• Help me oh god oh frick

    Garfield is outside of my house in my driveway oh no hes walking towards the door oh hes knocking now someone help oh god oh fulickles he broke the window oh fcrcr hes stabbing me owowowowoowow wowow owo wwo ow woowo owwo owwo wowow ow im dead now funny lasagna

  • Garfield has gay

    Oh how ive been wait to talk about this. I mean, How would he not gay if he like lsnagia? How bout when he hate when Jon goes to work? He want Jon to stay home to get sum yummy lasaagna. The lasgna is the rason why he is very gæ.

  • Garfield is gay

    Garfield gay, Big gay cat. If Garfield isn’t gay, How he like lasagna? If Garfield isn’t gay, How is he not gay? If Garfield isn’t gay, Why funny? Straight not funny but Garfoil funny, So how straight. In conclusion, Garfield is gay, Big gay cat. Garfield is gay big cat lasagna.

  • Please somebody help me

    Garfeild is outside my house plaes help he cna see me he knows i have lasanga o god o frick hes breaaking down the door with his axe please somebody i caan heaar a cat in the kitchen hes going up the staits at least e only has claws oh god oh frick hes gonna shank me someone please help me ow im fricking bleeding please god what did i do to deserve this

  • Garfiekdd gay lkiuhgggggg

    Garfield has not like odie. Why does he have not like odie? Because odie take jon attenshone. Why do jon and garf attensone? Because they are, As gru say, H E L L A G A Y. They aare in a helthy bomantik belashinship. Therefore, Garfield is the hella gay.

  • The big G A E

    Yes garfielf is gae becawse garfielf is cat (gato for hispanic). Garfielf is stupid becawse he is cat and he can't tell the difrence between male and female. Garfielf was probaly the first gae cat in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Jon liked this because he probaly thot it was funny.

  • He's f***ing evil

    He literally is all like "Hmmmm I hate mondays, Salad, Diets, And heterosexual relationships. " that is a real quote from the comic from July 27th, 1978. Garfield woke in the 80s? More likely than you think. The best part of the comic is when jon says "I can't wait to have my cat judge me for my heterosexual relationship. "

  • He's gayer than me when David Hasselhoff shows up in the Spongebob movie

    I have a friend who loves lasagna. This friend is gay. Logic follows like so:

    Friend gay
    Friend likes lasagna
    Garfield likes lasagna
    Garfield gay

    I hope that my point has been clear and concise enough to convince the deniers on the truth and validity of this argument. Perhaps with widespread acceptance, Garfield will one day feel comfortable enough to live openly as a gay cat. Thank you.

  • He most definitely is

    Firstly, If he is not then tell me why is he always hanging around Jon Arbuckle all the time if not to get his warm hot lasagna even when Jon has to go to work Garfield is xxxtra angry, This is due to his burning passion for Jon.

    Secondly, If not Jon then definitely Odie, The way he tortures Odie shows that they have a Sadistic/Masochist relationship which is one of the most commonly shared kinks in LGBT+ Relationships, I believe this was a nice tip-off from the creator Jim Davis.

    Lastly, We are told that Garfield has a girlfriend(Arlene) but I disagree, I believe at-most Garfield is Bi-sexual but that girl is definitely a coverup for Garfield x Odie x Jon (x Arlene *maybe*, It's a stretch)

    In Conclusion, Garfield is a Gay/Bi Slutty Cat that's trying to get in with multiple characters in the Garfieldian Universe(GU)

  • Garfield is a Heterosexual cat

    There is simply no evidence for Garfield the cat being gay. In the Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis, Garfield has a stray cat girlfriend named Arlene, Furthermore in the classic Saturday Morning Cartoon show "Garfield and Friends" it is shown that Garfield has a girlfriend named Penelope Pussycat, Plus in the CGI animated series "The Garfield Show" we see the Garfield & Arlene relationship again, Which is "Still a better love story than Twilight" as the expression/Meme goes

  • He aint gay

    Bruh he love that lasange shit that aint gay so how could he be?
    Bruh he love that lasange shit that aint gay so how could he be?
    Bruh he love that lasange shit that aint gay so how could he be?
    Bruh he love that lasange shit that aint gay so how could he be?
    Bruh he love that lasange shit that aint gay so how could he be?

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