Is friendship the most important relationship in our daily life?

  • Friendship needs no limits

    Companionship is famously hard to characterize. For Aristotle, kinship, or philia, is an excellence which is 'most important with a view to living … for without companions nobody would live however he had every single other great'. For a man to be companions with another, he says, 'it is important that [they] bear positive attitude to each other and wish great things for each other, without this getting away from their notice of
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  • Friendship is most important of all

    Love without a friendship established is a deceit. Family relationships without a base of friendship is a random blood connection. It takes little time and commitment to be biological parent of a child, but it mix in friendship and you have a proper parent who acts in the best interest of the child. And the parent who relies on position, authority or blood hiearchy simply risks letting the other influences who don't fail to satisfy the friendship need of the child to come in their lives. Without friendship all business partners are wolves waiting for each to turn away to devour each other. Friendship is the bottom part of all other elements of relationship; much like how Maslow's needs hierarchy all starts from the base layer before it advances to anything else.

  • Friends make our life interesting to live.

    Some persons thought that friendship can exploit your life,but its not true.If a person has no friends then it would be boring for him/her to live life.In our life chice of friends is also important so that we can access to good friends,because there are many bad persons in world who will firstly be your friend then exploit your life,so be careful in choosing friends.Thats all i want to say

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  • It depends on a kind of friendship

    Family members can be good friends. Friendship may last long or it may end quickly depending on circumstances. As for me, people change and the relationship between people also change. People lose friends and people may find new friends. Friendship is essential but not the most essential thing in peoples' lives. There are many other thinks that are as important as friendship as for example love, support, respect. People may not be good friends, but they anyway may enjoy their conversations and may help each other. Parents may not be the best friends to their children, but they anyway may influence their children and be good models of proper behaviour.

  • Friendsip is important

    Relationship is relative to one people with other people i think friendship is good for people to make communicate with some body that you known well it can make you excited and wonder why i said like this because i known all people around the world can not live lonely without friendship with their friend family or etc. that's ok.

  • Friendship is important

    I think that friendship is one of the most important relationships that we form in our lifetimes. It is essential for everyday life. It is important for people to experience friendship in all aspects of their lives. People that do not have quality friendships end up depressed and with low self esteem.

  • Friends over family

    It has been proven that peer evaluation is more important to a child than a parents. In other words, what a child sees in his friends and people his/her own age will shape him/her more than their parents. Not only that, but you can be friends with your family members, can you not?

  • Friendship? No thanks, m GOOD!

    Honestly, i would say that friendship is the worst relationship in our daily live. Sure having friends in ur lives makes ur life colorful and lively, but do u think its worth the troubles? Nopes . Never. You may say that its coz I've been friends with the wrong people all my life, but they were friends people! And I may have known them by birth, so nothing changes the fact that they have completely changed in their lives! And living without friends doesnt really change things, try being with ur enemies, trust me its worth the trouble!

  • Depends on the person

    We all have different friends, lives and predicaments so what friends and friendship means to one will vary from what it means to another. Opinions may also change and whatnot, same with friendships. Your best friend today may not be your best friend tomorrow, or next year or 10 years etc. You may just drift apart or perhaps have a major disagreement.

  • I would no !

    Friendship can betray us in our daily life . What for having something that can make us unhappy and uncomfortable . Family is better , for me , as they are your blood relatives . Friends cannot be trusted because since they were never from your blood line , they won't pity you even if they hurt you badly .

  • Friendship isn't Supreme

    Friendship is very important, but a person's relationship with God should be the most important relationship in his or her life. The relationship between a parent and a child should come second in the order of life, and also the relationship between a husband and wife. Friendship is essential, but it isn't the most important relationship of all.

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NichUncute says2014-05-16T04:26:05.257
Friendship is the most important thing in my life all of people can not lives without relationship with other like friend family or etc.....
NichUncute says2014-05-16T04:29:23.700
Friendship is the most important thing in my life because all of people around the world can not live lonely without any relationship with other like friend family or etc .I am also i can not live without friendship.