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  • There are 2 genders, Period!

    The sooner we can finally brutally shut down this clownshow of multigender makebelieve the sooner we can go back and focus on things that actually deserve our attention.
    Biologically there are men and women, Trannies that pretend to be the other are not the other, Won't be and never be.
    The fact that they're allowed to go through life deluding themselves is sad.
    The fact that they go through life DEMANDING the rest of us to go along with their insane delusions is down right madness.
    They do not deserve to be acknowledged, They deserved to be shamed into the closet.
    And they most certainly don't deserve extra rights.
    The fact now children get brainwashed into permanently f***ing themselves up in their moment's of naivety, Disgusts me on a deep level.

    This tranny larp insanity needs to be shut down fast!

  • Gender is not a social construct.

    When people say that gender is a social construct I often find that what they really mean is gender stereotypes, Not gender. Gender and sex are the same, And there's only two genders. Also yes, This would mean that non-binary can't exist, And is totally fabricated nonsense that is not held up by basic biology.

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