Is gangstalking real or just a growing trend of american paranoia?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Oh ya it's real and diabolical as hell

    Hands of time. Yes your not imagining these things if you are targeted it s nothing nice and anyone you try to tell about it says its not there and they spent any time with you they are probably in on it too! "All diob olical " the way I see it. They say paranoia. I say bs to there g s.

  • Our eyes don't lie!

    I never heard of such a thing as gangstalking before, but guess what, when it started happening to me, I noticed, and told my friend that lowlifes tag-teamed me in the city. But it kept happening, time and time again, so I used my commonsense and put two-&-two together, and thought... Well hey, it's a gang of them, and I'm being stalked, so I naturally told myself I'm being "gangstalked".

    Well then I google it, and raise my rent I see "gangstalking" all over YouTube and Google Search results. Too much of a coincidence? Nup, why are the other T.I.S sharing the exact same experience? Because it's real, that's why!

    But God is real too, and He is mighty to save. Stay in prayer, it's a freaky enemy out there.

  • Is gangstalking real?

    People nationwide claim to be sabotaged by everyone, that they have no rights to sue or for that matter to even constitutionally speak. These people, who refer to themselves as gang stalking victims, claim to be the victims of federally illegal 24/7 surveillance. They, the gangstalking victims, often claim to be stalked by an unusual number of red cars, as well as tortured 24./7 from random people.

    Here is an excerpt of a new york times article :

    "It was unclear when Myron May’s mental distress began, but by the fall of 2014, it had become too much. He quit his job as a prosecutor in New Mexico and traveled to Florida. There, he videotaped a testimonial about how gang-stalking had ruined his life.

    “As you can see right now,” he says into the camera, “I am totally not crazy.”
    Laying out his case, he describes an episode at a gas station where he believed somebody in dark glasses was mimicking his movements. “It was really creepy,” he said. “Everything I did, he did.”

    Later in the video, he prays for forgiveness for his future sins. “Father,” he says, “right now I ask that you look down on all the targeted individuals across the globe. Help them to cope with this madness.”

    On Nov. 20, 2014, Mr. May walked into a library at Florida State University, where he had graduated in 2005, and shot three people, leaving one paralyzed. He dared the police to kill him, then fired in their direction before being fatally shot, officials said. He was 31."

    why would people engage in this behavior if their was no reward? Why would people spend money on gas, adding greenhouse gases to a cancerous atmosphere? Do people have social lives in america? I assume people are too busy on the weekends with their partners to be meddling and torturing random people.... Here is a video of a person who referrs to themselves as a gang stalking victim:

    I think gang stalking is just a conspiracy theory, indicating a troubling trend of modern paranoia. What do you think?


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