• Am I a Woman or Is That What I Have Been Told?

    "Gender" is an idea that is based on what we socially believe. Am I a woman because when I was a kid my female mother wanted me to play with dolls and not GI Joes? Of course, these social cues are what mainly divides men from women. Men are supposed to be tough because society made them that way. Women are weak because society made them that way. We're not born this way, we are made this way.

  • Yes, I guess?

    Considering gender has historically from the 1960's on (from what I've seen) been used as means for a social construct, it must be. Sex is used biologically (male, female, trans male, trans female, intersex.) Because of this, really the idea of gender doesn't make any sense at all. Gender is such a tangled mess of ideas that would actually make sense is to say that someone is a feminine or masculine then their [sex]. Masculine and feminine are the social constructs that make the most sense, as they've developed over history and are widely accepted. Either that or gender should be changed to properly become a synonym with sex, as they generally are in our everyday lives.

  • Just open the textbook.

    Scientifically speaking, you can't really switch genders. You have an X -and depending on the genes your father passed down to you - an X or Y chromosome, that dictate your gender.

    If someone thinks that they are a male, but are not one – they have a serious mental problem. If you’re born a boy – XY – nothing changes. You’re a boy. If you’re born female – XX – you are one. No exceptions.

  • Gender is so fake

    Of course our sex, our body parts, are real; Our construct of 'gender' is really not real. I am an aspiring psychologist, and in my experiences, i find gender plaguing. Mental illnesses develop as the outside world tells it to, so i feel like gender is a mental illness, all inside our head.

  • Yes, it is

    Yeahitsethan said it best. Sex and gender are NOT the same thing. Chromosomes are only indicative of the birth sex. Transgenderism has been proven to NOT be a mental disorder time and time again. Gender roles are being exposed for what they are and people are scared. I for one, am so I am and like what I like and won't let society tell me it's wrong because I don't have a vagina. Only an idiot argues with overwhelming evidence staring them in the face. I'll live my life and other people can live theirs. And don't bother accussing me of being gay because that intended insult doesn't work on me. I'm not a homophobe.

  • Gender is constructed as evident through the cross cultural differences both temporal and spatial.

    'There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; ... Identity is performatively constituted by the very "expressions" that are said to be its results.' In other words, gender is a performance; it's what you do at particular times, rather than a universal who you are. Judith Butler argues that we all put on a gender performance, whether traditional or not, anyway, and so it is not a question of whether to do a gender performance, but what form that performance will take. By choosing to be different about it, we might work to change gender norms and the binary understanding of masculinity and femininity. This idea of identity as free-floating, as not connected to an 'essence', but instead a performance, is one of the key ideas in queer theory. Seen in this way, our identities, gendered and otherwise, do not express some authentic inner "core" self but are the dramatic effect (rather than the cause) of our performances.
    While this is not to negate biological categorizations of sex. Sex is not gender and as most people confuse. Our identity is not to be equated with gender.
    Additionally, these are categories that are culturally constructed since they are fluid. What it means to be a "man" and "woman" have changed in the last 50 years alone. There is no denying gender roles changed and thus accept that these are things that societies construct. While sex is pre-determined, even though that can change, gender changes.

  • Mostly, yes.

    Anthropologists that have studied cultures around the world know that a lot of the traditional gender roles we see in the west are just products of culture and not necessarily innate. For the most part, culture forces people into behaving in certain ways. That said, almost all cultures do end up having gender roles that, whatever they are, align with physical sex in some way.

  • Yes,

    Gender and sex are not the same which are confused by many. Gender is a concept of behavior while sex is the biological part referencing genitalia. Because of this distinction between the two genders can be studied by comparing and contrasting many different societies. Anthropologist have done this many times in many studies. The fact is in definition gender and sex are different. While one can be seen easily the other is perceived by the person.

  • Let's Clarify some misconceptions here . . .

    Many people on the "NO" side would be surprised to see just how much their arguments align with ours. Many studies have shown that men and women's brains are constructed the same. While there are some differences, in some than others, you also have to understand that many socially influenced things CAN in fact change the structure of the brain. For instance, many would argue that men and women have different white matter in the brain, but there is also compelling research that the white matter of the brain is different from those who have practiced meditation than those who have not, which is a completely different angle to look at the structure of the brain. This being the case, if we can change the white matter in our brain by meditation and other activities (it's also been shown to increase grey matter), then who's to say that other activities can't change the structure of the brain. I would argue that socially constructed brains can look different depending on the way they are socialized.
    Another example to look at. We observe many trans children who say that they were born in the wrong bodies. They say they want to be this gender, but what is it that makes them want to be that gender? Is it because they see certain behaviors with one particular gender and thus feel more comfortable with those behaviors? Does that thus make them innately the opposite gender of that which they were born into? The idea that men are "supposed" to be masculine and women are "supposed" to be feminine is more of a social construction.
    Another thing to mention is that yes, gender and sex are in fact different. Scientists measure sex by the production of gametes (large or small), contrary to popular belief that an organisms sex is determined by its genitalia. Males produce small gametes (in mammals, sperm) and females produce large gametes (in mammals, eggs). That is not changeable. You cannot change the gamete production of your body (at least not yet). That being said, you CAN determine whether you decide to live your life as feminine or masculine. You can live, culturally speaking as a woman, in spite of the fact that you are a male, and vice versa. Male is NOT synonymous with masculine, and female is NOT synonymous with feminine. White cross culturally people tend to fill gender roles, there's always exceptions to the rules. Therefore, conservative minded people should stop with this hate rhetoric of people having to act in one such way based on their SEX (not gender)

  • Sex is biological, Gender is not

    The idea of masculinity and femininity are socially constructed because gender concerns the actual definition of gender is: "the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)." While sex is defined as, "either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions."

