• Men are just naturally/biologically superior than women

    While both men and women have equal intelligence, men are superior to women physically on average. Even the strongest women are inferior to the strongest men. So much of life revolves around physical ability and not just mental. Men have both which is a win-win compared to what a female can offer on average. I believe that we're not here to be equals. We're here to reproduce and God ensured men would be bigger, stronger, faster than women on average to ensure that reproduction takes place. Women can say "no" all they want. If too many women said, "no" men would take them by force. Just like a cat has a barbed penis, or a dog has a knot, human men are built to impregnate women. Everything else in life is a sideshow/distraction to keep ourselves occupied on not doing what's in our nature to do. We're now being sold the idea that work is the most important thing and not creating/raising families. Too much government is controlling how people live today and it's unnatural. But it doesn't matter. Eventually nature will find a way to smite government and cause it to collapse. We cannot continue to spend money to raise women up, unnaturally, through laws and special protections forever. Money is running out. It just costs too much to be politically correct these days. Feminism is a "theory" aka study. It's a social engineering concept based on Marxist socialism. It's what causes societies to seek stupid ideologies like feminism to appease a special interest group so they can feel just as important, or even more important. Women today are rejecting their natural role because they don't like being the baby factories they were chosen to be by a higher power - God. And sadly all this feminism has caused a good amount of males to hate themselves and their nature as well. We are who we are. Until women and men accept that we are both very different and should be doing different things to help EVERYONE, and stop with these silly arguments then we're destined to be forced by nature to accept it eventually and that's going to be a rough world - especially for women who will still be physically weaker than men.

  • Remember you, MEN were born from a Woman

    You can't say that men outstand women in work forces, if women can join the army than its proven that women are as strong and motivated as men in their work forces. Some would blame that on the religion, because in every religion there have always been men who outstand women. Men would consider themselves to be the true leaders and more capable of doing great things than women can. If that is the case, than they should also remind themselves, they were born from a woman. Unless you are Adam, who was the first human God created. Now, men would argue about this statement and say Eve is a women, and women are more likely to make mistakes, and that’s why they had to leave the garden. So in another meaning it would be: Adam would be stuck if it wasn't for Eve.
    Women have tends to think out of the box, that’s why most of fashion industry have women as entrepreneur. It’s a very successful business and is one of the few work places where men and women are equally paid. It is also important to note that women’s choices regarding work are not made in a vacuum. Factors that impact women’s decisions include: workplace discrimination, wither experienced or anticipated. “A lack of women-friendly policies and resources in the workplace; persistent stereotypes that steer women and men toward different education, training and career paths; different societal expectations for wives compared to husbands and mothers compared to fathers; and myriad forms of sexism, both subtle and blatant.” (National Organization for Women, 1) So maybe after all is not about the capable of a women, but more about the stereotype that has been built though out the years.
    This is a new generation now, and 50% of marriage end in divorce which lead to single mother with kids. A women left alone with kids need to work in hard and tough work places to earn enough for herself and her kids. Do you see the problem now? If the single mother chose to stay in her current work, might be cleaning hotel rooms, or doing hair in a hair saloon. Would she than be making enough? Men, be a MAN and put yourself in her shoes, open your eyes and heart, than you'll understand.

  • It will be, women... @>_,_"

    Since dawn, Adam came first..But he demanded a lady....Eve...A woman can raise her children by her own...But a man can't....A woman can look after a household even after coming from work, by her own....But a man can't....Women may need men, but believe me...Men need women more...
    Through the process of human evolution, different roles have been appointed to the different sexes...While men get money...Women look after the house....
    But the time has changed now....Today's women are taking part in the military, in mechanics, and all other fields that were limited only to men. And men are too enjoying cooking and baking...The women's job. When a child can't say who's better, mom or dad...Why should we discriminate between the two?
    In certain countries, women have been given a 33% reservation for all posts and entertainment, a different cue for various things, and completely different privileges.. But they DO NOT need that! What they need is a bit of respect, a tint of love, and a gulp of understanding, along with a bowl of equal opportunities! To give women special privileges is like telling them that they never were, aren't, and can never be equal to men! What a women needs is...The same amount of doors to be opened for her as that of her counter-partner at every point of life.
    Though some people say, and is actually believed, that women are inferior to men in physical strength....That contradicts our normal life...Suppose man had the ability to give birth...Would he able to bear the pain...NO....The pain can only be bored by a women engulfed in joy in her world of motherhood.....
    Imagine a world without women....Haha....Yes that's what I mean...A gay world...
    Without women, it would be a gay world, a tired world, and a childless world....And yet we treat the giver of life as inferior....
    For all those that think gender equality should tip towards the male gender....Think again...It was a female who brought you to life...It was a female who looked after you...It was a female who loved you most...It was a female who cared for you most...It was a female whom you love...It is a female that will house your grandchildren...It was, it is..It will be a female.....
    I'm not saying that men is inferior to women...But that women is equal to men...In all ways,

