• I say yes.

    Because uf god would have wanted the same sex to be a couple and have children together he would have saved himself a step and made us all one sex. Im sorry if this offendes some people but get real. God made us different for a reason. Have friends the same sex, lots of besty best friends if need be. But we were not made to be partners that way with the same sex.

  • Unnatural and unfair on straight couples who can't conceive.

    It goes against nature. If two men were meant to have a child then surely they'd have the "equipment" to do so? The same goes for a lesbian couple.
    My other problem with gay adoption is that it undermines the often fruitless determination and eventual catastrophic upset felt by many straight couples who want a child of their own, but can't conceive naturally or afford treatment. Some may say that adoption is an option but it just isn't the same as having a child of your own flesh and blood. People often say to these straight couples, "it just isn't meant to happen for some people", so why don't we say that for people who genuinely aren't meant to have children due to their sexual orientation? Remember; nobody is born with the inherent right to have children. It is something that a couple needs to work for and prove that they can be suitable parents. Just paying a fee and adopting a child without putting in any effort undermines the traditional hard work put in by many straight couples. There you go, I've had my two cents.

  • God's Word, and the rights and safety of children.

    God created Man and Woman to become one and multiply. The damage that will be caused from gay adoption, and the effects for future generations with this becoming "normal" will also endanger children and their rights to have a mother and a father as this is out of their will.

  • Gender roles fairness of 50/50 and religious extincion

    Forcing a child to be part of a family where it is either 100% female orientated or 100% male orientated is unfair on the bases of human rights. When a child is adopted by both a male and female the child gets a fair absorbtion of both 50% male and 50%. This is the fundamentals of fairness, rightfulness, nesessity, and constitutes as reasonable. Im not a homophobe, I have gay friends. I also have no religious views - but since when is it our right to choose which gender orientated family a child is raised in. We have no right other than to give the child the most reasonable and most fair decision - a 50/50 split of gender.

    Additionally for those that do have religious views, which we can almost agree is a great deal of the population, raising children in gay or lesbian orientated environments makes it hard (or confuses a child) on how to understand how we got where he is in life. Who created him? Is he here because of an explosion? He will lean towards disagreeing with religion altogether, and this itself leaves a human with un answered questions. This can cause depression, effect economic stability, make a human not content with themselves, enhance drug use, alcoholism, enhance moral instability for a human who doesnt fear an eternal being. Gay adoption is a foundation of religious extinction as humans become more enthusiastic to the idea of being gay.

    I am athiest, but it has been a battle to remain content here.

  • In the beginning God created woman for man and they were told to be fruitful and multiply. When you deviate from the pattern it's erring.

    I do not support the argument. Same-sex coupling goes against God's plan, against God's word. God intended children to be raised by a mother and a father. Each brings something unique and important the table. When one is absent from the equation (or 2 of each), something is missing from the equation

  • Traditional morals say yes.

    If you subscribe to any sort of traditional moral set as prescribed by entrenched religious groups, such as Hinduism, Christianity or Islam to name a few, gay adoption would most certainly be a violation the moral code. Traditional morals tell us a proper family is based on the union of a man and a women.

  • It's nothing to do with God

    It's more rather about the 'mind' of the child and confusions that he and she may have, when they see majority of other couples being male and female; I support same sex relationships but when it comes to children trying to understand about love and lust, and why some have feelings for others in a different way - because the main argument I see is that we humans do not have free will, i.e. we don't have free will to choose who we fall attractive to.. Explaining this to children will confuse them too much if they are adopted by a gay couple. Children don't understand why a man and a women get together intimately of course and so with the norm they just go with the flow with there being majority of male and female couples. Until they reach the age of puberty, they will be surely too confused.

  • It's not natural and psychologically damaging to children

    Children need both feminine and male qualities from both parents to be healthy. Sex is for procreation not pleasure. Children now a days are exposed to so much violence and sex it's going to make future generations even more sick and the world will become no better for it.
    Gays shouldn't be allowed to marry either. All they care about is sick promiscuous vulgar pleasure seeking in the form of sex.

