• Gambling is dangerous

    I have never touched a gambling machine
    as it is against my beliefs. Is gambling bad? I heard someone tell me they saw someone try to hide from them at the casino. I asked for prayer for family member with gambling problems and people left the church because the rector prayed. Is gambling sin? Ask God.

  • Casinos are Dangerous

    No business survives or thrives without making a profit. And casinos are often the most flashy, colorful, extravagant and beautiful buildings in their cities. That right there should indicate that they are making a very serious profit. On top of the fact that they can also afford a "player reinvestment fund" where they calculate what you are likely to lose and give a cut of it back in promotions such as the famously free drinks some casinos offer guests.
    Another dangerous aspect is that the games with the highest payouts are the games they make the least attractive, where as the games that have the larger house edge are the flashier, brighter, more colorful and noisy games in the entire casino.
    When the reward center of the brain is being triggered by the games with the lowest payouts, the most addictive responses are going to be to those games that are the least beneficial for us. To some people with addictive tendencies this can lead to catastrophic losses and a few people have even committed suicide after spending a good portion of or the entirety of their life savings.

  • Gambling can be dangerous

    Gambling at casinos can be dangerous for some people. Some people can become addicted to gambling and fish losing lots of money at the casinos. Gambling can also lead to excessive drinking because many casinos serve free drinks while people are gambling. Casinos can be fun for many people but dangerous for others.

  • No, I don't think gambling at casino's is dangerous.

    I think that the vast majority of people who gamble at casino's simply do it for entertainment reasons and know they are likely to lose but have fun away, it's no different then spending money on another activity, there is a small minority of gamblers that go overboard and get addicted but it's not a large enough amount of people to consider gambling dangerous in general.

  • not at all

    no, i do not feel like it is dangerous at all go go to a casino and gamble. I think that it is just a way for people to go and have a lot of fun, and to relax and enjoy a little time trying to win some money there.

  • No, not really.

    Casinos can be shady and dangerous at times, especially if you try to cheat the casino, but for the most part all the winners come away from the casino in good health and unscathed. Either that, or they leave broke and with much less money than they had previous to going.

  • Doesn't Seem Dangerous

    I've been to several casinos in my life time and I've never noticed anything dangerous about gambling in them. In fact, if you like to gamble, they're probably the best place to do so, since the you're at least not going to be harassed if you do win. Casinos should be considered a form of entertainment. Also, if you can't afford to lose the bet, then you shouldn't be there.

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