  • Yes it is certainly possible to treat both the genders equally in the society.

    Not only the gender equality is ensured in the society but also the equity should be maintained. It can be possible by creating awareness among the people of the fact that all the human beings should be treated alike and there should be no discrimination on the basis of gender. Both the genders must have equal rights and opportunities.

    Posted by: IinAsh
  • I strongly feel that equality on the basis of gender is possible and should be promoted too. It is no more feasible to prevent the feminine gender away from any particular thing just because they belong to the female gender.

    Men and women have proved that they can compete for the same positions in the society irrespective of their gender. So, bias against women just because they are perceived to be the weaker sex should be rooted out from our society. Women have time and again proven that they are equally capable of doing things and shouldering responsibilities just as men are. Women today hold prestigious position in the top management rungs of various corporate names. Several countries have women as the Prime Minister or President. Women must be accorded equal respect because they can compete with men on an equal footing.

    Posted by: SmarterTabby
  • Women do deserve complete equality as men.

    Women have been treated as less then men from the beginning of time. Now lots of women are more successful than men and are still getting paid less. The difference in pay is a problem. Would you pay a man lots of money for a poor job? No. Then why wouldn't you pay a woman a little bit more for a great job? We are going the opposite way; we are paying less. That makes no sense.

  • Equality for every person!

    Gender equality is possible because it has already been proven by people like Woodrow Wilson who believed women can be equal like men.Women proved that they can fight in the military alongside men.They have a basketball team but you still don't allow woman to play football.I know people against Gender Equality will say they do not have the physical strength.Why won't you at least let them prove themselves.If they can join the army in combat they can do anything that men do.

  • Yes & no. Here's why.

    Both men and women are human beings yes? We can be smart, Funny, Hot, Etc etc, All the human qualities, Etc etc. However, We can't forget our biological differences ok? Men are men. Women are women. Girls are girls. Boys are boys. We all learn about puberty and the attraction between a male and a female in their teen years. I am a man and I know that men by nature are more logical than emotional. Women are more emotional than logical. This is how God designed us and basically how it is in our nature. That is why it is right for a man and a woman to fall in love ONLY. No stupid homosexual, Bisexual, Transexual degeneracy. Any triggered snowflakes who dares to throw false accusations towards me will be met with truthphobia, Heterophobia, Biophobia and normiphobia labels. We are not cis genders either so f**k off.

    Anyways, The only equality between men and women is that we are both human beings, We should treat each other with respect with no abuse what so ever. Yes, Men are masculine and stronger but does that mean we should beat our wives/girlfriends? No. Should women respond by castrating men? No. Let the law handle the criminals, Male or female criminals. Let the law handle it. Man or woman, A crime is a crime. Women should not get away with crimes just because they are a woman. Many get away with it today because they have the audacity to use their privilege as a woman to get away with certain crimes. Yeah no, Ladies, Not gonna work. As for achieving gender equality, We technically already have. Changing gender etc is not allowing equality to happen as you can see what the loud minority is doing, It's hypocritical and immoral, Not to mention an abomination towards themselves and towards us. Targeting our kids with transgenderism is immoral as well as wrong, And causing suicide rates to rise. In 1955, A false scientist changed the definition of gender which was wrong of him but he believed that gender could be changed. Therefore, Being the dr dorkenstein of that time, He decided to experiment on a little boy who committed suicide years later because he couldn't live as a normal man. He was forced to become the first "trans woman". Now onto how the whole equality between men and women is already achieved. Women got the right to vote years ago back in the day in the 1900s. Women learned to be as strong as men during WW2. Those were the first two based and correct feminist movements. It wasn't about man hate, It was about being strong in the face of danger BESIDE THE MEN, NOT AGAINST THEM. What some of you are blind to is that THE FOLLOWERS of the THIRD/FOURTH HYPOCRITICAL REICH OF FEMINISM are Feminazis! None of these movements are progressive, It's destroying years and years of the good we had achieved for both men and women.

