Is Fundamentalism really a big threat to society and culture

Asked by: jtightlips24
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  • They are small in number, and the masses of people are too smart and have some conscience

    Well, the only basis of Fundamentalism is just authoritarianism, bigotry, intolerance, draconianism, fascism, and hatred dressed up in religious codes. I have no problem with religion, and in most situations, its a great thing. But anyone with half a brain would clearly know that the purported foul behavior of Fundamentalists is nothing but a coverup for their bad behavior by trying to make it look all mystical and holy. There is nothing truly spiritual about what they are doing. Its just a disguise to hide their real issues. Like the psychopathic street preachers, control freaks of the Religious right, greedy televangelists, vindictive scare preachers, and authoritarian Cult pushers. Its just one big orgy of mental instability and everyone knows it. Unlike the corporate systems, which are manipulative enough dont require people to like them. Unlike Fundies do. Plus, corpies actually hold real political power, unlike fundies, so there is no compulsion to do as they ask.

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