• Yes it is.

    If you don't like it that's fine but ratings prove differently. I personally like the show it is so amusing. And it's somthin you watch when you are bored. I love watching it when there is nothing els on. Why is this such a debated topic either you like it or don't. Just don't ruin other people's fun.

  • Meh. It wasn't my kind of show, but people obviously watched it.

    Was it a good show? Not really. It was formulaic, predictable and filled with all the glitzy celebrity crap that Ive come to hate about modern sitcoms. But, it did last several seasons and the advertisers got their money, so obviously, someone watched the entertainingly bland garbage.

    One good thing about Full House was Bob Saget - because of this show and because of Americas Funniest Home Videos, I wanted to choke him to death every time he came on the screen. Imagine my surprise when I saw him long after the show at the Rodney Dangerfield memorial standup concert - I had no idea that little milquetoast Danny Tanner was so brutally hilarious and raunchy. He's now one of my favorite comics.

    Then again, there was the Olsen Trolls.....

    John Stamos banged Rebecca Romjin and married her. Good for him. Even that Canadian guy was banging Alanis Morrisette...She even became famous as a result of the show. So was it a bad show? Yes, but at the end of the day, it had good payoffs.

  • Cheesy, disgusting garbage.

    I'll even go as far as to say it's leftist propaganda. It's like, ugh. It's so disgusting and gross. Words can't describe how bad that show is. That theme song. Bob Saget. Bob Saget could not even act, let alone be a comic. This show is just beyond weird. Beyond belief.

  • Popular is not the same thing as good.

    Full House was a popular show. I'm old enough to have watched it during its run on ABC, at least for the first few years. It was funny occasionally. But it was a standard, formulaic sitcom in almost every single aspect during an era in network television that was not known for its excellence. I doubt that we would remember the show at all if it wasn't for its sole novelty factor of watching the Olsen twins, the actresses who played the singular baby character on the show, grow up.

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