• Why wouldn't it be?

    I personally feel that women throughout the ages aren't being respected as a gender in the world. For one look at every president ever elected, they are all men, and not that many women run for presidency anyway. It feels like the men population as a whole puts down women in order to be the superior sex. I think that it kinda relates to Negros and black segregation in the 1900s and how black people had, well lets just say fewer rights than white people. Women seem to always be looking up to their husbands rather than being on an even footing with them. I think that equality would really boost moral among the female population as it would also boost the current standing look men have on the female population currently

  • Yes. Equality, but not sameness, is necessary

    Equality of rights and of worth is not the same as the implication of two individuals being the same. We are most definitely not the same, but we can be thought of as being worth the same.

    In that sense, gender roles, at least some gender roles would still make sense even if the worth of those roles shifted to a more egalitarian state. (I am not advocating for pink being a girl color. It is not.)

    For instance, the role of a stay at home parent can be said to be ideal to women because they are biologically geared towards it (Here I am thinking of breastfeeding mostly). This should not be seen as a statement against women working nor as an argument to subdue women to a lesser role.

    The case could be made that there is nothing more important than providing the best care possible for your children and that going away to work, though important, can never be considered as important as being with your child. Whoever takes on this role could be seen as the more responsible of the two parents. I certainly would not leave my children with the more incompetent of the two, regardless of gender. The problem is not the role itself but the valuation of the role within society.

    There are certain preexisting physical realities of gender that make general gender roles make sense. This is not to say that every man is fit for heavy lifting and every woman is a great mother but it does imply a certain predisposition to certain tasks. If people with larger builds favored their physical realities, one would see more men tending to physically demanding tasks than women. We can work against the grain, but should we?

    Favoring our natural tendencies would most likely lead to high proficiency performance. And though there is likely to be overlap, women who excel at tasks favored by men and men who excel at tasks general favored by women, there would be a fairly clear divide. This is reasonable.

    This is not a sentence of inequality. Rather a role division that allows for expanded collaboration.

    Of course a person may be naturally gifted in several ways and choose to favor one over the other. This is natural. Likewise there will be people who will be inclined to favor traits which they do not naturally possess.

    To a certain extent, it is important to nourish certain vital traits which might be underdeveloped. Social skills might be a natural part of one person's personality and come at great difficulties to another. And yet it is imperative for most people to develop those traits to some degree. This is not problematic. A person should seek to be well rounded, but always favor that which is natural for him or her.

    And this approach would lead to a general gender divide which should be equal in worth if not equal in shape and execution.

  • Gender equality is possible

    In my opinion gender equality is possible. Why? We are all human beings and we are able to learn things in life. To my mind, men and women have got the same rights. If a man can be a pilot so can a woman. If a woman can clean a big house so can a man. Men and women should be respected equally, especially when we talk about jobs. If a man has a good salary, why would a woman have the same or even a better salary. If a woman can clean, cook, and look after children, why would a man not be able to do the same thing.

  • Gender equality is desirable

    Gender equality is desirable. This is because of the fact that the two genders, although different, are equal. Gender rights should reflect this equality, and this is very desirable for a society. Societies that show gender inequality in rights show very discontent people and larger problems when studied in research.

  • Equality Makes Everyone Happier

    Gender equality makes things more even in our society. It also makes everyone on the same terms. When women and men are treated equally in contemporary society, everybody wins because everyone is happier with societal outcomes. Women should make as much money as men in the same position. Men should be able to take as much paternity leave as women take maternity leave. It just makes good sense.

  • Yes, both sexes are equal.

    Since both sexes are human and have talents and gifts, they are inherently equal and of course should be treated that way according to law and custom. However, that does not mean that in every instance they are the same. Each should be free to express his or her own likes and talents with no discrimination.

  • Of course it is.

    The goal should be for total gender equality in most aspects of life. I am not going to say that everything should always be equal, but in most things there should be gender equality. Especially when it comes to pay, access to resources, and social mobility being the most important.

  • Gender Equality is Desirable

    Yes, gender equality is desirable. Every person on the planet, regardless of gender, is a free and thinking individual who is capable of the same joys and suffering. To treat these individuals differently based upon gender is incredibly stupid. Everyone should be treated the same, thus, gender equality is desirable.

  • Yes

    Yes of course gender equality is desirable. Men and women should be completely equal. There is no way that body parts should determine who gets to do what in society. Women can do jobs just as well as men with the proper skills and schooling. Just as men could do any job a woman can as long as they have the skills and schooling required as well.

  • It Is Desirable

    Of course gender equality is desirable. All equality is. There has been many laws throughout history that has pushed to make gender equality possible. Many businesses today work towards making gender equality a reality as well. We even saw gender equality being brought up during the presidential debates last year.

  • No, it is odious

    Hypocritical, hateful, spiteful. These are words that I use to describe people like Sheryl Sandburg and other feminists who promote a distorted, radical vision of 'equality.' Radicals always get their way no matter what is done to stop them. I have no desire to be on par with women in terms of equality. I am, however, in favor of equal opportunity for women and men, as well as instating the concept of INCLUSION for women and men to talk about these problems and come to a consensus concerning how to rectify the problem.

  • No, gender equality is not desirable.

    Regardless of how much we want it to be so, a different structure has been embedded into our brain since birth. Studies show that stay at home dads have a much lower self esteem than those acting as the head of the household. I believe gender equality is fair and necessary, I just think it will negatively impact society for a short period of time.

  • Gender equality is Not necessary at all

    Gender equality? Feminism? Look at all the men that go to the army, earn money for the family. You think doing chores for the family is hard? Every year men die in the army. There is not a single woman in the modern army right now. Think about the men's perspective feminists. Think about it.

  • Gender equality is NOT necessary at all

    Yes, some people say that woman have no equality and rights. But imagine if you are a housewife of a man with 2 kids. Would you let your husband go out with your friends? Do you have trust for him? No, most would think that he would either be cheating or doesn't want to spend time with you. If feminists think woman have no peace, think about the men fighting in the army. Think about all the men working in the factories. Don't women get more perks just because they are women? Think about it. Isn't gender equality really for men? And for the kids in elementary school, don't you sometimes think that both male and female teachers are nice to the girls and let them do what they want? I'm not saying that gender equality and feminism is useless, but it is just not necessary. Women might have to wash the dishes, clean the house, cook for the family. But who really earns all the money? Have you ever thought about how hard it is? Do women even need a job to get a husband? Who in this world wants a poor husband, while girls just graduate from college and live with their family and just marry a rich man that buys everything for you?

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