  • It is just wrong

    Kids need to be raised with real parents. I i i i i i i i i i iii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i

  • It is wrong for the grounds shown below. Children need a mother and a father not two mothers

    Many children lose a parent through unfortunate circumstances. This involves denying a child a father or mother from birth. Children need a mother and a father not two mothers

    Also, it is a form of eugenics. Would be same sex parents scan catalogues to ensure they get sperm from the cleverest or best looking donors

  • Whats the difference?

    People are all the same inside, Everyone has the same make up. We all have red blood and skeletons, So why does one specific skeleton have more rights then another?

    I see a common excuse that people are putting down as to why LGBT shouldn't have the rights, " its not natural" neither is any other technological advancement being made currently. What makes a human adopting a child unnatural, They will care and nurture the kid just like any other, What difference should it make if someone so happens to love the same gender, That's their choice not yours.

  • He greated us

    If god didnt want us why did he creat us that?? And if you think it is an illnes Jesus didnt exclued people that were sik he went tord them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jjjjj jjj je j j je j j j j je j j j j j je j. Je j

  • It takes a special type of asshole to think a kid is better off with no parents than in the hands of a gay couple

    A frequent argument I'm seeing being made, is that a child needs both masculine and feminine to grow up healthy. However, you're forgetting these homosexual couples do have families that most likely contain couples that aren't one-sex. Even so, this is a huge slap into the face to single parents raising their child(ern) alone and doing just fine. Also, "real parents" are parents that love their child unconditionally. Parents that would defend this child, take care of them, and listen to them instead of brushing them off. As I said above..It really does take a special type of asshole to believe these children don't deserve a loving home solely based on the sexuality of the parents.

  • Why shouldn't I have a family

    I have a lovely relationship, I have a healthy income, I have a beautiful home! Some of these children have nothing if I can share all our love all our home and give children with nothing something how can this be wrong?! All these people using religion you really need to open you mind

  • I Say No

    A gay couple should be able to adopt a child no matter what. If they want a child then they should be aloud to have a child without getting in trouble for it. Gay adoption is a good thing because the kids will more likely have a good life other than having straight parents.

  • It does not affect society, It does not affect kids.

    Same sex couples are the same as straight couples, the only difference is who they love, and also, kids have no differences on grouwing up that deppend on having two male parends, two female mothers, or one of each. They just need a family to love them and take care of them

  • Its not wrong at all

    God doesn't approve of it. But people judging is a sin and so is being gay. So either way everyone is in the wrong so why judge? And why does it matter to you? Its not affecting your life... Think about it. Does it really affect you? Are you bothered by it?

  • I Support All Types of Families!

    We are not living in the 1800's anymore.
    The times are changing, and this includes the new types of families. Today we have traditional families, single parent families, mixed or blended families, and same sex families.
    As long as there is a loving, caring, supportive parent, anyone should be able to adopt a child that has no place to call home or a family of their own.
    Politically correct people need to put the needs of the child ahead of their opinions on other's exual orientation.
    The longer there is a debate over this issue, the longer the children have to stay in the system of instability.

  • It is not wrong!

    There is nothing morally wrong with being gay and wanting to adopt. If the child receives loving parents who care for them and have their back, there is absolutely no problem whatsoever!
    I know someone who grew up with two fathers and they are happy with their life. He is not gay and he knows - because his dads told him - that not everyone is gay. I even dated him for a while until we realised our friendship was better. I met his dads ages ago and they are amazing people. Having gay parents is not a curse or whatever, I wouldn't mind having gay parents and to all those who think it is morally wrong - you need to change your opinion. Everyone is human, whether you are gay, straight, transgender, black, white...

  • Love is love

    Gays can't help but love whoever they love. Why should this we be against love? They aren't different than us, why should they be treated differently? People who say that a child could become confused with gay parents, couldn't a child become confused with same-sex parents as well?
    Men and women are made to mate with each other, yes, I know, but that doesn't always work out. Billions of orphans in orphanages show that same-sex marriages don't always work out. The gays aren't making these unwanted children, its the same-sex parents. So no, its not immoral, only immorally wrong not to allow them to help the children.

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