Is Garfield by Jim Davis the greatest comic strip of all time?

  • Not really qualified to judge this. . . .

    Garfield is pretty much the only comic strip I'm familiar with. But it is hilarious so what the hay? Gh gjogjrojtorjgo ogjdfogjdtfoghdgfj ho djojdgfogh jogj ojoioi gh gndfs vghdfsbh oudfshgofis ghoifs hgoifshgdfsg rfisgh ghfg hhghoifgh hfgoirfs ghorfis aaaau rfigh rfiogh oirsdgh orfhg oirhgoirfsh goirf ghoris orisghoi rghoirfh goi ghorfi ghhnvndfkjbnvkjibxcvjf

  • Garfield Sunday Strips are the best

    Let's get Real, The Garfield comic strip is Awesome, Especially the Sunday Garfield strips with the cool unique different logo boxes each Sunday, Each Sunday a different design, The other 6 days of the week the Garfield Strip is good, But usually the Sunday Garfield strips are very entertaining, Creative and fun to read, See the official Garfield website www. Garfield. Com and the website www. Garfield. Wikia. Com, And the Wikipedia entry for Garfield, Where it says
    "Garfield is an American comic strip created by Jim Davis"

  • Garfield is the coolest cat & comic strip

    Let's be clear, Garfield the cat is the coolest cat in World History, American
    Cartoonist Jim Davis is a genius! In fact, Garfield deserves a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Since other fictional cartoon characters have Stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame,
    On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Garfield deserves his star also

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