• Trust The Japanese Government

    The Japanese have a high level of sophistication when it comes to technical matters. One has to trust their government when it comes to this sort of thing. Japan was the only country to ever get hit with a nuclear bomb, and they take nuclear energy extremely seriously because of it.

  • The proof is in the pudding

    Personally, I don't trust any government, no matter what culture, when they say that something this serious is "Just fine, everything is okay." The fact of the matter is, that this can happen, it has happened, it will happen again. What actions are they taking to make sure it doesn't? Is the leak really fixed? Probably not. Is fallout going to be an issue for a while, definitely.

  • Not from what everything indicates

    It does seem that while some groups want everybody to think Fukushima is "over with" and safe again, it isn't and the only thing that's changing is what's being swept under the rug. There's not much to indicate that it's a safe area, and a lot of reasons for a government that has a history of not being the most honest one out there to tell everybody it's all good and we can stop looking now.

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