  • God made us all, therefore we are all equal.

    God saw men and then created women, knowing men would need us in their world. God didn't support people just saying they were greater then others, so he wouldn't support this. Do you really think Jesus, would think EVER in his mind "Men are greater then women. Men are better at everything." No because he was fair. Life may not be fair, but we should try to make it as fair as possible so everyone's life would be better.

  • Some Day the World Will Be Blind.

    Believe it or not, everyone is treated differently. From race to ethnicity, gender, sex, height, weight, and where we live all play into how we ineract with each other. However, many modern factors have helped humanity view differences as traits and skills rather than barriers.

    "Everyone's special," in that everyone is different, and so everyone is equal. The military is very adept at employing men and women in their fields to help defend our country every day. Women are becoming an increasing part of the work force and even dominate some fields. Many businesses mix the genders to provide diversity in strategic planning and development. It's not so much because women are smarter or better or all the same, but because the addition of a second sex greatly increases the chances of getting a mixed skill range to better tackle difficult problems.

    The progress society has made in the last century is proof enough of humanity's ability to socially evolve. What we coin as 'masculine' and 'feminine' was useful when reproduction rates had to be high to counterbalance the rate of disease, famine, and death--when all society had going for us was courtship and babies. Then came freedom to love beyond class and then beyond race and then beyond genders, and maybe soon beyond physical bodies with the introduction of fantasy dating and video games.

    My biggest hope and contributor to equality is the Internet. Online, gender is obsolete. Identity is a stage filled with actors wearing masks. Who am I? Am I a man or a woman? What's my sexual preference and what do I look like? Reading this all you have to go on is what I type, if any clues can be found in it. But does the lack of physical recognition detract from what you perceive as my personality or my uniqueness? Many people have found solace in their differences by using a medium like the Internet to eliminate the eyes we use to interpret our physical world.

    As of this post 53% of the people who voted on this think gender equality is not possible. For multiple reasons like pessimism, anti-feminism, feminism, and even heteronormativity, people seem to think that equality is a dream of perfection never to be achieved. I say that humanity has a built in mechanism for 'equality through diversity' that has been evolving along with our survival instincts. Through thousands of years of oppression and war, more and more people realize rights to vote and go to school and work should be shared among everyone because that is what makes the most people happy, and thus keeps people from usurping their government and causing more ruin. Therefore, not only is equality possible, but it is a growing phenomenon. Evolution has made it so, technology has made it so, social history has made it so, and above all the individual desire to be respected for who we are rather what we are have made it a very potent reality.

  • I hate to be a sexist, but women will always have it better.

    Even assuming all things are gender equal in society, women will always have it better. Physically speaking, they will always have the upper hand. They have the option to experience the joy of childbirth/pregnancy. Men do not. Women also dominate sex. They are more sensitive than men are to the touch and can experience far more sensations. Women's orgasms last longer than a mans, feel better, and can happen over and over again unlike a man's. Men have their sex glands located in a spot where they are easily hit. Women pay a small price of being slightly smaller on average and having a period.

  • No it's not possible.

    I personally believe that equality between men and women is not possible because we are created in the same ways , we are so different in so many ways. We don't see things in the same ways, don't think like each other and actually don't have the same brain. And it's correct like that.

  • No TRUE Equality

    Women say they want gender equality, yet most of them don't realize what that would entail. For true equality, yes they would get to be treated equally in the workplace, same pay, etc. But they would have to sacrifice their "women's rights," in the name of such equality. That means no more chivalry, no more being treated "like a lady," because you can't be treated like you are different AND like you are an equal. Though they are not publicized the way the negatives are, women have many benefits that men can never attain, and they do not want to sacrifice that.

