• I second this.

    Strangely I could see an argument for Jim Carrey (mostly comedy, by his level of immersion is insane).
    However I support Gary Oldman, as too many other actors are known for their stage personality rather than their different characters (Jack Nicholson as a the Joker for example, was mainly just Jack Nicholson).

  • Say what you will about Marlon Brando & Jack Nicholson.

    Although those two actors are also amazing actors, they do not compare. They're roles are too type-cast. Marlon Brando often plays a smarter character, and Jack Nicholson often plays a wise guy. Gary Oldman, however, can tackle any role. Look at this diversity:

    - Drug addicted mob leader (who's also a corrupt cop)
    - Hysterical CEO of Zorg enterprises
    - Friggin Elvis
    - Horribly disfigured pedophile
    - Dracula
    - An MI6 agent
    - A wizard
    - Police commisioner of Gotham city
    - Sid Viscous
    - Pimp
    - A midget
    - Beethoven

    No actor can amount to that length of diverse roles. Except Gary Oldman, and that's why he's the best actor of all-time.

    Oh and one more thing. Acting isn't just about being great at a role. It's the ability to take on a role and portray it on screen. The fact that he can take any role given to him and do it with immense talent, that is why he's incredible.

  • He doesn't really even have any competition

    I read somewhere once that the most amazing thing about Gary Oldman's movies is that he's not in them. He disappears so completely in his characters, Not just emotionally, But artistically as an actor; he genuinely creates new people who didn't exist before. And he does this in every film he's in, The good, The not so good, Even in the one's where he may not even be doing amazing work, His craft as an actor still makes him far better than the rest. Finally, The breadth of the work he's done, And the diversity of characters and types he's played put him well beyond the reach of other great actors like Daniel Day Lewis, Etc.

  • Gary is superb

    Great actor always fun to watch. He does a great bad guy and a great good guy too. He never does the same role like in Leon and the dark knight he is different and you don't think it's him again. Happy he won the oscar he deserves it very much

  • Nah, I know someone better than him

    And that's Richard Crosby from Friends. Joke aside I think he is an extraordinary actor very diverse and different every time. What's great is that you don't recognize him in movies. You just see the character like in Harry Potter the Dark Knight or Fifth Element. He doesn't act the same and he is good at using various accents. My friend even though he was American once and wouldn't believe me when I told him he was British.

  • Does anyone doubt it?

    I mean, Look at his career. From Sid Vicious to Churchill, From villains (Leon, Air force One) to heroes (The Dark Knight, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), Gary can play anything. And he did so much justice to Sirius Black, My favorite Harry Potter character. When I first saw it in the theater, He was exactly like I pictured him when reading the books. (Ok maybe a little more handsome, But I won't complain about it, Lol. ) I like him in the new Robocop movie too, Even if the film got some poor reviews, He was still the best in it. He is always brilliant in anything he does.

  • Of course he is

    He is the actor of actors, Is a Chameleon that includes change his voice for every character. In Leon the specialist he really make you heat him whit his character but in Harry potter and Batman you want to huge him. I love him. He is the best actor ever.

  • Even his colleagues would vote yes.

    Christian Bale said he was "the reason [I'm] acting" and studied his work from a young age. Michael Fassbender said he admires him because he is always truthful and finds a way to change every details of himself to make each character unique, Even without a lot of makeup. He's Tom Hardy's acting hero. And a few years ago, Collin Firth Told Ellen Degeneres that he thought of him as the greatest actor alive and that he should have won at least 7 Oscars by now. They're all great actors, And they agree to rank him as the best. They ain't wrong.

  • He could be, Yes.

    I can't think of any movie where I saw him and didn't think his acting was brilliant. He even raised the level of some average or bad movies just by his presence in it ("Paranoïa" is a good example". ) He is always believable no matter what he plays, And he has played very, Very different roles. I mean, Sid Vicious AND Beethoven AND Churchill. . . Also, His various American accents are spot-on, He is amazing at it. Take that, Hugh Laurie!

  • No doubt about it.

    Gary Oldman is always truthful in every role. His characters are multi-layered and we are wrapped with them to the point that we forgot we are watching a "performance". Also, He is the only actor I can think of who can elevate a less than average movie just by his acting. And his characters/acting style is unmatched: unhinged crooked cop in Leon: The professional, Stoical MI6 agent in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Commissioner Gordon, Winston Churchill, Etc. Oh, And he's a master of accents too, He doesn't just have a "generic" American accent as many Brits have, He can act with any regional accent when needed. He's the best, Best, Best!

  • One of best if not best!

    I love I found this thread lol. Anyway when I think of Oldman I think of of the very very top but not quite sure of the very best. Even though I agree with the post about immersion and in regards to Jack Nicholson and Brando I haven't seen 3 more actors that fit these exact descriptions of immersion. The three: the one and only Daniel Day Lewis! I mean look at his range... A young man in love with cerebral palsy to a young stud native in the last of the Mohicans to a daranged cold hearted son of a bitch oil man to an iconic president in Lincoln. 2. Sean Penn.. I have nothing to say but the contrast in his 2 oscars mystic river a tough leader and thug to being a butterfly in Milk. Finally Joaquin Phoenix.... A nice firefighter to a stolen performance in the master..... All these 4 are the heavyweights of all time nonetheless.

  • The 2nd Greatest British Actor Of All Time

    Day -Lewis, Olivier, Oldman, Hopkins, and Laughton. Those five names dwarf the best of the best in America. With Darkest Hour, Oldman has moves up a notch. Still Daniel Day Lewis and Olivier cast very long shadows. Oldman has created some mind blowing characters in his career (most notably Sid Vicious and Dracula), but aside from the latter most were small character performances. We still have yet to see if he can reign as the greatest actor of all time. He's one of the best at what he does, but I also look at influence. Brando changed the face of acting forever with his "method methodology" (no pun intended). Then De Niro came along and intensified it. Day Lewis took method acting into new territory in this current generation and showed us just how far immersion can go. Oldman has shown us in Churchill that he's the force to be reckoned with now that Daniel is gone. Greatest ever? Maybe a few more leading roles will allow him to cast his own giant shadow, but he still looms on the edge. I think he can get there, just not quite yet.

  • Not even close to being the best actor of all time.

    Johnny Depp better then Gary Oldman. Johnny can play any person and make it look believable as well. For those people saying that Johnny wears a 'mask of makeup' to make his character live here's what I say the DIRECTOR chooses what the actor looks like for the film. And the only reason he wears a lot of makeup for movies is because he plays FUN and INTERESTING roles it's just Johnny's style of roles he does. I mean you have to admit seeing what the actors look like on the big screen is interesting right?

  • No, The Best Actor of All Time is Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp is the best actor of all time, and he out-acts Gary Oldham by a mile.
    Depp portrays the sensitive artist magnificently in Edward Scissorhands. Oldham’s
    Beethoven was relatively impenetrable. All he did was frown, look agonized, and
    compose music. Depp wins in the role of radical outcast too. Compare his work
    in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Oldham’s whiny turn in Sid and Nancy.
    Neither actor has a Best Actor Oscar yet, but Depp has three nominations to
    Oldhams’s one. It’s no contest.

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