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    It is degrading to heterosexual men and women. Homosexuals engage in dirty unsanitary discussing sexual practices. Let me clue you in. You poop out of that hole in your body. It is not meant for anything else. Homosexuals are responsible for most HIV cases and the transmission of other STDs. Just sick folks! And, they have hundreds of sexual partners, at least most of them. Many are drug addicts.

    As my wife’s says, it is an output device, not an input device. Just sick dirty sex; and heterosexuals that engage in anal sex are just as sick.

    But, I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home!

    Homosexual males only (2294 responses)
    104 or 4.5% had 0 same-sex partners in their lifetime
    79 or 3.4% had only 1 same-sex partner
    330 or 14.4% had 2-5 same-sex partners
    264 or 11.5% had 6-10 same-sex partners
    306 or 13.3% had 11-20 same-sex partners
    399 or 17.4% had 21-50 same-sex partners
    288 or 12.6% had 51-100 same-sex partners
    276 or 12.0% had 101-300 same-sex partners
    248 or 10.8% had more than 300 same-sex partners

    (The total of homosexual males in this study reporting more than 50 sex partners in their lifetime is 35.4%. See The Advocate’s website for lesbian-only and combined male and female stats.)

    Additionally, question 14 asks Have you ever had sex with more than one same-sex partner at the same time?

    Homosexual males only (2304 total responses)
    No, never – 893 or 38.8%
    Yes, 3-ways only – 748 or 32.5%
    Yes, more than 3-ways on occasion – 663 or 28.8%

    Why Do Gay Men Have an Increased Risk of HIV?

    And, gays should never be allowed to raise children, or big scout leaders or school teachers.

    New Research on Children of Same-Sex Parents Suggests Differences Matter

  • Not even wrong

    There isn't a plausible link between the two.

    The opposition view (that it is degrading to women) seems to be held by right wing Christian nuts and left wing Feminists (who have a lot more in common than either would like to admit). Both like to claim that it is degrading, but are hard pressed when asked for a reason as to why it is degrading.

    PS. Look at GWL-CPA's arguement. Notice how none of his statements support the issue being addressed.

  • Insane double standard

    If male homosexual pornography is degrading to women, then it logically follows that female homosexual pornography is degrading to men. As any adolescent or older male will tell you, this, usually, isn't the case. It's more a cultural issue of viewing female sexuality as 'purer' than male sexuality, which is generally seen as a bit more 'icky'. Simple answer: the assertion doesn't really work unless a double standard is applied.

  • And Vice Versa

    If "gay" male pornography degrading to women then sure enough gay female pornography is degrading to men. Isn't it more degrading watching how men do our women in heterosexual pornography in which women are treated like animals. SEXUALITY IS A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE!! I'm a female and gay male pornography doesn't bother me.

  • Gay pornography shouldn't make a difference to women.

    Now I don't watch it, but gay porno should not make a difference to women. I mean, women are comfortable about seeing two gay men go at it, I mean, I know that most don't watch it, but I know that if seen, women would like it just like seeing straight men/women porn or interracial.

  • Gay men have nothing to do with the sex lives of women except to be their BFF's and chat about it.

    What gay men do on their own time has nothing to do with women. I highly doubt the majority of women will ever watch even one gay porno in their lives. Also, since there are most likely not any women involved it is generally a completely different topic than the degradation of women.

  • It doesn't have women in it, why would that degrade women?

    First off, this is about gay (male) pornography, that doesn't have women in it. Why would that degrade us women? I can say, that as a woman I don't think any porn is degrading to women. As long as they are of age, it's their choice. The women in porn aren't demanding that every single woman join in their field. It's a choice that anyone can make.

  • Clearly It Is Not

    It doesn't even have women in it. Yet the most common argument against pornography is that it's degrading to women and when people say that they don't say "pornography with women in it" and any legislation advocated against pornography is always all-encompassing. If the problem is that it's degrading to women (a contention I disagree with) then the law should just be against women being in pornography and not against all pornography.

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