• It's not a choice

    Homosexuality is not a choice even some animals are homosexuals.
    Also you should not formulate your argument on the Bible. I am an atheist personally and so is my father according to the bible even if I was a devout Christian I would still burn in hell for all eternity because my father is not a Christian. So now that you now the credibility of your holy Book maybe you could give me a valid reason why gay people are evil other than well god say so. All of you need to understand that there just people like you and me but instead of Being attracted to the same sexe that it. Many people are very miserable because they are not accepted by there family and friends. Just let them be happy. Life is to short to wait for something that might not even happen. Thank you

  • I do believe that being gay is good i mean i am not gay but its not nice to be homophobic

    Being gay lets you be free and it lets you be yourself but you shouldn't hide anything because its not your fault. People say being gay is horrible and its wrong but its really not i mean its fine to be gay its not like you. Its good to be different.

  • Gay is great

    Being gay can mean your happy or your a rainbow which help that the opposite gender because they can come to u for advice. People can assusm all they want but it is better to be a rainbow then to be boring black and white.Everyone loves the gay people they are cool

  • Being gay is as normal as being straight.

    I will answer your question by saying that it is not just good to be gay, but rather, it is great to be gay! Hey, man. You're unique! You shouldn't hide it because of bigots that are 2,000 years behind!

    I am a very, VERY gay Catholic - I love God and all the lessons in the Bible. Is it not the golden rule to love each other as you would love yourself? To treat others how you would like to be treated? Does Matthew 7:1 not state ‘Do not judge, so that you may not be judged"? You, homophobes, are hypocrites and it is YOU that God is displeased with. You think God wants you to go around telling his creations to stop loving each other? What is wrong with you?

    So, to summarise, do not worry - it is totally fine to be gay, my dude. After all, I am and I know for a fact God loves me just the way I am.

    -Bella, a fellow gay cliche :)

  • It's not "good" or "bad" per say but it sure as hell shouldn't be illegal.

    Can we just talk about the fact that people say in these debates ALL THE TIME that god "hates gays." These people also believe that god creates everyone, so why would he create something he hates.

    Also What affect does it have on the homophobes life. You don't have to be gay just because other people are, like seriously. Gay marriage being legalized DIDN'T destroy yours so why do you care so damn much if it has no affect on your life what-so-ever. You can choose to block it out or accept it that's your problem.

    And can we visit the fact that members of the LGBTQ+ community faced oppression for many years, and still do in some countries today, but as soon as gay marriage is legalized all the homophobes go crazy saying, "Why should we hide that fact we hate an entire group of people based simply on who they love!?!?" (imagine a pretentious whiny voice there) I think it's time you guys can sit down and suck it up that you can't be open with what groups of people you do and do not like.

  • People say that they are unhappy with relationships if they're gay

    FALSE FALSE FALSE. The reason why they are unhappy is all because assholes tell them "You are disgusting you stupid faggot" and "You'll burn in hell for being gay!" Not to mention the 'conversion hospitals trying to make them 'straight'. Not to mention, they might not be accepted by their family, and yet you all jump to conclusion and blame it on the fact that they are gay. If it were because they were gay, they would ignore it and gays wouldn't exist because the genes would evolve and get rid of it if all it did were make people depressed and unhappy. Therefore, It's not bad. Or good. It's just another difference that members of the lowest of all lows in society use to make them feel powerful and let them take their problems out on other fellow homosapiens.

  • It's just as "good" as heterosexuality

    It prevents overpopulation my guy. Actually, there is a much lower percentage of divorces for married gay couples than for married straight couples. Plus, it's not really a choice whether you are gay or straight soooo

    And again it prevents overpopulation because The Gays™ don't produce new kiddos like the straights do

  • They are good people.

    I have friends who are gay and they are great people. There is nothing wrong with gay people. For all you religious people, why would God create someone he hates if he loves all? Also, gays are still human with basic human rights and you can't deny that. They are born that way, and if you think otherwise, take a psychology course and you'll learn the facts about gay people. Also, it's not a mental disorder. Being gay is not a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment to personal functioning. That is the definition of mental disorder.

  • Why does gay have to be "good"?