  • I would know

    I'm a transman and I'm pretty sure I would know. I'm not a symbol of perfect masculinity. Masculinity has nothing to do with my gender.

    Also there have been many, MANY studies that have revealed that the brain looks different in males and females. Also, transgender people have been shown to have brains that are closer to their gender identity. My brain is closer in structure to male. That is what causes my gender. I have a male brain and my brain's map of my body is male, so my body doesn't match what it expects of it.

    The idea that gender is a social construct is a belief carried by the fascist movement known as "radical feminism". They like to treat people like me as worthless sub-humans because we disprove their ideals.

  • No, gender is also determined by biology.

    While there are certainly socially constructed elements to gender, gender is also heavily determined by biology and sex. Certain gender attributes, such as females spending more time taking care of young children than their male counterparts, are observed across all human cultures and even other species. It would thus be difficult to argue that this is somehow a 'social construct'. It is rather a gender role assigned by biology.

  • For good God's sake people...

    Are we, as human kind really discussing this "issue"? One cannot (and I repeat: cannot) choose one's gender. Yes we can manipulate it in ways that are against nature (as in surgery and whatnot), which in said case one has chosen his or her gender. BUT, without such manipulation, one cannot strut around carelessly, walking into the ladies' bathroom with a more than obvious penis, and a lady cannot walk into the men's bathroom with a painfully visible pair of breasts. Besides my point, it is truly disgusting to see these people who said "yes", try to use "scientific" evidence to prove their opinion; And to them I say: What in the great gangly fuck are you talking about? I was sincerely lucky enough to read a comment by a MALE ,I presume (HIS name was Ethan) say sex and gender are different concepts, and to him I say: OH WHAT A GREAT OBSERVATION. But I digress... Gender and sex are both based on your genitals, or to put it in a more simple manner in which these (you who said "yes") dim-wits may be able to understand: IF YOU HAVE A DICK, YOU ARE A MALE. AND IF YOU HAVE A VAGINA, YOU ARE A FEMALE. THAT is all I will say...

  • No. Please don't be silly.

    Why would there be two genders if we're all the same being? Exactly; there wouldn't be. And you fools stating "gender and sex aren't the same thing!" aren't even making a decent argument. Males and females act differently because nature has required them to- they need to fulfill completely different roles. Studies have shown that men and women brains are wired completely differently than each other. This basically proves that men and women behavior is wired into biology, not society. Society takes these behaviors and implements them into itself- any other system wouldn't work, because society is built off of biology and if society is in contradiction with what it's built off of... Well, to say the least, there's a problem.

  • Gender roles exist because we are humans and we come up for words to describe naturally occurring phenomena

    Societally "imposed" gender roles are such because of thousands of years of human evolution. Those who find such roles regressive are not acknowledging that the Western world has not manufactured identities (notice no Western country tells a certain group of people they're meant to be plumbers or electricians, etc) for the sake of boxing people off. Any culturally assigned gender role has been instated to ease the process by which we come to terms with our biology, not the other way around. Beyond that, I have a hard time believing that trans folks are taking hormone supplements because they think it's the most effective way for them to fill certain roles...

  • Why is this even a question?

    GENDER is no different from SEX. It all relies on what genitals you are born with. There is simply MALE or FEMALE, and even transgenders shift from MALE to FEMALE. All of these SJWs seem to forget that gender is biological. If you want to define yourself in a certain way, use the term SEXUALITY. At the end of the day, gender is based on what set of chromosomes you have, and it seems that those on the yes side have an extra one...

  • I shouldn't have to say anything

    Are lionesses socially constructed to be the hunters? According to liberals, yes. Human beings are animals to. We have instincts. We're unique in we don't have to listen to them, but listening to them isn't always a bad thing. You want to be a mother? I say good for you! Liberals say "That's just what the patriarchy made you want to do! Don't fall for it!"

  • Masculinity and femininity are

    There is evidence that shows that transgender people have brain matter that compares to the gender they identify as. If gender was a social construct, how is it possible that men and women have different brains that align with their gender identity? If you are one of the people that believes gender isn't real, how can you turn around and say trans people are too?

  • Not A Decision

    Being a man or a woman is as simple as being black or white, it's strictly characteristic. Humans use words like him and her as a way to describe each other and are tied to who you are. Furthermore, gender is jusr a synonym of sex, meaning what you were born with. Boy or Girl, nobody decides.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Some confused about gender roles and sexual functions continue to parrot their belief that gender is a social construct. How? Because they don't LIKE their gender or sex? Or they don't "feel" he or she doesn't identify with their gender? Ok, so I don't like being of a certain race, say, African-American...Then, can I call myself some other ethnic background instead...Say Hispanic, because I choose not to identify as the ethnic group I was born into, like one such as Rachel Dolezal?

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