  • I am not a sexist, but women will never be considered equal to men in society

    Societies expectations a have been the same for so long it will be hard to change. It is hard wired into are brains that women are weaker. This is unchangeable, and a women may almost never be president. I am a huge supporter of women's rights, but the idea of change is far fetched.

  • Impossible as it is for women to treat themselves equally

    First, equalitists are grossly uninformed in history, literature, language, human resource, leadership and biology as these relate to gender development and evolutionism. Biologically, women have their responsibility. This is void of any social construct. Women are meant to give birth, cater and support children (boys an girls). Equalitist cannot differentiate between 'sameness' and 'Should men begin to give birth too? Should men begin to have orgasm too? In a society or group of women for example, they can not even treat themselves equally. In a group , people have different qualities, capacities and functions
    . Women with the same qualification in an office may not perform the same way. One could have better attitude to work and also will perform better thereby leading to promotion or better/superior treatment. Obama's wife is treated differently. Governor's wives are more respected. Oprah is more respected than other TV people. It is on the cusp of this dissimilarity that equality is suffocated. Within the women folk there is grandiloquent variety, disparity and of course inequality. They do not understand the linguistic purview of the term 'equality'. As bees have different functions you can never treat them the same. Why then do they want to even begin to think of equality in a general sense? So many of them are women. Women have a more short-term approach to thinking. This is not a deformity. It has to do with nature.

    Equality is a hoax. According to Suzanne Venker

    "Prior to the 1970s, people viewed gender roles as as equally valuable. Many would argue women had the better end of the deal! It’s hard to claim women were oppressed in a nation in which men were expected to stand up when a lady enters the room or to lay down their lives to spare women life. When the Titanic went down in 1912, its sinking took 1,450 lives. Only 103 were women. One-hundred three.

    Compare that with last year’s wrecked cruise line, the Costa Concordia. It resulted in fewer deaths, but there was another significant difference. “There was no ‘women and children first’ policy. There were big men, crew members, pushing their way past us to get into the lifeboats. It was disgusting,” said passenger Sandra Rogers, 62.The captain of the ship agrees. In USA Today, Francesco Schettino was asked about his New Year’s resolution. He responded, “Bone up on the parts about ‘women and children first’ and ‘the captain goes down with his ship.’”

    Those of us with children know better. We know little girls love their dolls and boys just want to kick that ball. This doesn’t mean men can’t take care of babies or women can’t play sports. It just means each gender has its own energy that flows in a specific direction. For God’s sake, let it flow".

    Read the Animal Farm by George Orwell. Equality is impossible. But love is possible and tolerance is the best form of social liberation. Tolerate nature's division of labour. Men are Kings. Women are Queens.

  • Do we really want equality?

    Sure, we have it pretty good now. We have equal votes in most places and similar wages, but isn't it fun to be different? To display the complexity of human kind within its own race I find amazing, and it shows the world is ever changing. If we get equality, and then world peace, and get rid of poverty, is there anything left? There is nothing more to do, human kind is fairly complete. I find this horrible I mean, I don't want to live in a perfect world. And who said which gender was above the other? ;)

  • Equal opportunity not equal outcome.

    There are many things in which women have advantages that men don't get. So if women want true equality that means giving up any advantages they may have. You cannot cherry pick where you want equality to be applied. Men are called rapists and are taught from childhood that we should be ashamed of being men because we are violent brutes, but what gender will sacrifice themselves to protect total strangers. If you only bother looking at the few things that are male dominated you miss seeing that your own gender has many more advantages than you would ever admit too. True equality would only be achievable if we were all born with the same abilities, talents, and strengths. That being said the next best thing is having equal opportunity.

  • Equality of opportunity not outcome.

    Men & women have different needs & motives. Thus it is moral to argue for equality of opportunity, but their problems are not those of the state which should not engage in social engineering on their behalf. With a few exceptions women avoid work which is dangerous, dirty or requires single minded focus. If women are really paid less, all the workplaces must be teeming with them as this would increase profits. This doesn't happen. The reason is simple - biologically women are the child bearers & carers, so at the workplace they are a liability. Thus, there will always be gaps between what women really want, their political aims and reality; the same things will have different values for men & women. That is our biological & psychological nature.

