• Gay marriage is perfectly fine

    A basic over view of my beliefs is that gay marriage is perfectly fine, being gay isn't a sin, see my side of the argument on the pro side, being gay is natural, see pro side, and that many mistranslation in the Bible have led to misconceptions on homosexuality in the Bible.

  • Yes, Gay marriage is fine.

    First off, legally getting married is simply the union of two entities into one entity. Regardless of what that union means in religion or through doctrination, or what people believe through those systems, the Union is the important bit in the law.

    I believe the Gay marriage is important for several reasons:

    1. It allows two people who love each other, even if they are the same gender an outlet, and a title to express that emotion. As human beings they should be allowed that ability. Who you love is not something you can directly control, and if you wish to be viewed as a permanent couple and enter into some sort of societal contract such as marriage, equality mandates this be possible. Two consenting adults that understand the meaning of marriage should be able to consent to a contract binding them to each other.

    2. Right advancement. Gay couples will pave the way to Domestic violence and divorce court case reform. Since both parties are male or female ther can be no bias performed in the legal system. This evidence when compiled over the years will be used to reform court proceedings and elminate bias in the future.

    3. It does not harm ideals or people. What someone does privately is not the business of someone else, if you dislike something someone is doing, it may be your place to speak out about it, but it is not your place to dictate what they may do, what they are doing is not within your jurisdiction and you do not have priority over the legal system to dictate what they do with thier lives, especially if what they are doing is not illegal and is consensual. A holy book and belief system does not give you the ability to dictate on non believing or worshipping individuals, nor the right to deny them something based on what your belief system says will happen to them when they die.

  • Disappointed in humanity

    I'm truly disappointed in humanity. I saw that the number of people who think gay marriage isn't okay is greater than the number of people who think it is. Some males are attracted to other males, and some females are attracted to other females. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!! So why shouldn't homosexual marriage be allowed? If two guys or two girls love each other, they should be able to marry. The end.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    People cannot choose who they are attracted to. Believe me, most of the homosexuals you see actually wished to be heterosexuals when they first realized, something was "wrong". Almost everyone wants to lead a normal life, have a family, grow old with your lovely partner and all the stuff we see in movies and also in real life. But sadly, we can't choose, a homosexual is only attracted to his/her sex and he/she cannot change it by any means. There have been attempts to "cure" this but all of them lead either to insanity or depression and inevitable death of the patient. So, help these poor souls and don't judge them for something they had no say upon. They deserve to live in peace, get married and grow old with their own and special partner.

  • Sorry but all yall saying this is bad, how does it effect u.

    Homosexuality is a growing normal in our planet. So everyone just needs to suck it up and get used to it. Gay people are not harming you, they're just being happy the way they are and you all should get used to that. You only live once and u shouldn't spent that small amount of time making fun of others. So yes gay marriage is okay, if u choose otherwise then just keep it to yourself and don't effect others lives because you can not satisfy your own. We are ALL human after all

  • You cant fault someone for being homosexual

    Sexual orientation cannot be controlled. It comes naturally. It is sad to hear that people think it is morally,culturally and physically wrong to be homosexual. You cant control your sexual and physical desires. You yourself might be disgusted by the thought of being homosexual. But at the end of the day it is morally wrong for you to think that you can tell someone to not fall in love with a person just because they have the same genitals as said person. Marriage is just the legal and official union of two persons with consent. So stop shunning people who cant change themselves just because you want them to. Keep your hate to yourself. These homosexuals deserve to have the right to marry because they are human.

  • No but unions should be allowed and called something else

    I think it's important to acknowledge the difference between homosexual and heterosexual unions. They are different, and it's important for children and anyone with sexuality confusion to recognise they are different, so they should be named differently.

    It is not fair to teach people that choosing gay partners is just the same as choosing heterosexual.

  • Homosexuality is unhealthy physically, spiritually and culturally

    Anyone who has practiced any religion for any good length of an would understand the spiritual importance to a balance of sexuality. Gay people often suffer mentally due to depression and other things because of this. Marriage should be a religious institution not regulated by the state and decided upon by the church. I suggest anyone who is plagued by any deformities in their sexuality reflect upon their life in a non biased way and try to heal their mind back to its original state. Physically and culturally, gay men are a small percentage of the population but spread STDs more so than normal people due to the fact they tend to be more polyamorous.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Sodomites should be executed, not married.

    King Jesus says sodomites are to be executed by public and participatory stoning in Lev 20:13. When God says something, what man says is irrelevant. That settles all debates. Now, if you think you know more than God, you don't. God's justice s awesome. What more can be said. Done.

  • That lesbian judge Obama hired wouldn't shut up until the other guys said yes to this.

    1. 2 people who love each other have other ways to express this emotion. Me and my 15 year old girlfriend are human beings and we love each other. They should give us a marriage license too.

    2. Gay marriage will pave the way to multi species marriage.

    3. What someone does privately is not the business of someone else, Why do the gays have to make it the business of the state?

    4. If getting married is simply the union of two entities into one entity, then why can't someone marry their horse and then his health insurance will have to pay the veteranarian's bill.

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