• Yes it is

    Men and women are intractably different. They are different biologically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally. Gender equality as we understand it has less to do with equality and more with women becoming more like men. In practice, it has resulted in women pursuing careers at the expense of marriage and family. In the long run it makes it more difficult for families to form and contributes to the necessity of two income households. Neither men nor women are ultimately happy with this situation.

  • Yes, in some ways gender equality hurts women.

    I don't personally think genders are yet equal; for example, men are treated better in the workplace if parents, but women are treated worse. That being said, what equality we do currently have has put an incredible amount of pressure on women. In some relationships, women are expected to be the child caregivers, work full time, and also do the household work and cooking. So, in households where the men still wear the pants, so to speak, women definitely are being hurt by having far too many tasks on their plates.

  • We Had It Good

    I believe gender equality is actually hurting women. As far as America is concerned, it was once thought to be ideal for the man to earn a living while the woman stayed home to cook, clean, and raise the children. Women pushed for equality and pushed to get in the workforce. As a woman, I don't understand the strong desire to enter the workforce. I find it unfulfilling. I would much rather care and maintain for my family and home and most importantly, raise my child.

  • Iam not agreed with woman equality

    As women is getting equality the children are not getting proper guidance from their mothers. They are not respecting any one. As fathers they meet their children once in a day. Every child now a days does not know the importance of relationships AS result it creates a in balanced environment.

  • The wrong term!

    We should be aware of the crucial difference between two different notions: gender equality and parity in terms of pay and opportunities! Yes, women should definitely be entitled to the same rights as men are but it does not mean that both genders should be equated! We are different! We complement each other, is not that a beauty of the nature? If a man asks me on a date I would not be opposed to him footing the bill if he wishes to. I like it when I see men behave in a gentleman way and women become loving and gentle wives and mothers. But at the same time it does not mean that I am against feminist movement! Both genders should enjoy parity of pay and opportunities presented. It is just that everyone should feel free to make their own life choices. A woman should be able to find a suitable job if she wishes or be a stay-at-home mother if she wishes to be! The same goes to men. Household chores should be divided but the division of tasks should be discussed and managed within a family and not be imposed by some social norms!

  • Its forced and not natural.

    Woman are forced in a Roll what they cant fill out . But the society let them think they need too be successfull, so they force themselfe too do manswork. Woman sould try too be happy whit that they got.
    Also its not only Woman, the society lost his female touch. How many Woman wear still every day Skirts ore nail polish? Its a wast.

  • Yes it is

    As women cannot pick up heavy objects like men, because they are physically different.So i choose justice over equality, in justice laws are not equal but fair.Plus it is scientificly proven women are mentally stronger while men are physically stronger.OPEN YOUR EYES,AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE.Make this world a better place.

  • Yes Because its just not right as of now

    Making men and women equal would create problems in religious areas as well as government areas it is not right to say women are not already equal in ways. But honestly gender equality world not help women men vs women fights would be more often women would loss respect from men their would be nothing special in the gender difference as in life would be completely different.

  • Yes because it runs in us.

    For many years, men are the one with power. Women are the caretakers. Humans have learned this for years. Why must this heavily believed tradition change in any way? Yes, maybe we should at least pay them some cents more, but they need to stop thinking so heavily of themselves. Men are important, too.

  • Gender Equality Would be Terrible

    Here's Why:

    1. Women could be slapped... By men.

    2. Women would be told to "woman up".

    3. There is no wage gap... The wages are averaged from all jobs. Men, statistically, tend to work in more dangerous jobs, thus getting higher pay. If there was true gender equality, women would be working in jobs that are just as dangerous.

    4. Women wouldn't get other "special treatment" such as "ladies first".

  • Nope. It helps us. We don't have to be a housewife

    All we need is a good job. Women don't have to suffer. They can go to work and be with a man who helps cook and clean. Cuz cooking and cleaning is definitely NOT a woman's job!! We don't have to have kids. WE ARNT BECOMING MORE LIKE MEN!! Do u see a freakin beard on my face?! NO YOU DONT!!! What we do is we get respect, rights, options, JUST LIKE OTHER HUMANS HAVE!!! No one likes to be cooped home!! Unless your lazy. SO GET UR FINGER OUT OF UR @$$ cuz we arnt becoming men. -_- just cuz u got ur rights a long time ago doesn't mean u have any right to stop us from getting ours..Stupid bastards..

  • Gender Equality HELPS Women

    Gender equality is good for women and for society. It allows individuals to make choices for themselves rather than forcing them to adhere to gender stereotypes or rules. Women no longer are forced to have children or give up their career. Now both men and women are equal to follow their own dreams.

  • No! Absolutely Not

    Women are not looking for special treatemt; They are looking to be treated as EQUALS. Women don't want man and woman to switch rolls. We simply want the same opportunities. We refuse to be protected. Has it ever occured to some who disagree that we don't want or NEED your "special treatment". I also beg you to explain what special treatment is; is it supressing our rights, paying us less, and putting all of these expectations on us to just sit here and listen to you?

  • I doesn't hurt.

    See the recent scenario, women and men are treated equally politically . It is actually a different scene, the women these days try to take advantage of this act, and they should. But over the period of time, the women are not giving equal respect to a man, when a man respects a woman. Nothing more said, it does not hurt women. They take advantage of this right.

  • No, unless they let it.

    Gender equality as with any equality at all is always a good thing. All people are equal but that does not mean all people are the same and men and women are allowed to be different. Women should not feel that gender equality means they need to take on extra roles so that they add to their workload and are always exhausted.

  • Gender Equality Helps Women

    Gender equality is not hurting women in the slightest. Gender equality has a push to help women get paid the same amount as mena nd to have the same amount of access to opportunities that men do. Women in the US are now more likely to graduate college then men. It works.

  • There is No Gender Equality Yet

    Gender equality isn't hurting women because things are not equal. Women still make less money than men. Single-mother births are up as men don't care to hang around and take responsibility for their actions. Women struggle to make it on their own without proper support from males and the government. There is no equality yet.

  • Definitely no

    The whole purpose of gender equality is to protect women. With gender equality, women are given the same opportunities and the same pay. This is probably a highly debatable topic, but generally speaking, this is only protecting women. Women do not have to become housewives if they do not want to. Women have choices and options to choose from.

  • No

    I cannot see how that is a thing, gender equality makes sure women get paid the same as men, have the same opportunities as men, and can live their lives independently like any one if they so choose too. Granted it makes social things go in a grey area but that is to be expected.

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