    I find this questions somewhat a misnomer. Asking if it's "good" to be gay is like asking if it's "good" to be a man, or "good" to be a woman. We don't consider good or bad in these contexts because it is something that just "is." Studies indicate that being gay is inherently biological. In any case, it seems that we as a species notice differences among ourselves in society and give it a label, like "child" vs "adult", "man" vs "woman", "gay" vs "straight", and start assigning people into groups.
    It is only when we begin to identify ourselves based on these labels and associate these groups with the ego. Then we start to exclude some to the detriment of others, relegating them to a hierarchy that feeds into our ego. This is how the social stratification of race in the United States began.
    Further, we as humans incorrectly categorize these differences we've imagined as "good" or "bad" according to what we are and what we are not, or what we wish to be. However, group-think is often inaccurate, and often polarizing; the issue with polarization is that it highly distorts the truth and is subjective. Subjectivity lends to bias, or in real-world examples, events such as mass genocide of a group of people simply for perceived differences, at worst.
    So is "gay" good? It's not good or bad. It just is.

  • This is probably one of the stupidest things I have seen.

    Of course homosexuality is not a bad thing. Although an interpretation of the bible says that a homosexual relationship is sinful, the bible also says, "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." The way a lot of people on the "no" side are looking at this argument is through one lens. They are also looking at the black and white. There is so much gray to be put into this conversation. One last thing, I have multiple gay friends and I see nothing wrong with them having that type of sexual orientation.

  • God doesn't love gays

    Go read the bible. The bible says that marriages should be between a MAN and a WOMAN. God is the overload of this planet and if you don't listen to him you are going to die a horrible death and burn in hell with the rest of the people who think they are "Gay." Being gay is just a stunt to get attention and its gone too far. Go back to the normal days and stop kidding yourself.

  • Read the bible.

    All that are in a gay relationship go to hell. I urge those that participate in such activities to purge themselves of their sins and go to their local church. Multiple passages from the bible state gay relationships are unholy. The only reason gay relationships could possibly benefit society is population control. Plus the gay pride movement has taken the rainbow and disgraced it. Now a child cannot wear a shirt without a rainbow colored shirt without a passerby thinking that the child is gay.

  • No gay is not good!

    Holy cow, are you serious. Do you even know how unnatural being gay is. It is literally scientifically gross and very wrong. Think about it... If being gay was good why don't you guys have like superpowers or something for that matter. No it is a choice not a chromosome thing, and it is very unnatural and wrong!

  • Read the bible

    All that are in a gay relationship go to hell. I urge those that participate in such activities to purge themselves of their sins and go to their local church. Multiple passages from the bible state gay relationships are unholy. The only reason gay relationships could possibly benefit society is population control.

  • Gay is not good

    Gay is bad adam and eve not adam and steve please spread the word dont spread your legs to people of the same gender that is bad. God will make people who are gay in hell please dont be gay or god will take your life and torute you in hell. Thank you for understanding have a good day

  • No, but it isn't bad either.

    WHOA WHAO PUT THE PITCHFORKS DOWN. Lemme explain myself first.
    No, I wouldn't say it's good. But then, it's not bad either. It's merely a matter of choice. You want to be homosexual? Go ahead, I sure as hell ain't stopping you.
    But then, if you don't want to be, then sure. It's a choice.
    It's your life, do what you want with it.

    Guys, stop making arguments based on religion. We aren't in the middle ages anymore. If your god really did love everyone then he wouldn't be so against gay people. Do you WANT us to consider you all a part of the Westboro Baptist Church?

  • Gay really shouldn't affect your experience with others

    I don't really think gay people are bad, but I don't think they're are good either. As long as they don't get special privileges that non homosexual people get, it's all good. People can be gay if they want, but I hope they don't become a whiner that always needs attention and thinks they're always right.

  • I don't care.

    Gay is neutral. Not good, but neither bad. I do not care what people are into. You do you. I only care about issues that effect me. Computers are good because they entertain me. Liberals are good because I can laugh at them. Murder is neutral because it doesn't effect me. Gay's at the same level as murder.

  • It''s Horrible for Society

    Gay marriages virtually never work out, they are much less happier, the STD rate is 200% higher than heterosexual people, gay people are MUCH more likely to experience physical, mental, or physiological abuse. But above all of that, it cannot produce kids, which is a major of being married. Oh, and by the way, people who are saying that gay people get to live a cool Hollywood lifestyle, those people are dying alone in hotels of Aids right now.

  • It is sinful but if it wasn't...

    ...It still wouldn't be good per say. For me I see it as a negative because of the bible. Even if I was wrong and it was okay, it would be nether negative nor positive but just a feature of an individual. Like how being black isn't bad or good, it just is.

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stemaclean says2018-03-07T13:00:56.170
Fair to say it isn't good or bad... It is just a preference, like having a taste for pears...?