• Yes gaming is a viable career.

    Gaming is a viable career because players are able to support them self from the money they earned from playing.Professional players are able to earn millions just from playing in one tournament such as Dota2,League Of Legends,Heartstone,CSGO and other more.Not only that players themselves are also worth quite alot just like football where players have contract.These "contracts"applies to players them self too as team manager are willing to buy some player to make it a better team.

  • It's a form of entertainment.

    Much like football, soccer, hockey, movie production, music production, etc. It provides a form of entertainment for people. The better the hockey player you are, the more you get paid. Even though you aren't doing a hell of a lot to advance society, you're providing a form of entertainment for people, which generates money, which gets you paid. Same goes for gaming. The better you are, the more fun you are to watch, you're providing entertainment for large groups of people and generating an income through ads. It's work and time put into something, just like any job.

    And as annoying as people like PewDiePie and Markiplyer are, and as much as sensible people don't think they deserve loads of money for overreacting like childish morons, they still have a large fanbase that follows them, watches ads, which in turn generates money for them. It's only fair.

  • Playing games as a career, possible. Making games as a career, possible. The game industry is viable.

    In the past, you have to be incredibly good at video games to get a job in playing video games (unless you count testing games while they're being developed) but with Youtube you don't even need that- you can just post on Youtube, and so even without skills in the field you can try and get a career in it. The much more realistic option for a career in video games is to make them. So yes, working in the game industry is viable, and in fact as computer jobs earn more and more money, it's a smart move.

  • Whats the difference between 50,000 people watch a world cup match, to 50,000 people watching a DOTA 2 world championship?

    In the last 10 or so years the world of Esports has come up with more and more sports being played in a professional environment, though this industry isn't as big as actual sports, with the development in technology more and more gamers are finding wealth and success in gaming. I see a gaming career just like going into a football career, many games are somewhat more of a spectator sport than a playable sport, like for myself I enjoy watching DOTA 2 but im pretty awful at it, so i enjoy watching more than playing though if i was good i reckon i would enjoy playing it more. Just like professional football, some fans are god awful at football but have an extensive knowledge of teams players and tactics, similar to those in the esports community so yes gaming is a viable career and as the years go on it will only get bigger and bigger.

  • You're better off playing the lottery

    If anyone thinks they can make a living off of playing video games is delusional. Yes there are tournaments that have prize money to winners, most of the time it isn't enough to make a living off of. To top it off, there are not enough prize rewards out there to make a thriving community out of.
    Any player in any professional sport gets paid at least a certain amount of money to play sports. In gaming, unless you place in one of the top positions, you earn nothing. It'd be like saying that only the winners of the Super Bowl in the NFL get paid; and we're talking about a roster of 53 in the NFL, not half a dozen like for gaming teams.

  • No, Not Viable

    Gaming is not a viable career choice. Yes, if you are skilled enough, you can make a decent living off of gaming tournaments, but the reality is that you would have to be in the top 0.1% of the talent pool in order to make the kind of big money that you are expecting to make. With all of the gamers in the world today, expecting to live off of your gaming skills is simply not realistic. So until you have established yourself and are making the kind of money that can support your lifestyle, no. It is not a viable career.

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