• It help me friends

    They are like unicorns that eat rainbows yes because yes because yes because without magic i wouldnt have friends duh. If u meat me im dumb so why unless magic would help me then i could be cool like beans and cool like chicken nuggies cuz i want to be cool

  • Define Magic and Prove that it really exists

    This debate asks the question of whether friendship is magical, The term magical needs to be defined and needs to be proven to exist. Proposition has not does so, For this reason, We can say that friendship is not magical in the definition and authenticity of magic. Simply put, Friendship is not magic because magic does not exist.

  • Why is this debatable?

    Friendship ain't magical ye clowns. There is science reasoning behind what creates friendship like interests, Looks, And behaviors. When they match, Friendship is likely and in a society where everyone matches like ponyland, Then its easy to say friendship is magical but humans are so different, LOOK AT SCIENCE, NOT BRONY!

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