• It is very inappropriate for children

    The exploitation of the homosexual culture is definitely inappropriate for children. The pornographic images and acts in gay parades is poisoning the minds of small children. The way the gay culture exploits itself in public is sickening for adults to see let alone small children. Small children are extremely impressionable and if we keep the gay culture out in the open, it shows children things that they shouldn't know until much older.

  • Just as much as "straight culture" is appropriate for children.

    Why is this even a question? Of course it is!
    When children learn about love they need to know that it isn't just limited to the opposite sex. They need to be taught that it doesn't matter who you love (as long as they're of an appropriate age) just as long as it is consensual.
    Just as Same love by Macklemore has said "America the brave still fears what we don't know." Just as long as we keep children in the dark, this will only lead to discrimination.
    Why do you think racism or sexism exists? It's because of ignorant people who refuse to understand someone who is different from them.

  • The concept is fine, but in practice...

    It's no secret that the culture of the LGB+ community is often explicitly inappropriate. Even so, that doesn't mean that any mention should be shielded from children's ears. Going to bars and riding motorcycles aren't things kids should be partaking in, but it's not taboo to hear mere mentions of them.

    The mere existence of LGB people shouldn't be considered too naughty for kids. Young children know what males and females are, and they know what relationships and romance are, and none of those things are naughty to mention. So what's inherently inappropriate about certain gendered combinations in relationships? LGB adults were LGB children.

  • Sure, why not.

    Gay people are out. Gay people are among us. Many children realize that they are gay at a very young age. As with any culture, protect them from the more adult aspects of it until they are older. But, yes, it is appropriate for children to see and be a part of gay culture.

  • Yes, gay culture is appropriate for children.

    Yes, I think gay culture is appropriate for children. The term gay culture is probably exaggerated because gay people are just regular people. They have different hobbies and likes and dislikes just the same as heterosexual people. A loving parent of family member is all that should be considered when deciding who is appropriate to be around a child. Exposing children to the gay culture will only help love and acceptance grow. People are born with their sexual preference so there is no danger of turning a child gay.

  • Yes, there's nothing wrong with gay culture

    Yes, gay culture is appropriate for children. There is no reason why a gay lifestyle can't be taught and explained to children. This is by no means to say that sexually explicitly 'gay culture' be shown to children any more than sexually explicitly 'heterosexual culture' be shown to children. Using common sense is probably the best way to approach things of this nature which is to say learning about cultures of all creeds, colors and sexual orientation is only going to promote understanding and, hopefully, curb the ignorance associated with homophobic behavior.

  • Yes, gay culture is appropriate for children.

    To a child, the relationships they observe between any two adults is pretty much the same. Prior to learning about sex, a man and a woman in love wouldn't look much different than a man and a man in love. The idea of homosexuality being something immoral or not appropriate for children assumes the child is aware of sexual relationships and has been told that sex between a mixed sex couple is the only acceptable way to have sex. Children don't need to be told anything other than two people can share love and are not different than anyother couple.

  • It Depends On What You're Asking

    Hi, Bisexual female here. Are you referring to nightlife/clubbing/drag shows/pride parades or just being around gay people in general? If you're referring to more nightlife activities, I think it's best to wait until they're in their teens to take them anywhere like that. There's nothing wrong with EXPOSING children to gay culture, But bringing a kid to a gay bar would be like bringing a kid to a strip club. It's not responsible and not something they need to see.

  • It's in the world, they need to know.

    Children are oblivious to the world around them. It's simply not healthy. A child needs to be taught of the world other things going on around them for their own good. LGBT Q is existing and it's not bad a child can be easily conflicted to believe otherwise , however that's not fair to those with other police. Religion should not be placed in this however because of freedom of religion speech and separation of church and state. One should not tell anybody that being " gay" is wrong.

  • No, gay culture is not appropriate for children.

    I do not think that children should be exposed to gay culture at such a young age. I think that it is also something that should be discussed to them about by their own parents. Parents should be able to decide the term and conditions in which they discuss it with their kids.

  • It's unnatural defo

    It's unnatural so young children should not be exposed to that kind of perverse nature. It's not what God intended and young children, as they are young, may become influenced. It's weird and I don't think young children should need to know about this weird act, so mo definitely no.

  • Too much pride for children

    There is nothing wrong with being gay or being proud of it.

    But some gay pride goes to far. It is a celebration of being sexually active.

    This is inappropriate for children.

    Now that we have marriage equality gays can act like normal adults.

    Maybe we won't need Pride parades to celebrate sexual activity.

    Regarding sexuality, children should be taught discretion.... Not pride.

    Pride can come later when they are consenting adults.

  • It is too young an age

    I do not want children to see flaming homos on the television. Gay people want children because they cannot reproduce and they want to do things to them. A child sees barney on the television and they will want a barney. Gay people cannot admit that they want to indoctrinate them.

  • Not in the way OP likely means it...

    If you see gay culture as what happens in a lot of pride parades, then no. If you mean the predominance of STDs and promiscuity in the gay community, then no. If you mean the stereotypical presentation of gay people in the media, then it depends on the tact of the portrayal, I suppose.

    But what do we mean when we say 'gay culture'? If you are talking about exposing children to same sex couples that love each other, and are just looking to live their lives as free people, then what damage can it do to children...?

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