• Money From Youtube

    You Get Lots Of Money From Youtube When You Create Lots Of Youtube Videos On Your Channel. You can get hundreds of pounds for doing videos on fortnite. You also get a lot of fun from playing the games that you film. Youtube is a great platform for getting money from gaming.

  • Ya boii games are life

    They teach memes roblox online impsda dasdjak dakdsjak s d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d it is awesomeas da asda sd azsd a ds ad a zdsa d as d asd sa d sa d

  • It Doesn't Matter

    The only requirement for something to be a "good thing to do for a living" is that you are in fact able to live off of the money you make from it. If you make enough money to pay your bills and eat right, nobody has a reason to criticize you for that. You are at that point meeting at least the minimum requirements to be a functional member of society. That said, if you are failing to support yourself without outside assistance, perhaps gaming is not a wise endeavor just yet until you have enough saved up to make up for the lack of money from that avenue of income. It is only a problem if you put other people out in the process.

    There are 3 major types of jobs: "field work", "office work", and "entertainment". Field work often pays the least, but is a guaranteed job source because there are always things to produce, crops to grow, machines to repair, and so on. Office work often pays more, but is hindered by a far more limited supply. While a small town may need 500 people to work farms, it may only need 5 doctors. The better pay is offset by the fewer jobs. But then you have Entertainment. Entertainment is the oldest industry and it will be here the longest. The important thing to remember is that while there will never be a shortage of Entertainment jobs, only the best can make a living off of it, no matter what. If an artist makes undesirable art, they will go without food. Same for a gamer. If nobody is willing to pay you, you won't get paid. It is at that point it is a bad thing to do for a living for you, but not in general.

  • No, gaming causes rape and violence.

    My son Timmy has been playing Fort Nite all day everyday and its making him a violent person. He has been molesting our dog for 3 weeks and stabbing children at school! Don't play games! Please do not play video games or you will become a raging rapist and kill people

  • Get a life. Gaming is for people to play for fun in their spare time. It is not a lifestyle.

    First of all, gaming is very hard to be successful at because you need to have money to pay for all these games. Xbox or PS4 games cost a lot of money. If your not playing on these your screwed. To make money you need to play games lots of people like and enjoy watching somebody else play. I am 14 years old and only play my Xbox one when I'm bored or have time to play. I'm usually making money or playing sports or school.

  • No way is gaming good

    Gaming is very hard to be successful at because you
    need to have money to pay for all these games. To make money to help your family, You have to
    play tons of games. Xbox or Playstations games cost a lot of money. I believe that gaming is
    only good for a side job.

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