Is "Frozen" over-rated? (Yes) Or does it deserve it's popularity? (No)

Asked by: Varnine
  • What the heck was this even about

    First off this movie is stupid. This movie makes absolutely no sense a girl that talks to pictures on a wall a girl that freezes everything she touches and finally the stupidest thing ever a snowman that wants summer. Yet another thing on a long list is all disney movies are overated and are garbage so as the famous song from frozen goes "let it go let it go" this movie should be thrown in an incinerator because it is stupid

  • Just like every other Disney movie

    There is someone who is different from everyone else. They are misunderstood. There are lots of musical numbers. It is not the first movie to show little girls that you don't need a man. Does "Brave" ring a bell to any of you? And either way, I don't think parents should let their little girls get their values from an animated movie.

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  • Yes. Yup. Yeah

    I think because Disney didn't go with the usual formula of a prince saving the day it was highly praised. But dude COME ON MULAN and TANGLED had woman saving the day and Pocahontas. They had woman working alongside men and together they kicked ass. And Let It Go was the most overplayed song ever, it wasn't even that good. Indina has great vocals and is awesome for the play Wicked but it wasn't anything new.

  • This film sucked!!!!

    To begin, I don't like how the movie switched so fast. We start the movie with tragic events, the death of the parents and even a shot of the funeral. Fast forward 15 min later, and we get songs of love, a cheerful atmosphere, and just plain old cheesiness. What the @$@&!! Secondly, the songs are bad. That's all I have to say. Next, I didn't like the characters. None were relatable, and feel 1 dimensional. Also the film seems cheesy and full of jokes and comic relief characters. And fiannaly I think this movie deserves disneys worst villain award. Seriously, I personally believe this guy was a last minute add in, because they cheat in the narrative with him, making him a good guy, and then he is a bad guy, and plus he doesn't do much. Also, how come elsa dosing kill anyone? Somone must have gotten hypothermia. Or phnmunioa.

  • Not just yes; Very much yes.

    This movie is by no means terrible, but it's a classic example of people taking something mediocre and saying it's the best thing since sliced bread. Having seen the movie four or five times, I can honestly say that it's almost impossible to distinguish the plot from any other animated Disney princess movie. The songs are catchy, but so is gonorrhea, so that's not necessarily a good thing. The songs, other than the main feature song "Let it Go", are actually pretty terrible. "Let it Go" is the only one worth listening to, and it gets old after a little(short) while too. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and really anything when Anna sang made me physically cringe. And speaking of Anna, she may be among the absolute worst, most one-dimensional characters ever put to film. The real problem with this movie is that it got so caught up in being different and set apart from other Disney films that it ended up being the same rehashed plot anyway.
    SPOILER ALERT(though I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother has seen it by now):
    The major issue I had, though, was that the makers of the movie were so busy trying to trick the audience with Hans randomly disowning Anna and leaving her to die that they forgot to put in the rest of the plot. See: Anna falls in love with Hans for legit no reason other than he's handsome, and then can't figure out that he's obviously a big old baddy. Also see: Hans being a big old baddy. The love story here should've been extremely simple. Cristoph is an ice salesman, Elsa makes ice; Anna is a princess, Hans is a prince. If the Duke of Weselton had just been the bad guy like it seemed like he was supposed to, then that would've worked perfectly. But they seemed to forget about the Duke about halfway through, then throw him in at the last minute for absolutely no reason. This movie is only unique in that one of the girls ends up without a man, but it doesn't give that message people claim of: "Girls don't need a man to be happy", because Anna wouldn't have been happy with anything EXCEPT a man. Plus, she got one, so that moral is out the window. Sorry. In fact, unlike other Disney films, this film seems not to have tried for a moral at all. Sisterly love? Sure, I'll buy that, I guess....Not much of a moral though, they could've done better. They were so busy trying to make the story about the "no man" moral that they forgot to follow it through.
    I'm done talking about this movie. I'm a guy. Monster trucks! Guns!

  • Another standard Disney animation

    Disney attempted to have Frozen appeal to older kids and adults as well as its target audience; young girls, but they did a poor job. It was another Disney movie with the usual elements; princesses, handsome guys, what is true love, etc. That gets trite after a while. I thought the plot also had some major holes; the main one being the issue of control. If Elsa could control her abilities all along, why wasn't it shown earlier? If she was able to keep her powers in check when she was building her ice palace and when she made the Great Hall into a winter wonderland, what was with the emotional outbursts? Her parents were not very helpful either, they seemed to view her powers as a curse and isolated her instead of allowing her to gain mastery. When you have a special power like that, suppressing it will not allow you to control it.

  • Frozen deserves it's fame

    Frozen is the first Disney movie to show young girls everywhere that you do not need a man or need to rely on beauty because instead of a man saving her, her sister did, which is much more heartfelt (it definitely tugs on those heart strings) and is way more realistic because of the fact that there is no fake ass Prince Charming. It shows the cruelness of love and loss.

  • Disney movie always have a great lesson including Frozen.

    Frozen isn't just entertaining for little kids, people of all ages have seen Frozen and enjoyed the movie. Disney movies usually get a lot of publicity. The generation has changed and the way this movie was filmed was accurate. In the past the prince and princess fall in love. Today in the movie Frozen it shows the princess falling in love with the prince, but ends up being the enemy. It shows that love at first sight is very rare, and in this case it didn't work out. It shows girls that the guy isn't always going to be there to be there, but you can get through it anyway.

  • Frozen is the best!!!

    Frozen is my favorite movie of all time. It is a beautiful movie! It teaches girls that they they don't always need a guy to rescue them and it teaches girls (that have a sister) to love their sister. Frozen is a very well animated movie and it totally deserves it's fame!

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