• Gay Marriage is as Right as Straight Marriage

    Yes, gay marriage is "right" in the same way that straight marriage is "right." Both types of marriage reflect the same type of love and commitment, and if joining together in marriage is right for the individual couple, then it is right regardless of whether the couple is homosexual or heterosexual.

  • You must be religious if you picked "No."

    Religion is beastly.
    Most homosexual people believe they were born with it and I myself do believe I was born this way.
    We have scientific proof that it would be better for society and for the economy.
    (More adoption rates and slower population growth.)
    We humans are judgmental, but gay rights are a necessity.
    If you think being gay is unnatural look at a cat, it is hardwired to be bisexual.
    Look at some fish, frogs, and toads. SOME EVEN CHANGE THEIR GENDER.
    So gay rights and gay marriage is right.

  • Love is about hearts, n ot parts!

    Religion is the seed to homophobia. Straight couples keep having kids. There are 7 billion people and GROWING! The Earth cant sustain us all much longer! I am NOT hateful, but do PROVE A POINT! Gay couples WILL SAVE THE EARTH FROM OVERPOPULATION! People need to GROW up and SUPPORT LGBT!!!!

  • Gay Marriage Right

    Without a doubt, gay marriage is right because there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. True equality demands that homosexuals are allowed to marry just like straight couples. With that in mind, there's no reason that we should bar this group from engaging in marriage. Gays have waited too long for this basic right.

  • Yes it is.

    Gay marriage is not only right, but should be allowed in every state. It is wrong to say every person gets a certain set of basic human rights upon birth, but than rip those rights away the second someone is different or does something you do not get or understand.

  • Marriage is always right.

    I think when it comes to marriage, and both people are truly in love with each other, I think any marriage between two human is always going to be right. I am not against gay marriage at all, and do not see why everyone else tends to hate the idea.

  • Love is Love

    No matter who you love, you should be allowed to be with them. I don't even see why people fight against gay marriage. If two guys or girls get married, and they love each other, who are they hurting? Plus, it is hard enough to be gay. People will always make fun of you. It is not right to take the gift of marriage away from someone. If you agree with me, follow this URL to donate to equality:

  • Do you consider marriage right?

    Marriage is to show your love for your partner, no matter your partners gender. So why is one man showing his love to another man wrong? It's not. It is %100 okay. But some believe that the bible is right. Being gay is a sin. So they are saying the opinion of people that lived long ago are right, even though they have no knowledge of current time. And then they put that in the law and that is not right.

  • It's the twenty-first century

    There is not one reason it's wrong. It's normal now. It is just people being people. And for those of you that say the bible says it's wrong, the bible was written long, long ago, not yesterday. So it has the opinions of the people that wrote it long ago, when being gay wasn't accepted. Now that there has been research done, more and more people have realized there is nothing wrong with it. It is just how that person is, it's not a sin or a curse or anything good or bad.

  • Yes it most certainly is right

    And I have two questions for people who oppose it. First, if people of the opposite sex were meant to be together and anything else is not okay, then what the hell are people who are intersex suppose to do? Even if they are very small in numbers, there are people who are born who are neither male nor female so what are they suppose to settle for, loneliness? And second, if your opposition is fueled by God and you believe that being with and desiring the opposite sex is the nature that he gave us then how on earth could we possibly conceivably defy it? If it's our nature that was enacted by God then we should not even be able to fathom going against it. Lions cannot fathom building a gun and shooting their prey instead of simply ripping them to shreds. These homophobic arguments are hella weak and need to stop because they have absolutely no ground to stand on.

  • No, it is not natural.

    No, gay marriage is not right, because there is no need for gay people to want to enter into a marriage. They can enter into any contractual agreements they want to, but there is no reason to institutionalize it. Phil Robertson had it right when he said that heterosexual relationships are much more attractive than homosexual relationships.

  • We were put on earth to love the opposite sex

    I am a very religious woman and I strongly believe that God created us, in his image, to love the opposite sex and not our own gender. As long as this holds true, and according to the bible it does, it will never be "right". Until someone changes the bible, no.

  • Gay Marriage is most definitely wrong

    We can go around saying that gays have a right to marriage like straight people do, but what is the point of marriage? Marriage is to consummate love, for starters. You can say that gays love each other, but is it really love to destroy each other's bodies by putting certain body parts where they were not designed to go? This gives them AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This disease is sexually transmitted and destroys your immune system so that you did slowly, and most often, of a common cold. Tell me, does that reflect love? Another reason that people get married is to have children together, to build a family. THIS CLEARLY CANNOT HAPPEN BETWEEN GAY PEOPLE. If they adopt, it is not their child but a child conceived by heterosexual sex. If they choose artificial insemination, it is only partly the child of one of them, and still had to be conceived with outside help. Even when you don't look at it from a Biblical perspective, it is clearly wrong.

  • It is not

    Right to be gay it is in the bible. Gay is not a religion it is pretty much a curse on people. No one should be gay it is not write. There may be a lot of gays but there are more Christians. Its like what Phil Robertson said i would prefer a woman other than a man.

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