• Video Games Help Me

    I personally love video games they help me through stress and school, even if they are shooters to even skill games. It gets my focus off everything else and clears my mind of school. It always seems to stress me out and I use video games to help relieve the stress. Also, Lots of my friends also use video games to help stress.

  • All games are good for the development of 'kids'

    As long as one sticks to the age rating, gaming can help develop faster responses and a greater creative drive. Many puzzle games as stated by darkwolf encourage kids to think outside the box.
    Gaming, in general, leads kids who find it difficult to make friends to improve their interpersonal skills and their ability to talk in groups as it gives them a topic that many people can relate to.

  • Lmao im teir 99

    The Show Off (CDNThe3rd):
    What up y'all. It's Ceez in the builds
    And when I'm in the game, I like to style with my kills
    You know that I am the king of Dusty
    You trying too hard, you smellin' mad musty
    Killin me? You must be mistaken
    Because it's yo life, that I will be takin'
    Wah wah wah, now you crying to your mommy
    But guess what papi, now you back in the lobby
    Yeet! Ooh! Gameplay real ratchet
    Other players in the realm, you know they can not match it
    And when we done, we hit 'em with a dance
    I boogie with my feet, then I boogie with my hands
    Triggered trash kids when their salt is increased
    Sorry gotta go, double g, double peace
    Ahh yeet!
    Triggered trash kids, when their salt is increased
    Sorry gotta go, double g, double peace. Ahh yeet!

    The Sniper (Dakotaz):
    I'm in the hilltops, views real nice
    I got the kill shot, you will die
    When I aim, one prayer equals one life
    Man I told you, they talk about my snipes
    You noscope? I quickscope, you will choke
    The loud bang make you jump, for real tho
    You real slow when you crouch
    I gotchya, now you're in the lobby, wonderin' who shot ya?

    Always hype, never lowkey
    I'm the king, yeah you know me
    Steady shot I'm an OG
    Hear that? Cause I'm coming for the trophy
    Fortnite! Fortnite lets go!
    I get it all night, all night fo sho
    I'm on that fortnite, fortnite let's go!
    I get it all night, all night fo sho
    Yeah! Yeah!

  • I like video games

    When I am good my daddy lets me play on his xbox and i like it because i get to play fortnite with all the other big boys and i opened like 50 cases last week and got the best skins like a dragon lore and a jhyper beast for my m4a4

  • Puzzle games are.

    Puzzle games and brain games, are beneficial to kids as they encourage thinking outside the box. Also studies have been done that show people who play fps and other first person games tend to think in 3 dimensions if anyone would like a link to it tell me in the comments.

  • Video games are good for kids.

    Usually, Games have logic and strategy, So that helps develop a child's brain. Also, In video games sometimes you have to make tough decisions, Which can also develop a child's brain. So, Now tell everyone what i said. But guess what? Go suck on a big fat toe biach. Ya

  • Video games is good for your body

    When people play video games it is meant to be for fun,sometimes it can help you became more creative.
    Game can help develop faster responses and a greater creative drive.
    Many people use video games to help relieve the stress. Also,lots of people also use video games to help stress.

  • Any game ud

    It is an easy and simple form of entertainment, and if you have friends who live far from you for you to be able to visit them, playing a game online is very fun and a good way to connect with other people and possibly make new online friends d

  • Killer games danger

    Games are bad for kids because they can cause bad graphics and there are a lot of gun games and people just dont care if their kids are small and young. A 9 year old wrote this and i dont like playing games with guns and other stuff like killing games.

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