  • Two sides of the same coin

    I do not believe, in this day in age, it is a matter of "equality." It is more a matter of "equivalency." A male and female have a natural equivalency in their respective gender fundamentals; what whatever they may be depending on the person(s) in question. In nature, men hold a natural superiority in certain areas just and females do when compared to men. Though there are exceptions to just about every rule I can think of, Men and Women are two sides of the same coin. No matter how much humankind might want to defy that "rule," in the end, nature always wins whether we want to accept it or not.

  • We are different

    Although we can lower down our pride, we still have major difference in physical end emotional. We can't have equality until we all are literally equal. We have the same genitalia, same face, same way of thinking. Until then, the differences are inevitable. Evolution forbids genders to be equal. Its like saying oranges and apples are equal. Of course not, i like apples more than oranges. Some may say they like both equally, but equality requires all of the population to be achieved. We are still naive to learn that.

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Anonymous says2013-03-17T20:10:53.733
the following is a letter i wrote to starbucks after realizing, through a seldom-seen all-man staff, that the vast majority of their coffee-shops are sexist to have starbucks represented by all-female staffs

today, march 3rd, i was driving north from pittsburgh and i got off of the highway to stop at the gas station right off of the wexford exit of i-79. after i got gas, i realized that there was a starbucks coffee shop not 200 feet away from me. i was returning from the pittsburgh rivers casino, where i had taken out $100 and was betting small bets on various slot machines - i had gotten up to $190 early-on...but eventually went down to $0. i hate to admit that i would've taken another $100 from the atm...i am happy that i got a "non-sufficient funds" message when i tried to withdraw from my spending account at bank of america. tlc said "don't go chasing waterfalls," and djt says "don't go chasing losses". though djt always chases losses. it's so much easier than chasing the perfect specimen of manhood who has no interest in being associated with me (though it's much more costly).

anyway, i must say that i had thought of coffee shops (especially starbucks) as being full of politically-correct (liberal) bs - how surprised i was to see that the three coffee-clerks working at starbucks were all men. i, for one, am getting sick and tired of all of the overcompensations that society gives to the lesser gender in an effort to make them appear as man's equal - overcompensations ranging from lesser military requirements to gender-based sports teams to high-heeled shoes to shoulderpads. wherever i go, i see females wanting to be seen as man's equal...when these very overcompensations just label them as a bunch of masculine wannabees.

again, it has made my day that this starbucks is the first business i have seen in a while with a staff of all men. i'm not saying that i haven't seen a staff made up entirely of the lesser gender at starbucks stores, but it was definitely a mark of diversity to see an all-man staff in a society where all-female staffs are commonplace.

i was actually wearing a t-shirt that i had designed online, which highlighted the "lesser" aspect of the lesser gender (two stick figures, one blue and one red, with arrows to signify broadening shoulders versus widening hips...with a bigger barbell next to the blue stick- figure...with the words "bodyheight, bodyweight, bodystrength" above and "all this AND a superior sex drive" below. it was a t-shirt advertising one of my websites (, and it was kind of ironic that members of the lesser gender were nowhere to be found working at starbucks today. i must admit that if staffs consisting entirely of females were nowhere to be found (including at starbucks stores) then i don't think i'd have reason to mock females with my shirts and my websites. however, all-wombn staffs are seen a lot more than all-man staffs, and it is for this reason that i must commend the starbucks corporation for not always contributing to the attitudes of female chauvinism which are omnipresent in today's society. we are a society of chauvinists wanting to placate the lesser gender with over-representations in the workforce and even in the military (which actually compromises our national security like competitors in the "special olympics" would compromise the u..s. olympic team if a quota existed for "equal representation" of the lesser olympians). i remember as a little boy, hearing dolly parton or jane fonda or lily tomlin call dabney coleman a "male chauvinist pig," and though the words "female chauvinist pig" may be unheard of...this is what members of society have become as a result of the placation given to the lesser gender (ie, gender-based quotas in everything from college admissions to a town's police force).

