• I believe that generation y is lazy

    I am apart of this generation. I am 15 years old and believe for the most part we are lazy. Though, i do strongly believe there are some outliers to this statistic. Not every person in our generation is lazy and there is people who strive to do great things!

  • Gen Y Lazy Compared To Others

    From what I have seen out of several Gen Y'ers is a new ability to be lazy. Granted, I though my own generation (X), was quite adept at being lazy, I have seen far worse from the younger Gen Y'ers. From my experience I have seen some of these kids refuse to complete high school, refuse to work, and still live at home without even a driver's license.

  • No. We're not.

    If I had a dollar for every time baby boomers called our generation "lazy" and "entitled" I would be able to build a house in the economy they built.
    If it's raining wouldn't you take the umbrella provided to you? Or would you stand in the rain because your'e not "entitled" and "lazy".

  • The laziness is an illusion of human reaction.

    If generation Y was truly lazy, than that would mean that there would be an obvious decline in the employment of unskilled workers that is unrelated to the current situation of the economy, and what we actually see is that the employment of workers is inline with the economic situation.

    Secondly, why many people seem to believe that the "Yuppies" are lazy is that we, as humans, pay more attention to negative things, than positive ones. You notice, and therefore remember the fact that teenagers are sitting on their butts, playing video games, but when they do productive things, like getting jobs, and doing homework, you ignore that behavior as normal and therefore expected. This causes an imbalance in the perceived view of the individual.

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