• Gandhi brought inspiration

    While it is true that Martin Luther King did bring some freedom to all racial groups of America, Gandhi was the one who inspired Martin Luther, And if Gandhi was not born, India would not be independent (well, Maybe it would be but it would take longer), And Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela would not have been as inspired as they were. Therefore, Gandhi was more influential on the world. Plus protest methods. While King did avoid taking the bus to protest the ban on interracial relations and friendship, Gandhi FASTED for days to protest the UK. Now that's more dedication and focus

  • Despite the amazing feats ghandi accomplished in his life

    Luther was really a visionary for the fact that he really showed though peaceful protest that the african american community and all appresed people had a place in the world and compared to ghandi who just did it to india. However I do gotta give ghandi credit for the fact that luther copied a lot of his techniques so really he was the first. However I still feel luther was just a bit better.

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