i must commend starbucks for not contributing to the over-representation of the lesser gender, which seems to exist as a means to further the politically-correct notion of gender-equality...even as competitions are gender-based and therefore prevent the little gender from competing against the strong gender. from military requirements to college sports teams to poker nights at casinos...heck, even to the's an accepted fact that one gender would serve as a "handicap" while competing alongside of another gender, and yet society is buying into the "anything a man can do" propaganda of feminism.

completely unrelated to my experience at starbucks today, i must mention the fact that i just want to crash into any car in front of me if there doesn't appear to be anyone sitting in the driver's seat (while there is someone clearly visible in the passenger's seat because the passenger is big enough to tower over the top of the seat). i don't want to know the kind of values which are going to be instilled in a child who has grown up regarding a member of the milk-spouting, egg-bleeding, shorter, weaker, insufficient, lesser gender as "leader" or "head of the family". this propaganda of "female superiority" is a placebo given to members of the lesser gender as a means to provide them with some unwarranted sense of esteem as a method of psychologically overcoming their inferior states of physical being though means of mental delusion. this propaganda, however, will not provide an adequate level of defense against a slanty-eyed nation which harbors aspirations of world-domination and (therefore) practices infanticide of the gender which can do nothing more than fight like a girl.

i feel that if more stores (and coffee-shops) would take a cue from starbucks and quit having their professional identities represented by a bunch of milk-spouters and egg-bleeders, then the u.s.a would be properly equipped to regain their #1 status. i say this because society would not be exposed to politically-correct preservations of weakness-masking "pride," as they'd be exposed to reality and truths suggesting that 1) a woman simply cannot do anything a man can do (and has no business thinking that she can) - and 2) any male who is dumbfoundedly curious of masculinity has no sense of masculine gender-identity and therefore cannot be considered a man. the problem with america is compassion. there are too many people who feel it is noble to overlook someone's dysfunctional state of mind through praise and encouragement of it. this is wrong and this is why the u.s.a. is going downhill. everyone is too afraid of being labeled a bigot, so nobody dares to say that gender-changing surgeons should be replaced by mind-changing psychologists. nobody dares to take issue with mexicans in america, nobody dares to take issue with labeling as "strong" anyone who can't budge a 100-pound barbell. nobody dares to take issue with "men" who stare open-mouthed and wide-eyed at naked members of their own gender (and who therefore deny a realization of masculine esteem).

wrapping up, i will compliment starbucks for being the corporation responsible for the first all-man staff i have seen in a society filled with all-female staffs. there is nothing "greater" about a gender that's largely responsible for shorter people, lighter people, weaker people, and defenseless people who have been given a "violence against us" act as a means of protection. there should be nothing and nobody trying to justify the lesser gender as "greater," either through over-representation in the workplace or in the military or in positions of authority. sometimes even gay "men" want to start to Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors, just to teach these wannabees a lesson.

dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
Anonymous says2013-06-17T00:43:32.733
As stated on the website, www.Thelessergender.Com, feminism is a gender-identity issue. It is a gender-identity issue to advocate for the little gender with the words "a woman can do anything a man can do". This is because anyone's gender is a matter of reality, and anyone's identity is merely a matter of self-understanding (or of self-misunderstanding). Gender-identity is a matter of the understanding (or misunderstanding) of one's own gender. "a woman can do anything a man can do" is a gender-identity issue because it is based on (mis)understandings of the female gender. It is for this reason that i understand feminism as a gender-identity issue. A woman simply cannot do anything a man can do, this point is justified by every gender-based physical competition (olympics, military requirements, hot dog eating competitions, weightlifting competitions, etc)...As well as the gender-based competitions that have slipped my mind.

Women = womb+men
Anonymous says2013-07-02T18:05:38.170
In my opinion it can be possible, but only if it means that they get paid by what they do best. For example men are known to be stronger because of the way they are built, while women are known to be care givers. So I would agree that when it comes to jobs such as fire-fighters, construction workers, or similar jobs, men should get the higher pay. But when it comes to child care, nurses, vets, or other similar jobs, women should get payed more. It is an unfair world, but unless we learn that we are not equal and that we each have better qualities than the other then it will be fair.

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