone can relate to. Just because its a good show doesn't mean its the best or original.

  • No, one of the best.

    I loved friends. I enjoyed it and I've watched it a few times not. But you cannot call it the best sitcom ever. Arrested Development was better. Community was better. Seinfeld was better. Friends was a complete show but I don't think it was as funny as people made it out to be. Friends is compared a lot to How I met your mother. Himym declined but its first few seasons were better than friends. Again, I do love friends, but its not the best sitcom ever. Not by a long shot.

  • Only if your funny bone was surgically removed

    I have never laughed at friends, it's painful to watch. I watched all episodes of shows like seinfeld and the office and they were funny ,but i don't find myself watching reruns. The only show that is truly funny in every episode is the honeymooners. That is the funniest show of all time.

  • Not by a long shot

    I can't understand why anyone would like "Friends" when much better shows like "Seinfeld" and "M*A*S*H" exist. Whenever I see an episode of "Friends", I feel like my sense of humor has been surgically removed. The characters are bland and forgettable and the plots are contrived. It's an overly sentimental mess.

  • Broad. Hacky. Garbage.

    I'm not the kind of person that seeks answers to my human existential quandaries through the medium of TV, but if I were to find solace in TV, then Friends is a prescription mood stabilizing drug. It's Prozac -- not prosaic, but one need only to compare and contrast Friends with current NBC casualty, Community, to recognize Friends is a show that wanted to soothe the terrified lambs before being sent to slaughter, versus a show that told those lambs they're going to die, likely alone and unhappy but possibly that the knowledge of a a life well lived, without self-deception is enough solace so that one can have stiff upper lip when they lay their neck in the guillotine. Community probes then reassure us, uniting us all in our shared brokenness.

  • No, no, no

    It's a piece of crud. "Seinfeld" will always conquer "Friends" with its R-rated, cutting-edge, outright hilarious nihilistic humor. "Friends" feels like a preachy sermon after another hard day of school, that's what. "Seinfeld" is the ruler of the sitcoms. "Friends" aint' got anything on "Seinfeld" -- anything, anything. "Friends" sucked.

  • No, it was a very good sitcom but I don't think it was the best of all time.

    "Friends" was a very funny sitcom, poignant at times, dramatic at others, with a great dose of characters. However, to say it was the best of all time puts it up against many classic sitcoms (M.A.S.H. comes to mind as does I Love Lucy), those that were on at the time (Seinfeld), and some fantastic current ones (30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Always Sunny). "Best" seems to be subjective, as people have different tastes.

    I think to categorize "best" you have to figure out some basic parameters. Are we talking "best" as in the greatest number of jokes? The most timely jokes? The most compelling story lines? These all seem like subjective criteria. Perhaps the only real way we can quantify which is the "best" is to look at which was the most popular, along with which got the most ad revenue. According to IMDb, the most popular sitcom was Seinfeld (Friends was #7). Friends does appear to have garnered the highest ad revenue of all the sitcoms, though, so in that sense it may have been the best. In all, this is a pretty subjective area, but I bet if we ran a few more numbers, we would be able to find many other sitcoms that could be considered better than Friends.

  • No, but it ranks up there.

    Friends is not as good as Seinfeld in terms of pure humor or revolutionizing comedy, but it was an easy show for people to watch and relate to, especially in the 1990s and early 2000s. As society moved into the urban tribe mode, with more people creating their own "families" out of friendships, it stands as a marker of culture.

  • No, but it's good!

    Friends is not the best sitcom ever, there's too much competition for it to be the best. I have always loved the writing in Friends; it's clever, the acting is good and it's a fun show, but when compared against the likes of Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, I just don't think it's the best. Also, Friends' appeal is basically to a certain age group, whereas Seinfeld and Raymond appeal to a larger group, which to me, makes them more eligible to be considered "great".

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