• Obey or else suffer the penalty

    Thats how religious Fundamentalism is. Now its not fair to say all Fundamentalists are hateful. Some think they are just protecting people from the wrath of a tyrant. However the system is just outright hateful.

    1. Any time morals are put above the people, and are put black and white, those who do not fit their moral code are branded as evil, sinners, or criminal.

    2. The belief system is retributional. Sure, I can understand wanting revenge on someone who hurt you or your friends or family. I can see how it could be loving to try to reform someone who is evil. But causing pain for no other reason than offending your beliefs or morals is just hateful. Not to mention, that it should go on endlessly.

    3. Those who are not Fundamentalists out of fear are just as hateful as their system. Like the Westboro Baptist Church, John Hagee, most street preachers, ect. I can tell when they start relishing in the judgment on those who offended them, speak hatefully about gays, get excited when talking about hell, calling it just, physically abusing children, terrorist groups, tyrannical governments in the Middle East and Middle Ages, and mistreating women.
    If you believe in Fundamentalism, you either hate the god you worship and love people, or you love the god you worship and hate the people.

  • The central theme indicates it is.

    The central theme of Christianity in general, but fundamentalism in particular, is that any human, no matter how moral, that doesn't believe in their specific religion deserves eternal torment. There is very little more anti-human and hateful than stating flat-out that three quarters of the population of the Earth deserves to be tortured forever.

    Never mind all the bigotry, intolerance, and hatred espoused by these groups. They use the "hate the sin, love the sinner" excuse to spew their bile at a multitude of groups, from different religions to homosexuals to feminists.

  • Anyone who doesn't follow their beliefs is a sinner.

    This group irks me to no end. I constantly see their hateful posters at gay pride events in newspapers and watch them misinterpret the Bible over and over again. What they generally teach is that if someone doesn't believe in Jesus, they're a sinner and they're going to burn in hell. This is NOT how a Christian is supposed to act. As a Christian myself, I know I'm taught to walk in Christ's footsteps. That means that, though I may not agree with some people's beliefs, I'm supposed to love God's people no matter what, not passive-aggressively hold up signs that damn all homosexuals/atheists/Muslims/Buddhist/etc., etc. These people need to learn that Jesus himself dined with people that committed the same acts, and he held upstanding, polite conversations with them. He didn't tell them they were going to hell or that God hates them. If these people truly follow Christ, they will turn from their hateful ways, put down their degrading signs, and actually perform acts of caring and kindness like they're supposed to.

  • While it may have been created in attempt to do good, it has corrupt and hateful from the beginning.

    From the start, chrisitanity has been hateful. Take a look back through history, at portrayal of Jews as horrible devil serving, god killing, anti-christs. It was Christianity which laid the critical ground work and ammunition for the holocaust with thousands of years of anti-Jewish hatred, not to mention things such as the Blood Libel and Protocols of the Elders of Zion (cited by Adolf himself as his inspiration for anti-Jewish hatred!). But it is far more than just the Holocaust, Christianity has been cutting bloody and hateful scars allacross history. The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Cortez and Pizarro, the KKK and many acts of violence during the movement against segregation. The list goes on. Jesus likely was not hateful, but the religion they tried to build from his teachings most definitely is.

  • I wish there was a middle option for this.

    I believe while many of its followers misinterpret the Bible, they, as a system are not hateful. Many of the followers are, yes. But the rules in the Bible do not spew hatred. Christ commanded us to love our neighbors, gay or what have you. When He preached in the New Testament, He overrode the laws in the Old Testament.

  • What you see there is the Bible, not hatred

    Jesus hates sin, and He is STERN about it. He doesn't like it. He hates it. Besides, it's not just that aspect. Think about the effects of sin. Do you feel happy when you sin? I don't think. Fornication, pleasure, not having self-control feels good, but it ain't right. Think of it that way.

  • Yes and No

    UGH! This is one of those questions that makes me wish there was a middle option.

    Whilst I'm pretty sure it's not as if they (fundamental Christians) wake up in the morning and say, "Hmm... Who am I going to hate today?", a lot of the stuff they believe is, in my opinion, and in the opinions of many others including moderate Christians, hateful.

  • No, Not Necessarily

    It is only hateful if they do what the Ku Klux Klan or the Westboro Church does, this or worse things.
    Believing that one religion is right isn't hateful. Forcibly converting others to your religion is. "Fundamentalist" Christians do not force anyone to convert to Christianity. At most they'll preach to you and say you need to become a Christian, but there's nothing hateful about that. Only the extremists like the Westboro Church can be defined as hateful.
    Everyone who disregards absolute moral truth will be offended by anyone who believes in only one way to Heaven. The simple truth is, only one religion can be right. There is one way or there are no ways. Christianity's basic doctrine says that only Christians are saved. Islam's basic doctrine says that only Muslims go to Heaven. Judaism's basic doctrine says that only Jews go to Heaven. If you disregard this as false, then you're saying that a religion is wrong, and thus not all religions are equal.
    If you think the person who believes in one way is false, you therefore believe that not all ways are equal. Such a thing is hypocritical.

  • Nope, nope it's not.

    Inherently -- Existing as an essential constituent.

    Christianity is inherently about loving other people. The greatest commandment and common theme of the Bible is love. Love others as equal to yourselves. Jesus taught about loving those who persecute you, and sadly today the Christians the news so cheerfully reports are those who are doing the persecuting.

    Hatred is not an essential constituent of Christianity. In fact it's the exact opposite of what Christianity is all about.

  • "fundamentalism" is the strict adherence to a belief system.

    I don't see how this could be hateful, it's as simple at that. It actually could be respectful in some situations. The beliefs that they hold could be hateful, but fundamentalism alone isn't. I'm not exactly sure what else to say, the author clearly had something else in mind other than fundamentalism.

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