• What logical reason is there for it not to be ok?

    So you got these 2 males or these 2 females who love each other, their relationship is consensual and they are not hurting each other, where is the problem? I most certainly can't find any problem with it.

    ''but muh religion''
    not everyone is religious so that argument's irrelevant, not to mention religion doesn't make the law, the government does

    ''but not natural''
    clearly it is since it occurs in over 500 animals, then again know what else isn't natural? 99% of what we humans do since it doesn't happen in nature

    ''there's no reason for it''
    the reason is love, they love someone of the same sex, if it's consensual and no one is being hurt then no other reason is necessary

  • God isn't real

    You're following a book written almost 1500 years ago, and written by many different people. Your god isn't real. It's time to evolve and accept it. This book was created to persuade the minds of millions of weak minded people. Jesus was black too, be was born in the middle east what did you expect.

  • Assuming the title.

    Assuming that the title means to ask "is being gay ok" then I would say yes. Being homosexual is natural and it really doesn't affect you. There is nothing wrong with being a homosexual. I honestly can't see why people get so worked up about some people being homosexual. L

  • Of course it is!

    Being gay is an inherited difference. It doesnt matter if a person likes someone of the same gender. Gays are responsible for over 22,000 adoption in the U.S. which is incredible. Gays and lesbians are no more of a threat to people than an average person is. It is a shame this is even a question

  • Yes it is!

    Im tired of people calling homosexuals bad, Hell, they help straight men get a date, listen from gradeaundera:
    "Imagine if you are the only straight man in a world of gay men and straight females"
    and i hear you say
    you can't help if you are gay or not, just like a gay person can not just magically think "OH! I LIKE THE OPPISITE GENDER NOW!" same with straight people

  • Get over it

    Everyone in the No section is religious. Please realize that not everyone shares your damn religion and faith in god as you. It's natural- a lot of animals have engaged in homosexual acts with other animals. You can say there's no reason for it- well there's no reason for heterosexual love either then. If you're just being a huge jerk about it in the No section, then please isolate yourself in a cold room and contemplate your life decisions.

  • It is a completely natural thing whether you like it or not

    Being gay is completely natural whether you like it or not, if you can't accept this you should probably find somewhere else to live like a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere, there your inability to grasp the concept that not everyone is attracted to the opposite sex can never harm anyone again.


    Whilst it is okay to have an opinion do not be a jerk about it if you disagree, it is important to be accepting of everyone and just tolerate the fact that not everyone is just like you.

    Even though your wrong and should know you wrong :)

  • I'm scared of the "no" column

    "homosexuality is a mental illness", "homosexualty is unhealthy"; reading this at the 21th century saddens me. Love is not about always about sex and reproduction; love is two people being complementary between each other. Do these people need to be of opposite gender ? No.

    Do we find having friends of the same sex as we do weird and/or countery-reproductive ? No, we don't, and isn't love a special friendship ?

  • What's the point?

    Look there is no point debating this one because the arguments being made here are not intellectual, they are emotional and rhetorical. I have no doubt that all of the opposing arguments quote some form of ancient text to support a modern argument so I will do the same.

    “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” (2 Cor. 6:14–15).

    I am tempted to say I could not agree more as I want to label those opposed to me as evil but I know that the world does not work in such absolutes. I like all thinking people know that the world exists in shades of meaning and understanding. The book oft quoted about this subject, as this quote demonstrates, can't see what we all know to be true so how can anybody use it as a source of guidance on an issue far more complicated when it shows itself to be incapable of understanding complexity?

  • Teach it to our children

    As a thirteen year old girl and hearing that 75 year old white religious men find being gay or part of the queer community is bad is sickening. I saw someone saying it's as bad as dementia which it's not because I'm pretty sure that guy likes Trump and I wouldn't be surprised if Trump had dementia. Love is love and it's sad that people can't accept the fact that it's your own choice and if you can't deal with it go somewhere else. Everyone's different.


  • LOL no of coarse not

    Being gay is a mental disorder and our wimpy society has accepted it. Saying gay is okay is like saying dementia is okay. Men was created to have sexual intercourse and relationships not with another man. The same goes for women. Its how humans reproduce is by a male and female not male you can't deny biology and science

  • It is not meant to be

    You were meant to be the gender you were born as. There was no mistake with you being the gender you are now because God created you the way you are. He made no mistakes in creating you and he never intended on same sex marriage. It mentions in the bible that it says it's an abomination and unnatural sin.

  • No it is certainly not

    Men were created to be with women and women were created to be with men. Biologically, this self evident. Philosophically you can have a different opinion. Men were created to love men as brothers but not as lovers and the same goes for women. There is no reason for it at all.

  • Homosexuality is a mental illness

    Homosexuality is a mental illness that is now getting out of control, its even being ENCOURAGED. Gay people get treated better at the work place, get offered raises more often, and make a higher average wage. These are all facts.

    It is unnatural and disgusting for two humans of the same gender to attempt sex (homosexuals can never have sex, only attempt it, since sex is something that occurs between one male and one female)

  • Let's take the word of the lord into account.

    Mark 10:6-9 - But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. God created Adam and EVE not Adam and Steve. Gay is not okay because it is not God's plan. Gay and trans people are not welcome in my home and they don't belong in my country. Yee yee.

  • No I don't think so.

    Homosexuality is not consistent with optimal biological functioning. It disrupts reproductive success. Various ways of practicing it are unhealthy. There is marked increase in psychological impairment and I believe this if for reasons beyond homosexuals being discriminated against. Given all this I don't think it's right to change fundamental institutions to suit homosexuals.

  • Nope its not

    I know I'll get a lot of backlash on this but I'm gonna go ahead and say it.

    If evolution is true then homosexuality serves no purpose for humanity. Its a failed selection of our kind. Only heterosexuals will be able to breed the next generation to achieve the next evolution. Homosexuality halts progression while hetero keeps moving.
    But I seen people able to leave being gay and become straight and raise a family. I do believe people can change but the chances are very very low but possible.

    If someone wants to be gay then fine. You have that freedom to.. (unless your in the east in a Islamic country.) Just don't force me to accepting it because I never will. I'll treat you fair like any human being but I will not accept your idolatry. I do wish homosexuality never existed and everyone was hetero as it should be but. We are humans we will be screwed up in so many ways. So I just have to live with it.

  • No. It is biologically unhealthy.

    Hello. My name is Bob. It is a really generic name, but I don't care. My parents gave that name, and that is who I am. I will not reveal my last name. I am an expert in the medical field, and I say no. Our bodies have a difference in gender for a reason. Not to mention STDs.

  • It is Sexually immoral, and extremely unhealthy.

    Being Gay is a mindset, as I have seen my own siblings go from Heterosexual, to Homosexual, and back. There has been no proof provided to even consider the option that people are born gay as a legitimate solution.
    According to the CDC, Homosexuals are 50 Times more likely to get AIDS, and according to gmhc.Org, Gays are 44 times more likely to get HIV, making Homosexuality more of a National health Crisis than a fight for human rights.

    Additionally, All Theistic Religions agree that being Gay is not O.K., and rightly so, as the lack of information supporting the claim that it is infact O.K. Is un-deniable.

  • No its mentality

    I'm not saying gay people are criminals or anything but they are really dividing our society in half; marriage is only made for a man and woman and should always stay like that. It's disgusting I mean like common sense its wrong anyways. I'm not even surprised that so many people voted yes cause the world is getting more corrupted day by day because of these peoples' stupid ideas they make up.

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